CDC Blames Anti-Vaxxers for Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades

CDC Blames Anti-Vaxxers for Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades April 25, 2019
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In two days, the United States added almost 70 cases of the measles. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control announced that 2019 has the most cases of the measles since eradicating the virus in 2000. The agency blames anti-vaccine misinformation and organizations for causing the outbreaks.

On Monday, April 22, the CDC reported a total of 626 cases of the measles in 22 states. By Wednesday, April 24, the number spiked to 695 cases. CDC director said in a press release,

“This current outbreak is deeply troubling and I call upon all healthcare providers to assure patients about the efficacy and safety of the measles vaccine, said CDC Director Robert Redfield.

“And, I encourage all Americans to adhere to CDC vaccine guidelines in order to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from measles and other vaccine preventable diseases. We must work together as a Nation to eliminate this disease once and for all.”

Three large outbreaks across the United States have contributed to the most measles cases. An outbreak in Washington reports 74 cases. Two separate outbreaks in New York have remained uncontained since September 2018.

In Rockland County New York, there have been 200 reported cases. The other outbreak in New York City reported a total of 390 cases since September.

The CDC warns that with the outbreaks continuing the measles will gain a foothold into the United States. The evidence is evident with their statement because outbreaks have spread to Baltimore, Maryland, Michigan, and Los Angeles, California.

Measles cases in California spiked in the past week with more than 15 new cases added. The virus is spreading through multiple counties. California Health Department reported 38 total measles cases with 28 of the infections occurring in adults.

With the measles spreading rapidly, the CDC said their top priority is ending the epidemic. The government agency says they are working 24/7 to protect Americans from the deadly virus.

Additionally, they stated that misinformation spread by organizations and online is contributing to reduced vaccination rates.

“A significant factor contributing to the outbreaks in New York is misinformation in the communities about the safety of the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine. Some organizations are deliberately targeting these communities with inaccurate and misleading information about vaccines.

CDC continues to encourage parents to speak to their family’s healthcare provider about the importance of vaccination. CDC also encourages local leaders to provide accurate, scientific-based information to counter misinformation.”

Measles is an epidemic worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, measles cases are up 300% in the last year.

Due to the severity of the outbreaks, the U.S. Health, and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar issued a statement.  Secretary Azar attempted to squash the anti-vaccine propaganda that vaccines are dangerous. Additionally, he reminded citizens that the safety of vaccines has been studied and firmly established over the years.

“The United States is seeing a resurgence of measles, a disease that had once been effectively eliminated from our country. And today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that ongoing measles outbreaks in 22 states has led to the highest number of cases reported nationwide since the disease was declared eliminated in this country in 2000.

Measles is not a harmless childhood illness, but a highly contagious, potentially life-threatening disease. We have the ability to safely protect our children and our communities.

Vaccines are a safe, highly effective public health solution that can prevent this disease. The measles vaccines are among the most extensively studied medical products we have, and their safety has been firmly established over many years in some of the largest vaccine studies ever undertaken.”

Recognizing that misinformation by anti-vaccine groups, the Secretary said the government is starting a campaign to reinforce the importance of vaccines and their safety.

“All Americans would be safer and healthier if we received measles vaccines on the recommended schedule. Next week is a significant opportunity to educate ourselves on the importance of vaccines, as we mark National Infant Immunization Week.

The Department of Health and Human Services will undertake a comprehensive campaign to reinforce the message that vaccines are safe and effective ways to protect your children, your family, yourself, and your neighbors.”

With vaccine rates dipping around the country, the measles is not going to slow down. Nearly two dozen states still allow parents to opt out of vaccines for personal or religious reasons. Only three states in the country prohibit exemptions except for medical purposes.

As the measles cases grow in California, the legislature is working to stop the end of phony medical exemptions. A bill proposed by Senator Richard Pan passed through a committee which would tighten the rules and oversight of medical exemptions in the state.

Unless the Federal Government steps in to end personal and religious exemptions for vaccines, the measles will not stop spreading. At this point, the FDA and CDC may need to consider new approaches to stop the virus.

There are eight months left in 2019. If the measles continues to spread at this pace, 2019 could end with more than 3,000 reported cases.

Until recently the government has been reluctant to blame vaccine misinformation. However, announcements by both the CDC and HHS blame anti-vaccine organizations for causing the current measles outbreaks.

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  • Freethinker
  • Brad Solomon

    Learn The Risk was founded by a former pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan, an ex-Merck sales executive who never meant to take on the world’s most powerful industry. But she felt she had no choice when the industry’s agenda to keep us all sick began to spiral out of control.

  • JT Welch

    CDC is full of shit.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Pure greedy horsefeathers.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Hmmm, then you should be fine with drinking Flint city municipal water.

  • Ира Зорькина

    measles are not dangerous or even bad. MMR vaccine is. Doesn’t make sense to have it at all. Mumps are still there, vaccinated people get it all the time, so the mumps part of the vaccine should not be even considered. Rubella is not around anymore, and even it were it’s not serious at all. Stop poisoning people and call normal intelligent people bad names. Idiots are those who blindly believe all the ‘medicine’ which is in fact just vaccine sales

  • Ира Зорькина

    The author should be ashamed of herself. Spreading vaccine propaganda without even studying the information. And what about the photograph? Who is this girl, what condition does she have, where and how did she get it? Bad, cheap, unprofessional article. No, I’m not buying you a coffee. You can drink the MMR vaccine if you think it’s safe. Show you believe in what you are publishing.

  • Freethinker

    measles are not dangerous or even bad.

    Another fuking Russian bot troll.
    I sincerely hope you grow a brain and failing that unlikely scenario die from a preventable illness. And soon.

  • Chris Sky

    Ya… because measles that has had a death rate of 1 in 500,000 since 1960 (pre vaccine invention) is a “public health risk” … meanwhile the mmr vaccine, that is so damaging, the smartest, healthiest country’s like Japan have BANNED it. Americans are being MANDATED to have it :D… to “protect” against a disease that 700 out of 350 million people in the usa have, and that kills 1 in 500,000.

    Side effects from the mmr are like 1 in 10! .. The “clinical trial” they used to “prove it’s safety” injected only 350 people and followed up for 42 days. 50% had adverse reactions…. But it was still declared safe!

  • Chris Sky

    Measles had a death rate in the usa of 0.2/100,000 in 1960… that’s 1 in 500,000… BEFORE the vaccine was invented in 1962

    Measles death rate in 2019? Still 1 in 500,000 (the immune compromised or those with an underlying condition!)

    Meanwhile the MMR vaccine has serious side effects like “measles” “seizures” listed as a 1 in 10 “moderate” adverse reaction.

