Police Searching for Parents and Child in Need of Life-Saving Treatment

Police Searching for Parents and Child in Need of Life-Saving Treatment April 29, 2019

***Update Authorities located the family in Georgetown, Kentucky. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Noah was ok but in need of medical care. Authorities say the boy is now receiving treatment.

Florida police state the couple is facing charges of child neglect. Those charges are pending their return to the state.

A Florida couple is on the run after failing to bring their three-year-old son to a necessary hospital appointment to treat his cancer. Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams have kidnapped their son to avoid cancer treatments. Noah is battling an acute form of leukemia and in desperate need of life-saving medicine.

According to a press release by Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams failed to take their son Noah to a necessary hospital procedure on April 22, 2019. Additionally, they have refused to follow-up on essential life-saving medical care for their son.

Taylor Bland is well-known in the free birth world. She runs “Holistically Empowered Rebel Birth Keepers Academy of Learning.” The “school” teaches women how to give birth without any medical assistance. Additionally, they train women to attend unassisted births as “Birth Keepers.”

Birth Keepers are similar to a doula in that they offer support to the mother. However, they exist only in the radical free birth world where a woman delivers babies without any medical assistance or prenatal care.

She founded the school along with her friend Desirae in the fall of 2018. However, she announced her departure from the company after her son Noah was diagnosed with Leukemia.

On Social Media, Taylor has shared her journey of treating Noah’s leukemia with natural remedies. She announced her son’s leukemia diagnosis on Facebook in early April.

“He’s been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).”

Bland noted in another post that Noah received two rounds of chemotherapy. However, she had no plans to continue with allopathic treatments.

Instead, she planned to treat his cancer with colloidal silver, grapefruit, a juice diet, Vitamin b17, cyanide from apricot seeds, mushrooms, alkaline diet, rosemary, herbal extracts, vitamin C and collagen.

In her post, she acknowledged that Noah underwent two rounds of chemotherapy because doctors can obtain medical court orders if parents refuse.

According to the National Cancer Institute, childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (also called ALL or acute lymphocytic leukemia) is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. If left untreated, ALL can get worse extremely fast.

According to the American Cancer Society, children with ALL can expect to undergo 2-3 years of treatment to become cancer free. Children go through multiple phases of chemo, bone-marrow transplants, radiation, and drugs to remove all cancer cells from the body.

Around 80% of children diagnosed with ALL will live beyond five years.

As noted, ALL is extremely aggressive if left untreated. In a recent photo shared by Taylor on Facebook, Noah had noticeable bruises on his face. She acknowledged his bruising was the result of low platelets. However, Bland had no intention of treating his cancer with additional chemotherapy.

Medical care is imperative for Noah to survive and beat cancer. Without additional medical interventions, he will die from ALL.

Police are asking all people to be on the lookout for Noah, Taylor, and Joshua. They are driving north from Tampa, Florida to Kentucky.

“The parents have possible criminal child neglect charges pending. Please use caution as the father is potentially armed. Information is that the child is possibly headed to Kentucky. Anyone traveling the I75/I95 corridor is asked to look out for the boy, his parents and the car.

They are believed to be in, a silver 2016 Mazda CX-5, tag, FL DERX82. If you have seen this child or this child’s parents, call 813-247-8200 IMMEDIATELY.”

Additionally, Hillsborough police released the following descriptions:

The child is Joshua Mcadams;
3 years old, White, Male.
Height: 3′ 00″
Weight: 30 lbs
Brown hair and brown eyes

Traveling with his parents:
Taylor Bland-Ball, DOB 06/14/1996, White Female, 5’06”, 125 lbs with Blue eyes and Brown hair.
Joshua Mcadams, DOB 12/02/1991, White Male, 5’09”, 155lbs with black hair and brown eyes.

Finally, Police consider Joshua armed and dangerous.

Please help police find Noah and ensure that Noah survives. ALL is an extremely aggressive form of cancer and every single minute counts.



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    “Life saving medicine”, my ass.

  • GaLd316

    You know that chemo treatments can cause low platelet counts, right?

    Did you also know that Noah had been discharged from hospital because test results came back negative for cancer cells?
    What life-saving medical treatment does a 3 year-old child need when his cancer appears to be in remission?

    How exactly do parents, who have custody of their child, kidnap their own child?

    The State does not do a better job of raising children; society needs to stop believing this lie and let parents be parents.

  • GaLd316


  • youmustgo

    Chemo kills. So does radiation. God gave us what we need to HEAL, not be treated to death. Are we a free country anymore? What about HIPAA laws that protect privacy of patients? This is incredible. People using the Gerson method LIVE and don’t RELAPSE from the poisoning of chemo. Rule #1; LIVE FREE, and LIVE the way God intended! Using HIS plants, not patented, synthetic, aggressive, invasive POISONS. And bring Bryzinski’s PEPTIDES in order to CURE inoperable brain cancer in children again! Cover them on INSURANCE! Enough with insurance owning these drugs that harm, maim, and kill!

    MAKE industries clean up after themselves, and we won’t have so many people developing cancer, anyway. Cancer is BIG BUSINESS, though, isn’t it? Incredible! Stop making our SUFFERING and MISERY profitable!

  • WallofSleep

    A day without radiation is like a day without the Sun.

  • Shan

    His plants like nightshade and deathcaps?

  • Daniel Pyron

    Great, some crazies are here to promote child neglect.

  • igotbanned999

    Too much of anything will kill you. So you had better stop drinking water and breathing air by that logic.

