Mother Charged with Starving Children & Feeding 5-year-old Dog Feces

Mother Charged with Starving Children & Feeding 5-year-old Dog Feces April 22, 2019
Delaware County Sheriff’s Office

An Oklahoma woman is facing felony child neglect charges after she starved her two children and forced them to eat animal feces. Authorities arrested Mary Elizabeth Moore of Miami, Oklahoma, after her 3 and 5-year-old children were rushed to the hospital. The children weighed only 18 and 26 pounds.

According to a report on KFOR, the children were rushed to the hospital and hospitalized for severe malnutrition. Hospital staff alerted authorities after the children were admitted to the intensive care unit. Both children were severely malnourished. The 5-year-old weighed only 26 pounds and the 3-year-old was 18 pounds.

Due to the severe malnutrition, doctors placed nasal feeding tubes in the children. Both children developed re-feeding syndrome and were critically ill. When the Department of Human Services arrived at the hospital, they interviewed the older child.

According to the girl, her mother fed her dog feces. She told DHS that her mother would cook the waste product and force her to eat it. She said that her mother never fed her vegetables.

Additionally, she said that her mother’s boyfriend threw bottles at her younger brother. She also told DHS she witnessed inappropriate behavior between her mother and her boyfriend.

Doctors told DHS and police that the girl had pinworms in her stools. The doctors said the worms were likely from the little girl being forced to eat animal waste.

When police learned about the children, they brought Moore in for an interview. She denied neglecting or starving her children. Moore admitted t0 police that she had been dealing with DHS since her daughter was a year old.

Police told KFOR that Moore was in complete denial about the state of her children. Instead, she blamed DHS for hospitalizing the children for losing a 1/2 pound. Moore told police she did not want the children hospitalized because she had a meeting with DHS the next day.

According to police, Moore has a long history with DHS. Delaware county undersheriff Tracy Shaw told KFOR that Moore had multiple complaints with DHS for child neglect and malnourishment issues. However, no one had ever reported the neglect to law enforcement.

During the interview with police, Moore denied she fed the children feces. She got angry and walked out of the meeting.

Shaw told KFOR that the case was one of the most extreme child neglect cases he had ever seen. He went on to say that had the situation not been reported to law enforcement the children would have died.  Shaw said,

“As the investigator got around to the actual allegations, she became very upset and walked out of the interview,” Shaw said. “If somebody had not reported this, the hospital records and the child abuse expert that examined them in Tulsa stated that they would probably be dead.”

Following the investigation, Delaware County Sherriff’s office arrested Moore and charged her with two counts of Felony Child Neglect. Her bail is set at $100,000.00.

According to court records, her initial court appearance was last week where she was assigned a public defender. Moore’s next court appearance will be on April 30, 2019.

Thankfully the children are finally safe from their mother. However, there are a lot of questions about this case. According to medical and county records, DHS had dealt with numerous complaints against Moore for neglect and malnourishment. If the county was monitoring Moore, why didn’t they report her case to the police?

An average five-year-old should weigh over 5o pounds. Why did the county allow her to maintain custody when the children were severely malnourished? Finally, why didn’t anyone in these children’s lives step up and report Moore to authorities for the abuse?

While the children are now safe, so many people let these children down. Not only did their mother starve them, but she tortured them by making them eat animal feces. The children are lucky that they just developed worms from animal waste. They could have gotten far iller than they were.

This mother should never be allowed access again to her children. The kids deserve to be in a home where they receive proper medical care and nutrition. The horror these children experienced is beyond comprehension. Thank goodness someone finally stepped in and saved them from their mother.


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  • FromTheNorth

    The child did not get pinworms from eating animal waste. I am a veterinarian, and I do get tired of medical doctors passing this bit of misinformation along. Pinworms are very species-specific, and do no not occur in dogs and cats. Pinworms are passed from human to human, fecal-oral contact (primarily kids scratching their butts and not washing their hands, then touching other objects). Roundworms, tapeworms, other types of parasites can be passed on between species, but not pinworms. That being said, the mother is truly an awful person, and I’m glad her kids are safe.

  • nmgirl

    HS: overworked and underpaid and probably burnt out. Someone who has 200+ cases and is disorganized, will never even remember who or what they saw.

  • Brian Davis

    Public defenders must hate clients like this. What do you do for such an awful person who insists they are innocent in spite of overwhelming evidence of their guilt?

  • adhoc

    Sterilize this bitch, she should not have reproduced a second time, let’s not let her bring more kids into this world for her to torture.

  • WallofSleep

    “An Oklahoma woman is facing felony child neglect charges after she starved her two children and forced them to eat animal feces.”

    I have no words…

  • Looking at that photo, I’m going to guess methamphetamine was involved.

  • Recommend psychiatric evaluation, and try for a diminished capacity defense.

  • Lambchopsuey

    This woman needs to die. Somebody, please take care of this.

  • Jim Jones

    > This mother should never be allowed access again to her children.

    40 to life will ensure that.

  • Ann Kah

    I think almost every young child goes through a bout of pinworms, and was about to mention this as “piling on”, when by itself it was not indicative of abuse. They’ve got enough evidence, so the pinworm comment was gratuitous. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    And her facial structure suggests FAS.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    Going by her face chances are pretty good that she has FAS and diminished capacity might actually stick.

  • Which means her decision-making abilities and her understanding of cause and effect would be compromised to some degree. And meth would not help on that front.

  • Disabled people deserve EQUAL treatment under the law, and this woman needs to be thrown in prison for a good long time just like any other child-abusing sicko. “Diminished capacity” is a form of ableism.