    … reality check … while the usa is mandating the mmr to “protect” against a disease with a 99.9998% survival rate since before the vaccine…

    Japan BANNED the mmr citing the damage they witnessed it causing in the population.

    … and wouldn’t ya know it. The usa has an infant mortality rate (babies dying before 1 year old)
    300% higher than Japan …

  • Freethinker

    Do not use the words “reality” like you actually understand what they mean. Every needless death which could have been prevented with vaccines is on your hands and ignorant fact phobic, tin foil hat wearing brain dead morons like you who falsely believe that shit must be true because you read it on the internet.

  • I’d rather have a vaccine than measles.

  • Chris Sky

    Funny how all I presented were “facts” (which don’t care about feelings) and your “rebuttle” was nothing but insults, fear mongering, propaganda any hyperbole 😀

    Surprise. Every fact I presented still a representation of reality. And everything you said was a lie and a distraction 🙂

    Measles mortality rates were calculated and catalogued by the government since 1900 until present along with many other diseases. Fact.

    Measles mortality rate 0,2/100,000 (1 in 500,000) 1960 pre vaccine.

    Fact there are only 700 people out of 350 million who caught measles in the usa in 2019 … and the death rate is still 1 in 500,000

    Fact: the mmr vaccine insert states approx 1 in 10 chance of “reactions” such as “fever” “seizures” “measles”. … and “more serious but less occurring” ones like “deafness” “coma” “death” .

    So let’s inject something with a small chance to kill you, a good chance to give you measles, and guaranteed injection of toxins, poisons, metals, preservatives. To “protect” your self against a disease that only 700 out of 350 million have… and 1 out of 500,000 die from 😀

    Final FACT. Japan. A country with the lowest vaccination schedule for children in the developed world. And the lowest infant mortality rate in the developed world (and one of the highest avg IQs in the world.) BANNED the mmr vaccine from their entire country after witnessing the damage to children in their population.

    Japan’s infant mortality rate is 1/3rd that of the usa. That means usa babies with their potent vaccine schedule have 300% more us babies dying before 1 year old than Japanese babies.

    … but scream out things like “tin foil hat” … that will immediately make facts like “Japan banning the mmr vaccine” “disappear” 😀 … oh wait no it won’t. It just shows you’re not equipped for this debate…. And proving it’s impossible to refute facts.

  • Mike Castro

    Aaaahm, speaking of facts: There have been 0 deaths out of the appr. 700 cases of measles in the USA so far in 2019. That is a death rate of 0, not 1:500,000. The 1:500,000 # you are using is the INFECTION RATE of measles across the entire population. And why is that rate so low as to be practically 0? Could it maybe be due to the success of the vaccine program? TRICK QUESTION!!! It IS because of the vaccine program. And since measles cases are so closely tracked here, how about a list of those people you allege who actually caught measles from getting the vaccine. Goid luck with that, because that would be ZERO people.

  • paradoctor

    Why did the antivaxxer’s 2 year old child cry?
    Midlife crisis.

  • paradoctor

    Neo-Nazis, antivax, flat earthers; what’ll be the next assault upon reason? I predict anti math; “two plus two is anything you want it to be”. So be prepared to defend arithmetic. Two plus two is four, neither more nor less, anywhere, everywhere, forever and ever, amen!

  • paradoctor

    Antivax is objectively pro-disease. It sides against humans and with parasitic undead nanomachines.

  • Ира Зорькина

    it’s your decision and always should be. Your body, your choice, your rights. Enforcing one’s choice on others is not right. Mandatory vaccination is a human rights violation like during Nazis time or Chinese ‘cultural revolution’.

  • Ира Зорькина

    using bad language? yeah, very typical for a brainwashed vaxxer. Educated intelligent people research, gather information, calculate riscks and make an informed choice before injecting poison in their kids.

  • If people don’t want to get vaccinated, or don’t want their children to be vaccinated, when there’s an outbreak of disease I think it’s perfectly reasonable to restrict their movements via quarantine so that they don’t function as disease vectors and endanger others.

  • Chris Sky

    No.. That’s a death rate. The 1 in 500,000 represents the immune compromised or somebody very old or with some other underlying condition…. The same 1 in 500,000 who can’t be vaccinated. Which is why measles has had a death rate (not infection rate) of 0.2/100,000 (1 in 500,000) since 1960 pre vaccine creations.

    Infection rates are completely manipulated as tens of millions are “infected with live measles virus” upon vaccination yet not “counted” as infected! (Even if they develop measles as a “side effect” of the vaccine)

    So it’s quite dishonest to try to say “Infection rates are down” when you are intentionally infecting millions and then omitting them from the infected category.

    And once again it’s a death rate of 0.2/100,000 (1 in 500,000). That’s been steady since 1960 Not “Infection rates”

    And btw. The vaccine insert also states that the vaccine is “up to 90%” effective meaning “herd immunity” is a myth! Even if you vaccinate every single person.

    Facts vs your ridiculous and incorrect assumptions 😀

  • Ира Зорькина

    you know that this picture has no reliable information at all, do you? Or you found it on internet and consider this ‘science’?

  • Garry Willits

    Not surprised it’s spreading in the US given the horse shit being spread by your huge and motivated ignorant masses ( a by product of a country with a disdain for academics )
    We have global stats for measles death going back decades. On average it’s roughly one in a thousand with more in the third world and less in the developed. Permanent loss of hearing and developmental issues are more common.

  • Dawn Wenborg

    If your security depends on someone’s civil rights being taken away, that doesn’t really seem ideal to me. You either believe in freedom or you don’t. This is propaganda promoting taking away freedom plain and simple. Forcing medical procedures on an unwilling participants is unamerican.

  • Ann Kah



    “The DOH has recorded at 8,443 cases from January 1 to February 18, 2019 with 135 of these cases resulting to deaths.[7] In February 22, 2019, it was reported that there are at least 11,459 cases and 189 deaths recorded nationwide.[4]”


    “More than 34,000 people across Europe caught measles in the first two months of 2019.

    Measles is a highly contagious disease which can kill and cause blindness, deafness or brain damage. There is no specific treatment for measles and vaccination is the only way to prevent it, the WHO said.

    So far 13 people have died from the 34,300 cases reported across 42 countries in the WHO’s Europe region, which includes Russia and some Middle Eastern nations.

    Around 527,000 children in the UK did not receive the potentially life-saving jab between 2010 and 2017, with ‘fake news’ spread on social media partly to blame.”

    That’s a death rate of one in 3000 in Europe, and more than 22 per thousand in the Philippines. And don’t give me that “not in America” baloney. Currently we don’t have enough cases in the USA for even your spurious figures to make any sense, and death rates like the Philippines ARE WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO PREVENT, YOU NINNY!

