Gypsy Blanchard Asks Supporters to Help Her Get Out of Prison

Gypsy Blanchard Asks Supporters to Help Her Get Out of Prison April 18, 2019
Free Gypsy Blanchard Petition

Gypsy Blanchard is looking for help from supporters to earn an early release from prison. Blancharde emailed supporters from prison asking them to write letters to the parole board or Missouri Governor to grant her an early release.

In an email from Blanchard obtained by Without a Crystal Ball, Blanchard is hoping to get out of prison soon. Blanchard is serving a prison sentence for killing her mother Dee Dee Blanchard in 2015.

Dee Dee Blanchard suffered from Munchausen-by-Proxy and forced Gypsy to go through dozens of medical treatments. According to Gypsy, she was forced to use a wheelchair, had a feeding tube, and lost most of her teeth from medications.

Additionally, Dee Dee convinced a Missouri community that Gypsy needed an accessible home, and Habitat for Humanity built their dream home. Furthermore, Dee Dee convinced everyone that her daughter had a low IQ and was incapable of living on her own.

Tired of her mother’s control and abuse, Gypsy attempted to flee with a boyfriend she met online. When their plan to run away failed, the two developed a plot to kill Dee Dee.

After police arrested Gypsy for the crime, prosecutors offered her a plea deal. She accepted a 10-year prison sentence in July 2015. Even though Gypsy pleaded guilty, many supporters believe the prison is too long. Supporters believe Gypsy is a victim and killed her mother to protect her own life.

Having served nearly four years in prison, Gypsy is hoping to get out early. In the letter, Gypsy writes,

“Dear Friends and Supporters,

I appreciate the continued encouragement throughout my prison sentence. Many of ya’ll have signed the “Free Gypsy Blanchard” petition started by my father Rod Blanchard.

Now, I must ask a favor, I am respectfully asking all who wish me an early release to please aid my father in his efforts for my freedom and write a letter expressing support for my early release to either the Missouri Govenor Michael L. Parson AND/OR The Division of the Missiouri State Board of Probation and Parole.

I am scheduled for a parole hearing in December 2021, however, any and all letters of support are helpful. Please remember to add my first and last name and #DOC in the letter.”

If you want to help Gypsy gain an early release, her inmate number is #1302048. Mail letters to the Governor to P.O. Box 720 Jefferson City, MO 65102. The Governor’s website also has an online submission form to send communication.

Individuals that wish to write the parole board can send letters attention Kenneth Jones to:

3400 Knipp Drive

P.O. Box 267
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Finally, Without a Crystal Ball wishes Gypsy the best of luck in her quest for freedom. Her prison sentence of 10-years seems like an injustice given what her mother did to her.

Please consider helping Gypsy.

Also, Sign the Free Gypsy Blanchard Petition


Watch my video about the case:

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  • persephone

    Gypsy was tortured for years. Doctors who could have saved her went along with her mother, or, if they didn’t, did not report, something they’re legally required to do. If it had been me, I would have done anything, including murder, to make it stop.

    I was betrayed by my mother a few times, nothing nearly so severe, but I realized then that I couldn’t count on her. At that point, I shut down. She probably blamed adolescence and puberty for the changes (sulky, non-speaking teenager), but it was her behavior that did it. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to be betrayed AND tortured for years.

  • Gypsy should never have been prosecuted, she clearly did what she did in self defense.