Child Punched for Not Being “Good Lookout” for Shoplifting Grandma

Child Punched for Not Being “Good Lookout” for Shoplifting Grandma April 23, 2019

An Arizona woman was arrested for punching her son in the face for not being a good lookout for his shoplifting grandma. The crime took place outside of a Walmart in Maricopa County, Arizona and police witnessed the entire crime unfold.

According to the police report, Rebecca Gonzales walked into a Walmart parking lot to pick up her son. Her son had been used as a lookout for his grandmother while she shoplifted at the store. When Rebecca and her son entered the parking lot, she spanked him.

After spanking her son, she slapped him across the face. Then she punched her son with a closed fist in the face. Officers stationed outside of the Walmart approached Rebecca and her son after witnessing the abuse transpire.

When police made contact with the boy, he had blood on his face. Police arrested Rebecca and charged her with aggravated assault.

During an interview with police, the boy said his mother hit him for not being a “good enough lookout” for his grandmother while she shoplifted at Walmart.

Authorities booked Rebecca into Maricopa County Jail and set her bail at $2,500.00. Police removed the boy from her custody.

If Rebecca can make bond, the court ordered that she have no contact with her son. She is required to live in a separate location from her son. The court has also barred her from returning to the scene of the crime.

Interestingly, there are no details about the grandmother in the case. The child admitted his grandmother shoplifted at the store. However, there is no information regarding an arrest made in connection to the theft at Walmart.

Rebecca is not a stranger to the criminal system. In 2017, court records indicate she was arrested for assault. The court charged her with three counts related to the arrest. However, she agreed to a plea in September 2017. The judge sentenced her to six months of probation and fines associated with the crime.

Aggravated assault on a minor child is a felony in the state of Arizona. First-time offenders can receive up to 15-years-in prison if convicted of the crime.

Clearly, this mother and grandmother are not fit to take care of the boy. The women used the boy as a pawn in a crime. When he failed to do his job correctly, his mother spanked, slapped, and punched him.

A seven-year-old boy should be playing, learning, and growing. Instead, the woman tasked in raising him forced him to participate in a crime. Hopefully, the state removes the boy from his mother and terminates her parental rights.

Thankfully for the boy, police witnessed the crime. His injuries could have been so much worse had officers not intervened when they did.


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  • digital bookworm

    The grandmother got away, therefore he inadvertently did a great job!

  • Cozmo the Magician

    I know that this is YOUR blog. And I DO read it. But I am asking a fave. Could you JUST ONCE find a HAPPY story to publish? I’ve asked this before, but I gonna ask again. Come on, there MUST be some HAPPY story that you can find.

    FFS, for every evil person like this mom there are people like my own mom was. For every asshole dads like mine was there are awesome dads. For every bad grandpa that beats jesus into kids there are grandpas like mine was. For every bullying abusive older brothers like mine there are amazing supportive brothers. Etc Etc.

    Come on, tell a HAPPY story just once. I know you can do it (:

  • WallofSleep

    Gonzales, I’ve never struck a woman in anger in my entire life. Not once, but I’m not sure I could resist the temptation if you had done that in front of me. Just consider yourself lucky the cops saw you and got to you first.