  • Ann Kah

    Yeah. And besides, think of all the money you’ll save when you don’t spend it on vaccines. No textbooks, no basketball shoes, no college tuition, no need to feed every kid any more…

  • Ann Kah

    Wow, up to nine comments, all today! We are all impressed!

  • Freethinker

    Also blindness, but hey, why not roll that dice. You may have to buy your kid a seeing eye guide dog but at least you can feel good about sticking it to Big Pharma.

  • Dawn Wenborg

    Is there a comment limit?

  • Freethinker

    Your body, your choice, your rights. Enforcing one’s choice on others is not right.

    You mean like you forcing your choice to endanger your child? You are right “enforcing one’s choice”, especially one in direct conflict with evidence and science should not be a right. Ignorant morons who endanger their own children with pseudoscience tinfoil hat conspiracy theories should have the children removed from them and they should be thrown in jail for willful child endangerment. Is it a child’s “choice” to have a parent swayed by the cult of ignorance? Let me guess, you also think the earth is flat.

  • Dawn Wenborg

    Here’s #11

  • Freethinker
  • Dawn Wenborg

    Do u have anything besides insults to say or does it begin and end there?

  • Freethinker
  • Dawn Wenborg

    Ever read what vaccines can cause? No less likely than your scenario

  • Omnicrom

    Yes I have, they cause safety from preventable diseases. Vaccinate your kids.

  • Dawn Wenborg

    Provax sides with pharma and turns it’s back on fellow Americans.. creating division amongst ourselves

  • Freethinker

    Oh there is a lot more but you see I can only explain it to people like you I can’t understand it for you. Unfortunately you have already established your lack of mental capacity by siding with tin foil hat wearing, anti science, anti evidence crowd. You are a direct danger to society therefore you do not deserve anything but scorn and derision. Is that sufficiently clear or should I draw you a picture?

  • Dawn Wenborg

    My Point proven

  • Freethinker
  • paradoctor

    I’ll side with pharma and doctors before I’ll side with Russian bots, gullible ditzes, and dangerous viruses, thank you very much.

  • Dawn Wenborg

    My kids are vaccinated!!! ! Next!

  • Dawn Wenborg

    More insults …. .such intelligence… ..

  • Dawn Wenborg

    Goodbye Ann

  • Freethinker

    Waiting for a source link to a double blind study from a legitimate source to prove your drivel. And no, shares on your Facebook group circle jerk club does not count as evidence.

    The MMR danger myth you are peddling started in 1998, when a study authored by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and colleagues was published in the journal The Lancet. The study followed 12 children, eight of whom had parents who believed their child’s behavioral problems were caused by the MMR vaccine. The study set off a panic, causing vaccination results to drop and rates of measles to skyrocket. Earlier this year, the editors of the Lancet officially retracted the paper, citing evidence that it held false information. Many other studies, including ones published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the British Medical Journal, have shown the increase in autism rates is not linked to the MMR vaccine. One of the largest long-term studies was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2002. Following 537,000 children, it found the rates of autism were the same among kids who had been vaccinated and those that had not.

    After extensive reviews, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization and other major medical authorities have all concluded the same thing: The MMR vaccine is not causing the rise in autism

  • Freethinker

    Not smart enough to realize you are replying to yourself. That too makes sense.

  • Freethinker

    Apparently you require no proof. That too is part of the problem.

  • Veronika Ausbayern

    Intelligent people study Immunology that they can distinguish between Bullshit “research” from the Internet and the youtube academy and real facts. Why are there no Immunologists and Biologists among the Anti-Vaxxers? An intelligent person would say, because they know more about vaccines than anybody else and recognize dumb conspiracy shit when they see it. Brainwashed Anti-Vaxxers will say they are all bought by the Pharma Industry. An industry which earns ten times more on such a beautiful outbreak than the vaccines. This is why the Pharma Industry doesn´t promote vaccination, they want to earn money and if stupid Anti-Vaxxers bring them patients they are grateful. The warning comes from the health institutes, the doctors and the state. We have some Anti-Vaxxers here, when their children ended up in ICU with an extremely dangerous pneumonia as side effect of the measles, they all changed their mind about vaccines. Strange isn´t it?

  • Freethinker

    has no reliable information

    Yeah no “reliable” information. Just easy to confirm facts and evidence. I thought an info-graphic would be easier for your to comprehend but alas that too is too challenging.

    Here are a few evil links from the big bad doctors, you know, the ones with the actual medical training and experience:

  • Freedom isn’t an all-or-nothing thing, Dawn. It has to be balanced with responsibility, including responsibility to one’s neighbours.

    To paraphrase something I said earlier, if you exercise your right to refuse medical treatment, you may be faced with the prospect of being excluded from public activities as others exercise their right to not be exposed to disease.

  • No, but your comment history indicates that you are a newcomer who only comments on vaccine-related issues so far.

  • Autism was barely on medicine’s radar until relatively recently. I think this whole issue is a correlation versus causation thing, whereby the vaccine and the increased diagnoses of autism are temporally but not causally related.

  • paradoctor

    Wakefield is no longer a doctor; his license has been revoked. His study used bad statistics and unethical methods to draw a predetermined conclusion for corrupt purposes. He wanted to sell his own vaccine.

    His intent was ‘only’ to swindle, but he started plagues. Evil is nonlinear.

  • Freethinker

    The problem is that you cannot use logical arguments with Antivaxxers, or flat earthers or those who claim the moon landing was faked. They do not operate on the same basis as the rest of us. It’s not evil per se, but herd immunity to facts and evidence.

  • Omnicrom

    That’s assuming that the Anti-vaxxer position is arguing in good faith.

    Once upon a time I could believe Anti-vaxxer parents as being swindled by conmen, their precious children were AUTISTIC and therefore DIFFERENT and therefore BAD (which is it’s own hateful kettle of fish, fuck that assumption), and con artists seeing a mark sold them a bill of goods. Thus came the lie that Vaccines caused Autism (THEY DON’T) and therefore the parents of children who weren’t catching preventable and possibly fatal diseases should sue someone for compensation because Big Pharma “ruined” (they didn’t) their children (they aren’t ruined).

    But at this point in time this point my compassion has dried up. We’re a generation on from Wakefield’s sham “study”, and the Anti-Vaxxers are out there actively hurting people and making children sick. Fuck them. The CDC is completely correct, the Anti-Vaxxer position is a threat to public health. Your right to throw a punch ends at my face, and your right to refuse life-saving medical advances ends the moment you get someone else sick. Because, Anti-Vaxxers, you are getting people sick. Fuck you.

  • It’s utterly incomprehensible that anyone, anywhere would attempt to reference Wakefield at this point in the discussion and expect to be taken seriously.

  • Chris Sky

    Death rates are published by the cdc, it’s quite easy to look them up.

