“Doctor” Accused of Killing Patients Promoting Dangerous Autism “Cure” on Facebook

“Doctor” Accused of Killing Patients Promoting Dangerous Autism “Cure” on Facebook April 25, 2019
Amanda Mary Facebook

A British woman on the run from law enforcement is promoting an unregulated blood product as a cure for autism on Facebook. Amanda Mary Jewell promises parents of autistic children that a product called GcMAF will cure autism by improving their immune system. However, Jewell is not a doctor and the product she is promoting is not approved for the treatment of autism.

In a Facebook group GcMAF Oracle, Amanda Mary Jewell gives medical advice to patients from around the world. Jewell is not a doctor nor does she have any medical training. However, she claims she is a “cancer researcher” that can heal a range of diseases like HIV, AIDS, heart disease, cancer, and autism.

GcMAF is a blood product derived from plasma. The product is produced by modification of the vitamin-d-binding protein. Individuals that promote the product believe that GcMAF attacks the viruses and diseases in the body.

For years, the product has been researched as a possible treatment for cancer. However, four studies published on the effectiveness of GcMAF for cancer have been retracted. In the UK, GcMAF is banned for use. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says GcMAF is not approved for use in the treatment, prevention, or cure of any disease.

Jewell tells parents in her group that autism is “mainly a viral disease” that children develop through vaccines. On her website she says,

“Autism is usually a viral disease (to a greater or lesser extent) in the brain and the stomach.

In 85% viruses are involved, and the child will respond to GcMAF. In 15% of children with autism, they made a full recovery.

Despite her assertation that autism is caused by viruses and vaccines, there is no truth to her statements. The Centers for Disease Control state that vaccines do not cause autism. Additionally, autism is not a viral infection but rather a developmental disorder located in the brain.

The National Institute of Health states that autism is genetic and related to changes in various genes. Because of the genetic link, autism runs in families.

Even though scientists know autism is not caused by viruses, Jewell tells parents the disease is a viral infection. Her solution is to inject children with the GcMAF for at least six months. The treatment costs around $3,000.00.

While Jewell claims that autism is caused by a virus, she adds a disclaimer in the event that GcMAF doesn’t help the child. For those children, she suggests stem cells, special diets, oils, and supplements.

“In 15% of children, if nothing happens in 16 weeks, then the autism may not be viral and therefore unfortunately, the GcMAF of the time did not help when it was administered alone.

But with a special blend of oil, stem cells, diet and supplements, we have advanced on this and created a wider GcMAF protocol and so are having much preferred results.”

Through her Facebook group, Jewell grooms parents to use her products and consult with her. She charges $120 for a 45-minute online consultation.

Because GcMAF is not well studied, there is very little known about the safety of the product. Jewell purchases the blood product from Bulgaria. Additionally, most governments do not regulate GcMAF. As a result, there is no testing done for safety or product contents by manufacturers. Patients using the product could inject unknown and potentially deadly substances.

Despite the risks, parents in the group share their experiences giving their autistic children GcMAF. One father has chronicled his son’s journey using the product. Since November 2018, the father has shared updates with the group on their progress.

While the father says his son is gaining skills, he noted multiple negative side effects. He says his son is grinding his teeth, has noise sensitivity, insomnia, explosive behaviors, and violent outbursts. Not only does Jewell have the boy on GcMAF but he’s also taking a half dozen supplements.

The father believes his autism is the result of vaccines and parasites.

Jewell is not ignorant of the fact that GcMAF is not effective for autism. In fact, she updated the group in September 2018 and said GcMAF is not the “golden bullet.” Additionally, she admitted that many of the products sold from manufacturers did not contain GcMAF. She recommends the parents give their children borax, a laundry cleaner along with the GcMAF.

If these products don’t work, the “doctor” suggests parents give their children bleach enemas to rid their bodies of parasites. Jewell is a former member of Jim Humble’s cult Genesis Church of Health and Healing. She is another promoter of miracle mineral solution.

While Jewell is not well-known in the United States, she has been a media mainstay in the UK for more than five years. In 2015, an expose published on her by the Mirror forced Jewell to flee the country. The article detailed her use of MMS, stem cells, GcMAF, and other unregulated supplements. Due to her advice and unregulated treatments, multiple patients of Jewell’s died as a result.

As authorities in the U.K. closed in on Jewell, she fled to Bulgaria. While in Bulgaria, she began promoting heavily the use of GcMAF. She purchased the products through a lab in Bulgaria and shipped the products to residents in the United Kingdom.

When authorities learned of her location, she fled again to the Dominican Republic. A newspaper in the country was tipped off by a UK publication about her shady background. The outlet began publishing a series of stories about Jewell and her desire to open a health clinic in the country.

As the heat intensified on Jewell, she moved from the Dominican Republic to Mexico. While in Mexico, she told followers via YouTube that the UK regulators were demanding she return to the country to answer questions about her sale of unregulated products.