    The mmr “danger myth” … if it’s a “myth” why is the mmr banned in Japan citing the “dangerous reactions” witnessed in their population? It has nothing to do with Wakefield, but nice false equivalence to try and discredit obvious facts.

    Speaking of double blind placebo studies… the safety testing for mmr was literally just published a few days ago…under foia … only 350 children were injected and observed for only 42 days. Even still around half showed “adverse reactions” 😀 and they still passed it!
    Shady shady.

    And once again fact. Japan banned mmr.
    Japan has the lowest vaccine schedule in developed nations.
    Japan’s infant mortality rate is 1/3rd the usa’s … that’s 3 times less babies dying before their 1st birthday. 😉

    But ignore the published, catalogued death rates of measles… peaking at 13.2/100, 000 in 1900, bottoming out at 0.2/100,000 in 1960 pre vaccine and holding roughly steady ever since. (Since it already had a survival rate of 99.9998% before the vaccine)

    These facts don’t change because you can try to bait and switch into an unrelated argument 😀

  • Freethinker

    Death rates are published by the cdc, it’s quite easy to look them up.

    If it’s so easy why not provide a link yourself Einstein? Could it be that not a single thing you are fermenting as an issue has any actual science-based evidence?. In fact every legitimate health authority in every single country uses science to recommend vaccinations. Your tiresome whatabaoutism in regards to Japan is so tenuous it fails on every level. That’s one country out of over a hundred. So what. Should we also call for the death penalty by beheading just because one country ( Saudi Arabia) is deeming it legitimate and fun to do? Also your logically glaring lack of understanding of conflating statistical childhood mortality numbers with vaccinations. Give your little head a shake and look up the numerous links I provided on this thread to legitimate health authorities including WHO. Why not be a good sport and until you can actually cough up links to legitimate studies showing how deadly your vaccination allegedly is, do the world a favor and STFU because your are embarrassing yourself. And it’s kind of sad.

  • Chris Sky

    Us vital statistics showing measles death rates in the usa as I said.
    1900: 13.2/100,000
    Between 1900-1960 sewers, sanitation, plumbing.

    1960: 0.2/100,000. Before the vaccine was invented in 1963.

    So there you go.

    I also noticed you completely ignored:

    Japan has banned mmr citing “dangerous reactions”

    Japan has the lowest vaccine schedule and lowest infant mortality rate in the developed world.

    Meanwhile usa… forcing people at gun point to vaccinate with mmr… while they have 300% more babies dying before 1 years old than Japan.

    But please tell me again how my facts “aren’t really facts” when you can’t disprove or deny any of them. So you just keep ignoring what I say and talking about unrelated garbage to confuse people.


  • Freethinker

    Your chart is bullshit.

    Here is an actual link to an actual government website showing the actual introduction of the measles vaccine and the subsequent eradication.

    Notice anything unusual?

    What you antivaxxers also consistently do is present data only up until around 2001 before the tin foil hat idiocy really took off. What none of you is showing is the sudden spike in measels cases over the last few years as a result of people (idiotically and based on zero evidence) choosing not to protect their children. This has nothing to do with overall mortality.
    Yes we have a much higher rate of surviving measles but that still does not make it a walk in the park as far as diseases as in addition to dying kids have a shot of developing encephalitis, blindness and pneumonia. We have developed a range of life saving and illness controlling mechanisms that have lowered overall mortality levels for a whole host of pathogen based illnesses. Our rate of infant mortality is excessively higher than other developed countries because of the inequality of access to health care and lack of universal healthcare which has nothing to do with vaccinations which you erroneously see as a correlation.

    Here is the latest measles incidence report. Notice another pattern. Your guru Wakefiled and his now thoroughly debunked and discredited MMR-autism connection hoax, for which he lost his medical and teaching credentials, started in earnest in the beginning of 2000’s….notice anything unusual in the chart below?

    The facts are stacked fully against you. But then again you have proven yourself to be rather phobic of facts. Still waiting for that link to the studies you are using to prove your little “theories”. I won’t hold my breath but I assume you don’t want to appear that you are talking out of your ass ALL the time.

  • paradoctor

    What the troll lacks is heart. It knows full well that it’s lying.

  • paradoctor

    So you’ve been arguing in bad faith all along.

    Pro tip: if you don’t want to be insulted, then utter neither follies nor lies.

  • Chris Sky

    Nothing like showing a “rate of infection chart” (clearly stated on your chart) and pretending it’s the same as a “death rate chart” (number of people who died from measles vs number of people infected from meales.)

    So nice false equivalence, of irrelevance… as per usual.


    As for “Infection rates” it’s pretty misleading to pretend they “fell” when getting vaccinated IS getting “infected” with live virus. Lol… so you’re intentionally infected, then intentionally discounted as “infected” … which is why infection rate charts are bullshit. People don’t vaccinate to prevent against non dangerous diseases. They vaccinate because they are afraid of death.

    And measles DEATH (not infection) rates were 0.2/100,000 since 1960 pre vaccine

    The only one talking out their ass is the one who’s doesn’t even know the difference between “death rate” and “Infection rate” 😀

  • Chris Sky

    Another measles DEATHRATE (not Infection Rate chart…) surprise… re-confrims my original FACT what’s even more amusing is your lie “the cdc publishes measles death rates” … I referenced measles death rates from 1900-post vaccine…. Which are and always have been from the “us vital statistics office.” Not the “cdc” which wasn’t even created until the late 1940’s which of course you would have known… if you had a clue 😀

  • Chris Sky

    Sure… that’s why now 3% of all babies are autistic… we just “never noticed before” lol I think we’ll notice the 7 MILLION autistic adults needing constant care. They are not there now because autism wasn’t as prevalent!!

    Here’s a tid bit of info.

    Japan: much higher IQ than usa on avg. Infant mortality rate 300% less than the usa. Autism rates significantly lower than the usa. Lowest vaccination schedule in the developed world… and they BANNED the MMR country wide. Meanwhile idiots in the usa want it “mandatory” 😀

    … F A C T S

  • Even if there was an uptick in actual cases of autism, Chris, there is no credible evidence that links it specifically to vaccines. None. The cause is still under investigation, and needs to be investigated properly by geneticists and neuroscientists.

  • Chris Sky

    Ya… just like “vaccines don’t increase the chance of cancer” until they admitted the polio vaccine with sv-40 virus increased the chances of various types of cancer!

    Then “mercury was safe for vaccine injection” for decades until they admitted it wasnt.

    And now that 3% of all children in the usa are autistic. When the vaccines list “encephalitis” (brain damage) as a side effect….

    But it has “nothing” to do with vaccines.

    Meanwhile Japan… with a much lower vaccine schedule has signifantly lower rates of autism.

    Then there’s the infant mortality rate, babies dying before 1st birthday. Japan has 300% lower infant mortality rate than the usa. Every vaccine ever created says right on it “may cause death” then when you use more of the product that says “may cause death” and you have 300% more children dying… you cant use the old excuse “causation doesn’t equal correlation” because they specifically tell you it could kill you…. So when/if you die, you can’t deny a “connection” 🙂

  • I have good reason to believe that the difference in infant mortality rates has very little to do with vaccines, and everything to do with access to prenatal and perinatal health care.

    Canada’s infant mortality rate is better than that of the U.S. We have universal health care here, and vaccines.

  • Chris Sky

    actually the usa has a more aggressive vaccine schedule than Canada… ie a hep b shot the day the baby is born, for instance… but no way, injecting a child with known poisons, toxins, preservatives, additives in a product never tested on new born babies, for safety, that lists a myriad of “side effects” Could have any health risks! Not to mention the usa still has thimerosol (mercury) in “multi vial” flu vaccines for infants.

    Japan also BANNED the MMR while they are trying to make it MANDATORY in the usa.

    But things like this have absolutely no bearing on things like “infant mortality rate” even though every vaccine lists “death” as a “side effect” 😀

  • Where are you getting your information on vaccine schedules? Links, please.

  • Chris Sky

    Since you seem genuinely interested…

    “In 1991, universal hepatitis B vaccination of all infants born in the U.S. was recommended because newborns and babies are at the greatest risk of developing a lifelong chronic infection if they are exposed to the hepatitis B virus.”

    so in usa all babies are vaccinated immediately upon birth… in canada…m

    “Currently, only New Brunswick, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories offer the first dose of the vaccine at birth. Yukon, Quebec, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island, vaccinate children at age two months.

    But Ontario and Nova Scotia wait until children are 12 years old before offering the vaccine. Manitoba vaccinates at age 9, Alberta at age 10, while Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador wait until age 11”

    So I Canada… less than 10% of the population is vaccinated at birth and the vaccine the usa children receive at birth, isn’t given to 90% of Canadians until they are 9-12 YEARS old.

    Hmmm… injected with poison that says “can kill you” at 12 minutes old vs 12 years old… but that “obviously” wouldn’t affect “infant mortality rate”


  • In Manitoba, if the mother has active hepatitis B the standard practice is to vaccinate the infant at birth to prevent vertical transmission of the disease.

    I’m uncertain of what went into the policy decision to institute global vaccination of newborns in the U.S. With ten times the population of Canada, the States might just have more active cases and deem it more of a risk. Percentage-wise, the infection seems to affect Canada and the States at roughly the same rate.

  • Chris Sky

    Point is… more vaccines in the usa… and vaccines first day of birth (when vaccines specifically say they can kill you) and surprise… higher infant mortality rate in the usa than Canada (with universal healthcare/prenatal care for all.). But guess what… Canada has a higher vaccination rate (and different vaccines) than japan. Which just “happens” to have the least vaccines of all developed nations and the lowest infant mortality rate!

    Image that… using less of a product that says “may cause death” will cause less death!

    Esp to “protect” against a disease like measles that has a death rate of 0.2/100,000 since 1960 (pre vaccine!)

  • ogam5

    ….no, you OBTUSE tool – UNQUESTIONABLY-supportive evidence since emerged these past 2 years, PROVES that the PRIMARY contributing factor to SOARING premature deaths as a result of autoimmune disorders, IS prevailing childhood schedules, due to BOTH electrolytic mutagenesis AND the diminution paradox – but HEY, because the intellectually-corrupted, lying SACKs’o at the CDC & FDA, AMA say that aluminum adjuvant nanoparticles are PERFECTLY harmless (not HARDLY; in combination with stainless-steel needles forming one of THE most chemically-corrosive synergistic relationships on EARTH, and with polysorbate-80 EFFORTLESSLY breaching the blood-brain barrier to trigger MULTIPLE neurological dysfunctions) while MOST of those infected, HAVE been vaccinated – Israeli army members that have caused the Brooklyn outbreaks not long ago at ALL, where mutating strains are provided an IDEAL incubator, SUITABLY-compromised media (i.e., organic tissue)…..CLEARLY, you’re NEITHER ‘free’ NOR a ‘thinker’ – MORE like, ‘brain-DEAD thrall’.

  • ogam5

    …..SEE my reply to ‘Freethinker’ (HAH!) above – and GET a CLUE, child.

  • ogam5

    ….oh, you mean NAKEDLY self-serving institutional IGNORANCE? Get OVER yourself, you overpapered CRETIN.

  • ogam5

    ….SAYS the RESOLUTE myopic…..

  • ogam5

    …..oh that’s just SO effin’ CLEVER…..nope; STILL isn’t – just MORONIC…..

  • ogam5

    …..’gullible’, eh? Pot calling kettle BLACK, that……

  • ogam5

    …..really, GFY.

  • ogam5

    ……’Waiting for a source link to a double blind study from a legitimate (READ: ‘unCOLLUDED’) source to prove your drivel’ – RIGHT back AT’CHA, pal.

  • ogam5

    ….well, actually there IS, Astreja – the amount of aluminum hydroxide nanoparticles in BOTH brains of those diagnosed with such an INSIPID, stigmatizing and disingenuous term as ‘autism’ as WELL as Alzheimer’s – there’s only ONE possible source for those: VACCINES – but hey, STAY clueless…..

  • Freethinker

    UNQUESTIONABLY-supportive evidence since emerged these past 2 years, PROVES

    Source link for your “unquestionable evidence” or STFU.

  • ogam5

    MAKE me, you abusive PoS – and, YOU do due dillgence; if you REALLY apply yourself and have an ACTUAL interest in the WHOLE truth, YOU’LL recognize it…..

  • That joke is like an antivaxxer’s child — it never gets old!

  • Kindly post a link to an article in a reputable peer-reviewed journal such as Neurology or the New England Journal of Medicine, please.

  • ogam5

    … MEAN, that of the Greek chorus / echo chamber which is SUCH sweet music to your TONE-DEAF ears?

    … ya GO…..

  • CanuckAmuck

    You can drink the MMR vaccine if you think it’s safe

    You can inject clean air in to your veins if you think it’s safe.

  • Freethinker

    LOL….So once again you have precisely….zero evidence for your brain vomits?
    Soooo much “supportive evidence” and yet you’re not able to produce a single link.
    Sad really. But not surprising. All of your conspiracy cult members seem to have the same problem of coming up evidentially empty, flacid and impotent. And about that Tourette syndrome screaming problem you clearly have….

  • Freethinker

    Looks like we shut down another sock puppet troll.