Jewell denied any wrongdoing and never returned to the U.K. Instead, she moved her clinic to the island of Belize. When a magazine in the U.K. learned about her location, they notified Belize authorities. Belize authorities admitted that Jewell was operating without a license and not licensed to practice medicine in their country.

Authorities told the Mirror they were investigating Jewell in the spring of 2018. However, Jewell remains in Belize operating her sham clinic.

For a woman that is certain her products are a cure, she does a lot of moving around the world to avoid the police. While she’s hunkered down in Belize for now, she will likely find a new place to push her products.

Not only does Jewell prey on children with autism, but she also pushes her treatments to cancer patients. Jewell encourages people to go off chemo and use Jewell’s treatments. Naturally, the results for her patients are not optimal. Several patients that opted out of chemo, died using her products.

In an undercover interview, Emma Dalmayne spoke with Jewell. Dalmayne said she needed help because her mother was dying from cancer. Jewell promised she could help cure her mother’s disease by injecting her with GcMAF. Jewell told Dalmayne that her clinic could perform surgery on her mother if needed.

Additionally, Dalmayne shared with the “doctor” she had an autistic son. Jewell offered to treat the boy with bleach enemas at her Belize clinic.

If you are a cancer patient or a parent of a child with autism, please stay clear of Amanda Mary Jewell. She is a criminal that is on the run. Jewell is under investigation by U.K. authorities for the deaths of two of her patients. Additionally, she’s charging a fortune on unproven treatments that at best do nothing and at worst can kill.

Listen to Emma’s interview with Amanda Mary below:

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  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    She’s probably playing off the (legitimate) research showing that human papillomavirus infection is correlated with cancers of the reproductive organs, mouth/throat, and breasts.

    I’m betting her ‘followers’ would deny their kids Gardasil, though…

  • Tawreos

    I notice the one guy kept going on about moon cycles. I confess I am largely ignorant about autism, but I highly doubt there are many treatments out there, for anything, that worry about moon cycles. Am I missing something?

  • persephone

    My older son is on the spectrum, like me. My younger son is not.

    My pregnancies were completely different. They moved differently. They reacted differently. I was sick nearly my entire first pregnancy, while only suffering the first few months of my second.

    Every time some antivaxxer starts with the it’s all vaccines, I want to smack their heads against a doorjamb.

  • They think parasites are active during full moons

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    His son is a werewolf.

  • Tawreos

    And just like that, this whole thing gets even dumber.

  • A. Noyd

    I rage to think how much more progress the kid would be making if his parents prioritized his comfort rather than their own. If he needs headphones to keep from getting overwhelmed, let him use headphones. If he wants to stim, just make sure he’s not hurting himself. And for the love of ham sandwiches, stop using essential oils on people who are hypersensitive.

  • Mel

    I’m afraid to ask – but do they explain why the parasites are more active during a full moon? That’s a really arbitrary natural phenomenon for the parasites to be reacting to…

  • Mel

    My husband’s family has a history of having several people per generation on the spectrum for 4 generations now. Since the only vaccine the oldest generation received during childhood was smallpox and the third and fourth generations never received smallpox vaccines, I think we can safely rule out vaccines as a cause of ASD.

  • persephone

    I found it weird to realize that I have a smallpox vaccination scar that my children will never have.

    I don’t think my grandmother had any of what we consider childhood vaccinations (she was born in 1913), although I’m sure she got the polio and smallpox vaccines, if she could.

  • avelworldcreator

    Uh, Belize is not an island…

  • Erik1986

    I’m nearly 74. My late mother, born in England, had that smallpox scar. She was born in 1916.

  • raziel71

    This fake article from patheos could not be farther from the truth. It twists the facts and plainly lie about both Gcmaf and the parents who are using it. Conveniently, you omitted a lot of information from the parent that is treating the child and having results. You did not say the part in which the child was in regular therapies and medical aids for more than 3 years and got NO results at all. You omit also that they were so frustrated with regular medicine that they removed the child from therapies as they were not doing anything. It was not until the protocol of GCmaf started that they saw changes. The negatives he posted were there BEFORE he started Gcmaf. He is just being completely honest and saying what has improved and what have not. Basically the negatives are the symptoms the kid already had that have not been fixed. You are such liars and pharma trolls, that you do not even have the information regarding gut brain connection right. You do not present the correct information that vaccines put brain damage and brain inflammation as side effects on their insert, which later becomes autism. You plain maliciously and wrongly say that MMS is bleach, Any first year chemistry class kid could tell you the difference and that MMS is NOT bleach. That is like saying that water is pure hydrogen. Obviously this is a propaganda page of the same pharma and trolls that killed Dr Bradstreet. People are being healed and cured, and it will come a time that you will pay for all your lies and misinformation. The parents that have results with their children and the people that get cured from cancer could care less about your stupid misinformation and your trolling.

  • ann marquez

    Autism is caused by genectics, pathogens, suppressed immune function, chemical toxicity and/or a mixture of all of these things. Every child is different so every case is different.