  • ogam5

    ….DO believe that I express the sentiments of MOST in this thread when I say, DIE, a-hat. You’re such a worthless piece of DOG-eared DETRITUS, and you have NOW demonstrated just HOW resolutely brain-dead you truly ARE, incapable of TRULY critical thinking, BEREFT of emotional intelligence and intellectual curiosity, UNCONDITIONALLY recognizing the genuine value of ANYthing – i.e., a STONE-cold sociopath (though there’s an EPIDEMIC of those at present)……as to WHY I’m not gonna connect the dots for you, it partially involves what is arguably the 21st century’s BIGGEST breakthrough, and thoughtless PROTOZOA such as yourself, wouldn’t HESITATE to destroy them if JUST to make your HOLLOW points

  • Freethinker
  • ogam5

    …..oh, you just don’t KNOW how very, VERY much it GLADDENS my heart to read this……LOL

  • paradoctor

    Is that all you’ve got?

    According to you, the entire medical community is gullible; whereas disgraced ex-doctor Wakefield’s followers are independent thinkers.

    I think that society is based upon division of labor. I rely on Jenny McCarthy for pictures of female beauty, and the NHS for medical advice, rather than the other way around.

  • paradoctor

    And that’s all you’ve got.

  • paradoctor

    Pro tip: caps lock is a twit signal. It signals that the writer is a twit.

  • paradoctor

    What DOES alternating BETWEEN capitalizing AND then LOWER case SIGNAL? That THE writer IS joking OR is A twit OR a BADLY programmed BOT.

  • ogam5

    …..and you just KEEP doing that, to your INEVITABLE early grave…..

  • paradoctor

    You first.

  • Check your link, please — it isn’t working.

  • ogam5

    ….we’ll SEE who gets there the fastest – or, NOT……either way, really DON’T need to know.

  • paradoctor

    How many antivaxers does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None! They’d rather stay in the dark.

  • paradoctor

    I will be safe from measles and mumps and the flu. You?

  • ogam5

    Yes – and entirely WITHOUT the worthless, TOXIC crap to which YOU mindlessly ACCEDE…..

  • paradoctor

    Cut down on the addictive wrath before you give yourself an aneurysm.

  • ogam5

    …..somebody who actually wants to EXPRESS themselves as opposed to opting for MONOTONED text – but HEY, that emotional intelligence thing in which you’re so clearly deficient, again, as evidenced BY just such a default retort – trust my varying between AVAILABLE italicization and capitalized words, MAKES the point, though…..

  • ogam5

    …..ohhhh, ain’t that SWEET of you to think of MY wellbeing…..LOL

  • *silent laughter*

  • paradoctor

    _Somebody_ ought to. I doubt you do.
    Instead, you will now have the last word. Proceed:

  • paradoctor

    Ladies and gentlemen, is the troll faking it, or truly that unstable? Either way, it does make a point, just not the one it intended to.
    Is that the best that antivaxxers have?

  • ogam5

    ….believe me, you have NO idea how much I do; I’ve availed myself for over 2 decades, of science & healthcare approaches the focus of which, is 50-100 years into the future – it’d make your friggin’ HEAD explode, I suspect…..

  • paradoctor

    The troll took the bait! It’s like playing laser with a cat. Here, troll-from-the-future, have another last word:

  • ogam5

    … look a WHOLE lot MORE trollike right about now, sir……

  • Mike Foster

    And learn how to spell during the process?

  • Cathy McMahan

    Every hospital has signs saying if you were just vaccinated to not come to ICU, NICU, transplant ward or cancer ward, I could pretend to be stupid and say why but I know why, they are contagious and you can get it from them. You can’t give someone an infection or anything else unless you have it.

  • Cathy McMahan

    no it takes the death of a child but thanks

  • George King

    Realise I’m super late to this party but you are aware that whilst Japan DID ban the MMR it then saw a massive spike in MMR diseases (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) and no decrease whatsoever in autism rates

    First article is peer reviewed second is not but use national data.

  • chris

    Why is nothing being said about the illegals coming into our country bringing diseases with them.

  • Chris Sky

    Ya no decrease in autism rates because even though they banned mmr, they still increased over all number of vaccines given 🙂

    You can always tell the big pharma shills because they always give Half truths, and leave out the important part that paints the big picture.

    Japan lowest number of vaccines in the developed world… lowest autism rates, lowest infant mortality rate.

    Usa highest number of vaccines in the developed world. Including new born babies. Highest autism rates (including courts paying out vaccine damage that “lead to autism” ie Hannah polling.). And highest infant mortality rates. 300% higher than japan’s.

    And before your try the lie “Causation doesn’t equal correlation”
    Every. Single. Vaccine. States “death” as a potential side effect. And all say “chances of side effects increase with multiple vaccines.”

    Therefore when big pharma admits, vaccines can kill you, then admits more vaccines have a higher chance of killing you, then you compare newborns-age 1, and the country that gives the most vaccines has 300% more babies dying…

    Nuf said 🙂

  • George King

    I like the way you accuse me of being a corporate shill and leaving out key info whilst making astonishing claims without any sources to verify them. I realise that anti vaccination is a key part of your identity but it is so important to the future of your children and people around you that you engage in critical thinking. A source is not reliable just cause it’s on the internet, it has to be peer reviewed or have verifiable data backing it up. Unless the article can link directly to those it’s not science it’s opinion. I have examined so many articles that anti-vaxxers have sent in an effort to convince me and they are all opinion. Not one peer reviewed journal or paper, I get that it’s terrifying but all of the evidence is quite clear. Vaccines do not cause autism. Oh and to your point about deaths well:
    To be clear in case it isn’t peer reviewed:

  • Chris Sky

    LOL they dont peer review things like “infant mortality rates” statistics are simply recorded! 😀


    Japan least amount of vaccines given in developed world.

    Lowest autism.
    Lowest infant mortality rates.

    Usa highest amount of vaccines given.
    Highest autism
    Highest infant mortality rate.

  • George King

    You aren’t wrong about the depressingly high infant mortality rate in t it USA. This however is more linked to the disparity in healthcare outcomes and income disparity. Combine this with geographical issues and the USA and non standardised medical treatments and you have a pretty poor set of outcomes for a distressingly large segment of the population. Japan conversely has national health and a relatively concentrated population making their outcomes better. As to their autism the rates have continued to climb in Japan Very much in line with other developed nations
    The rise In asd diagnoses are linked to a number of factors including exploding population and better, as well as broader, diagnosis. As this danish study shows this accounts for the majority of the increase in diagnoses,5#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3DmpbBSKjYZDAJ

  • Chris Sky

    Ya sure bud. It has “nothing” to do with the vaccines… even though ever single vaccine says “side effect: death”. … so let’s use a little bit of logic, reason, common sense, reality.

    The usa… which starts giving vaccinations to NEWBORN baby’s on the first day of their life… and then gives more vaccines, at a quicker rate than any other ” developed” nation. Has more babies DYING before 1 years old than any other developed nation.

    Every vaccine says “may cause death” so if you use a product with a chance of death… the more of those products you use. Surprise the more chance of death.

    Proof. 300% more usa babies dying than Japanese babies! And since the pharma companies ADMIT the “correlation” between their PRODUCT (for profit) and “death” as a “side effect” trying to pretend like “using more vaccines doesn’t kill more babies.” Literally defies logic, reason, common sense, and thanks to published infant mortality rates…. Reality!

  • Brandie Baker

    How many of the current cases in the measles outbreak were vaccinated with mmr? In one of the recent California outbreaks, i believe it was 52%? Why are antivaxxers being targeted as the problem and this data not being reported? And why are so many people lashing out at antivaxxers? Let the vaxxers give their kids autism and whatever else (yes the tetanus vaxxine CLEARLY states it is prone to causing autism), and yes the chicken pox vaccine has caused a normal healthy child to become a paraplegic at the age of TWELVE. And while the vaxxers are playing russian roulette, with their healthy children, the anti vaxxers can do the same. If vaccines worked, by the current generation, everything theyve been vaccinating for in the last four generations should be in our dna therefore passed down through our bloodlines to our children. Yet, nothing has so far, right?

  • George King

    Just typing it harder doesn’t make it true if you can’t back it up with facts. I’m going to be honest I think we’re at saturation point here mate. I’ve presented evidence as far as I can and you’ve made your point. I don’t think sadly you are willing at this point In your life to address these points. I’m impressed by your passion even if I am diametrically opposed to the view point presented and I genuinely hope that you will one day use that passion to see what was being said without prejudice. Take care and long life

  • kenofken

    The rise of the anti-vaxx movement is as sure a sign as any that our country has jumped the shark. Where formerly backward countries are now taking bold strides into the 21st Century, we are clawing our way back to the 19th. A society that has lost its ability to reason and employ the scientific method is not one which will be making things happen in the future. Developing countries for the most part bear the curse of ignorance for lack of resources. Americans celebrate ignorance as a virtue and a “right”.

  • kenofken

    I gather you’ve never watched American TV or heard anything about Donald Trump….

  • kenofken

    “A source is not reliable just cause it’s on the internet, it has to be peer reviewed or have verifiable data backing it up…”

    Not if the source validates what you already believed and you’re American!

  • Chris Sky

    LOL nice way to back out of the argument.

    Those are facts. Stats. Numbers. Are facts. Representations of truth and reality. Whether you “agree” or “believe” or are “diametrically opposed”. 1+1 – 2

    Fact: usa has infant mortality rate 300% higher than japan. (Babies dying before 1 year old) look at any infant mortality rate chart from virtually any year and the numbers will be the same.

    If you’re asking for ” sources”. … you saying a fact isn’t a fact is the equivalent you screaming 1+1 isn’t two

    World Bank infant mortality rate data 2017

    Japan: 2/1000. Usa: 6/1000

    Aka a 300% difference.

    In the future it’s up to you to “prove a fact wrong” not up to me to prove it right after simply presenting it! And you calling a fact “not a fact” because you are “opposed” is irrelevant as proven here.

  • George King

    Okay I was going to leave this but I cannot let that last statement lie, there is a huge amount of fallacies to unpack here.

    First up, if you argue against scientific consensus the onus is 100% on you to prove your claim because science has already proved theirs with peer reviewed studies and rams of data. So no I don’t have to prove the point to you, you have made absurd claims about the lethality of vaccines and expected me to take it on face value whilst I’ve provided repeated counter evidence backed up by verifiable sources. You haven’t beaten my argument you’ve demonstrated irrevocably that you don’t understand science.

    I have explained why Japan has a lower infant mortality but you remain fixed on vaccines so here we go. The USA has a worse infant mortality rate than Germany, the UK and Sweden to name a few. It also incidentally has a worse infant mortality rate than Cuba.
    All of those have the same vaccine schedule as the USA… Kind of throws the idea that vaccines are killing all those kids!

    And that last point is so mind boggling, you have argued opinion without a shred of scientific evidence to back you up. At every turn when presented with evidence you have straight up ignored it to stick by your opinion. You have absolutely no self awareness. I could show you irrefutable proof that vaccines don’t cause death and autism and you will just ignore it. In fact here we go
    There’s three right off the bat, but there’s loads of you can be bothered to actually engage in critical thinking. Otherwise all you’re doing is engaging in cultish fanaticism to an idea rather than applying an ounce of intellectual rigor to your opinions. And I’m sure no anti-vaxxer would ever do that… Oh wait

  • Chris Sky

    Lol your entire argument relies on the logical fallacy that I said “vaccines are the only factor in infant mortality rate.” I said they are a major factor. Not the only factor.

    So comparing country’s with similar vaccine schedules, and different infant mortality rates doesn’t prove anything I said wrong


    Japan gives the least vaccines of developed nation.

    Fact Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate of these developed nations.

    Fact: usa most vaccinations. Highest infant mortality rate!

    Fact: vaccines say on the package “this can kill you”

    Fact: the more vaccines you inject, the higher chance of death!

    Fact: vaccines are a major contributing factor (not the only one) to a higher infant mortality rate!

    Lol not one thing you said or any source you attempt to cite can refute any of these facts and thus you cannot refute my argument.

    But you can ignore the facts, talk about unrelated things, and call me names 😀

    But the fact still stands.

    Fact: vaccines are a major contributing factor to a higher infant mortality rate in developed nations, and the more vaccines you give, the more chance of death you have.

    You simply can’t “prove” this wrong 🙂


    Esp when somebody says “I can show you irrefutable proof vaccines don’t cause death”. When every single vaccine states on its package ” can cause death” lol lol but you have “proof” to show otherwise. And not one of your links proved ANY of my facts wrong.

    You simply ignored the facts, said “they aren’t true” and then talk about completely unrelated things, and post links, without even trying to explain what your links are “proving” lol full time shill

  • Sophotroph

    Somebody failed biology in high school!

  • David Roddis

    Ah, that might be because that’s disgusting racist nonsense, sometimes called “propaganda.” Also totally off topic.

  • David Roddis

    Unfortunately there is no vaccine for dumb-as-a-rock stupidity. Vaccination rate in a population has to be around 90% or above, or the chances of the virus spreading is effectively unchanged. In other words, through their stupid, selfish action in believing junk science and refusing to be vaccinated, anti-vaxxers are putting others in the community at risk. It’s shameful.

  • Madeleine Joiner

    you absolute moron Measles KILLS children! go and do some basic research about it you complete and utter fool I pray to God you are never a parent!!

  • Madeleine Joiner

    haha which Japan is that? The one on the moon? The side effects of MMR are minimal stop talking such bollocks. The 50% that had adverse reactions could have had a sniffle or a mild temperature, MILD reactions that do not cause brain damage blindness and death, mild reactions are still classed as ‘adverse’ you dim witted waste of 02.

  • Madeleine Joiner

    mmr does not cause autism, I wonder how you get through life being so thick.

  • Chris Sky

    Sure vaccines don’t “cause autism”. … just
    “Brain damage” and “encephalitis”. Which then “lead to” autism!

    Which is why multiple court cases have already been awarded in multiple country’s conceding that the autism was “triggered” by “reactions to vaccines”

    Not to mention… every. Single. Vaccine says “side effects include coma and death” …

    Lol meanwhile 1 out of 500,000 people die from measles. Since 1960 before the vaccine was ever invented.

    Also why healthier, smarter country’s like Japan BANNED the mmr vaccine. They also don’t give vaccines to newborn babies like they do in the usa… and wouldn’t ya know it…. Japan has an infant mortality rate (babies dying before age 1) 300% lower than the usa! … but I’m sure it has “nothing to do with the vaccines” even though each vaccine tells you it can kill you!

    :). Who’s “thick” again? Oh yeah. The one who resorts to name calling because you can’t refute or argue these facts… bc they are facts!

  • Chris Sky

    “Which Japan is that?” The Japan with almost 200 million people.

    The Japan with a 300% lower infant mortality rate than the usa.

    The Japan with a higher life expectancy than the usa.

    THAT Japan, banned MMR. But it’s “bullocks” ? :D. No. It’s certified fact. There is no “mmr vaccine” in Japan! Period. Why? “Adverse reactions witnessed in the population”

    And the “moderate” reactions (listed at 1 in 10) are things like “measles” “seizures”

    It’s the “severe” reaction (with no actual % listed) that mention “coma” and “death”

    So when you inject babies born on their first day with a product that says “can cause death”. And then subsequently inject them significantly more similar products that compound the chances of death…. It’s no wonder exponentially more babies die in the usa than japan!
    (Much lower infant mortality rate)

    Now scream ” bullocks” because we know you can’t actually argue facts/truth. Lol just deny and name call 😉

  • Ира Зорькина

    first, don’t tell me what to do with my child and I won’t tell you what to do with yous. Second, if you are so afraid about your child getting measles you can always protect them by so many different ways that you can control. For example, don;t let them leave home without a mask. Or stay home, never leave the house at all. Oh yeah, you can also vaccinate your children and be sure they don’t get the virus. But don’t try to control my children for your child benefits. I’m not going to put my child on fire so yours can get warmer (c)

  • Mrsj03

    neither of those things lead to autism you twit

  • Mrsj03

    I am certainly not thick and the reason I resort to name calling is because anti vaxxers are so incredibly narrow minded & stupid that they believe all the false studies on the mmr, absolute idiocy, none of you are worth trying to have a debate with because you ARE all so incredibly stupid. It gives me great pleasure winding you up, small pleasures, you know.

  • Chris Sky

    “False studies” read the package insert ! It says 1 in 10 chance of things like headache, rash, MEASLES, then the less prominent more serious “side effects” of coma, brain damage, death!

    That’s not a “False study” that’s the company who makes the product admitting what I can do to you!

    To “protect” against “measles”. With a 1 in 500,000 of death or 99.99998% survival rate.

    You’re not intelligent or educated. Lol you simply ignore the facts that don’t coincide with you’re false ideology

  • Chris Sky

    Btw Japan BANNED the MMR vaccine after witnessing the damage it caused in their population 😀

    And Japan is a much healthier nation than the usa with a 300 % lower infant mortality rate. (Babies dying before age 1)
    Funny thing usa gives new born baby vaccines.. Day 1.

    Japan doesn’t… and has 300% less babies dying before age 1…hmmm….. 😀

    Japan with a higher life expectancy and lower incidence of all chronic disease also made the MMR vaccine illegal. Hmmm…

    But it’s “good for you”

  • Dana W

    Measles are damn well dangerous. Five minutes of investigation will tell you why, I Had my MMR updated this spring.

  • Dana W

    Russian troll.

  • Dana W

    They are also suffering a record outbreak. Gee, I wonder why? Funny you guys don’t mention that part.

  • Dana W

    Russian Troll.

  • Dana W

    Japan? The place with the skyrocketing Measles epidemic? That Japan?

  • Dana W

    I had it twice. I’m just fine.

  • Chris Sky

    Would you like to cite a source for this “skyrocketing measles epiemic” lol the media called the total 700 cases out of 300 million people in the USA an “epidemic”

    Lol. Measles has a desperate of 1 in 500,000 before the vaccine…. In 1960 and in 2019 after the vaccine, death rate? Still 1 in 500,000.

    The MMR vaccine has side effects including “measles” at 1 in 10.

    So let’s see… what makes more sense. Not vaccinating against a disease that less than 1 in 500,000 people contracted. And IF you did contract it, you have a 1 in 500,000 chance of dying.

    Vs. Injecting toxins guaranteed to damage your immune system in non-measurable ways and the high chance 1 in 10 of side effects like seizure, rash or measles.

    Lol we’re not talking about a disease like Ebola that kills 7 out of 10 people. We ‘re talking about a disease that only kills 1 out of 500,000 people since 1960!

    I’ll wait for your citation of Japan”s “measle epidemic”

    Btw what’s worse “caching measles” or your baby dying before it turns 1?

    I’m guessing you’d rather have your baby catch measles than die! Lol but hey! That’s just me!

  • Chris Sky

    Cite your source please. You know how I know you’re lying? Japan still has a “measles vaccine” they banned the “MMR” measles/mumps/rubella combination vaccine. Because just like the insert of the vaccine tells you “multiple doses increase the chance of side effects.”

    So Japan still has a “measlses only” vaccine as part of their vaccine schedule.

    So either
    1) you’re lying

    2) the measles vaccine isn’t really preventing measles!

    Which is it? 😉

  • Robert Baden

    Japan vaccinates for measles, mumps and rubella, as of 2018. A combined vaccine for measles and rubella, and a separate one for mumps.

  • Robert Baden

    Base 3?

  • Chris Sky

    LIAR!!! your own source clearly shows they have a “measles/rubella” combo vax labelled “MR” … and the MUMPS vaccine is separate… the other “M” in “MMR”. to be given at a different time as well. yes it says once the child is over 5 years old for their “Booster” shot you can give the “MR” and “M” VACCINES (plural, 2 separate vaccines) at the same innoculation appointment. but there is no MMR vaccine!

    so ya. nice try. but when your own source proves you’re either a liar or can’t understand what you read (Which is worse?) it’s time to say sorry or just stay silent.