  • GaLd316

    I didn’t see anyone advocating using deathcaps…
    Also, while I don’t deny that chemotherapy can be an effective treatment for cancer, you do understand that it’s basically poison, yes?

  • GaLd316

    They aren’t neglecting their child. They did 2 rounds of chemo (yes, they felt pressured/compelled to do it, but they did it), they also used other methods to get rid of the cancer, one of those methods (or a combination of both) led to the child testing negative for cancer. Despite testing free of cancer, they were scheduled for a third round of chemo; that seems unnecessary to me, and the parents decided they did not want to put their child through another round of chemicals that would make their little boy sick and miserable.

    Where is the neglect?

  • WallofSleep

    Dihydrogen monoxide is a dangerous chemical compound responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually, and the subject must be taken seriously, damnit! :stamps widdle feet:

  • Milo

    Noah went into remission because of chemotherapy, not alternative methods. Some cancer cells still lurk in his body and can begin to multiply out of control causing a relapse. Once this happens, Noah will need intensive medical intervention to live. The long term survival rate is much better for children who don’t relapse. Before today’s treatment protocols, ALL used to be a virtual death sentence. The doctors are relying on decades of research and data that has given them an 90% cure rate. They aren’t making a child sick and miserable for no reason. They have learned that the cancer will return if not treated aggressively and they don’t like to see children die.

  • Milo

    Why would God bother to give us healing plants while he allows little children to get leukemia? If God wanted leukemia gone, it wouldn’t exist. In the meantime, humans have come up with a medical treatment that allows children who once had no hope to grow up and have a life.

  • GaLd316

    I’m not sure how you can know that the alternative methods weren’t responsible, or played no role; Noah went into remission faster than the doctors were anticipating.
    I don’t like to see children die, either. A relapse is possible no matter the number of chemo treatments, so I stuggle to see what the benefit of more chemo is right now. I also believe his parents care for him very much and are making the decisions they feel are best for him.

  • Chemo and radiation, properly administered, save lives.

    Gods, being fictional entities, are mere placebos. They have their place for emotional encouragement, but they are definitely not medicine.

  • Ack! Some DHMO got into my teacup! Call out the hazmat crew!

  • “You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? Medicine.” – Tim Minchin

  • Michael Neville

    Let’s see, one on hand we have trained, experienced and competent medical personnel advocating treatment with a proven track record for a child’s cancer, on the other hand we have two uneducated parents who treat their son with colloidal silver, vitamin C and rosemary. Which treatment is more likely to effective?

    I’m sorry, ‘herbal medicine’, “Oh, herbal medicine’s been around for thousands of years!” Indeed it has, and then we tested it all, and the stuff that worked became ‘medicine’. And the rest of it is just a nice bowl of soup and some potpourri. –Dara Ó Briain

  • This. So much this. If an actual healing god existed, it wouldn’t need mortals tinkering with plants in order to work its magic.

  • WallofSleep


  • Michael Neville

    You’re working at a disadvantage here. The people who inhabit this blog tend to be rationalists who accept real world solutions to problems instead of ineffective home remedies and unproven treatments. But that’s just us. When you can provide us with peer-reviewed papers showing that rosemary and fruit juice are effectives cancer treatments that we’ll change our opinions.

  • WallofSleep

    And the damnedest thing is there’s a charitable organization named for a catholic saint that works tirelessly to make sure children don’t die of cancer, free of charge. They don’t use thoughts, prayers, nor herbs, but the most advanced techniques medical science has to offer. Go figure.

  • Milo

    Because 98% of children with ALL go into remission after the first round of chemotherapy. No extra therapy needed.
    A relapse is much more likely without treatment. The benefit of continuing medical treatment is that the cancer can be cured. The goal of treatment is to make the remission permanent. Every time a relapse happens the odds go down. No one questions the parent’s love of their child. It’s just sad when a child has to die because his parents distrust the medical community so much they ignore the statistics.

  • WallofSleep

    “When you can provide us with peer-reviewed papers showing that rosemary
    and fruit juice are effectives cancer treatments that we’ll change our

    And the medical sciences will change their approach. If it worked, they’d be doing it already.

  • And in some cases, we’re rationalists who work in medicine and are familiar with herbalism.

    There is a terrifying naïveté in people who just buy some random plant stuff without being well-versed in its pharmacological properties, proper dosage, proper means of administration, and toxicity.

  • Delta

    On the one hand we have trained and experienced medical professionals; on the other, we have people insisting that there is nothing wrong with “treating” a three-year-old with cyanide.

  • WallofSleep

    I grew up being fed hand filled capsules of Golden Seal and Cayenne powder to ‘treat’ my colds/flues. Yes, I was raised by abject morons. Religious morons, to boot.

    Try and find Golden Seal on the supplement shelves now. You won’t, as the plant has been driven to near extinction by the herbalist craze of the 70’s and 80’s.

  • WallofSleep

    … or bleach, or turpentine, or…

  • Delta

    You know what else kills? Cyanide. No matter how you try to dress it up, that’s what it is — an all-natural, lethal poison.

  • Delta

    Yep. But cyanide is the only one that was mentioned in this post as something the parents were supposedly planning on giving to the child.

  • WallofSleep

    True, but other such whacko, harmful treatments have been the subject of blog posts here.

  • About 25-30 years or so ago (long before my current medical gig), a diet-crazy ex was hand-filling and selling capsules with sundry weight-loss herbs he bought at an oriental grocery store. Tried them myself for a short time, but late-night heart palpitations were a hint that, uh, this might not be a good idea. One of the key ingredients, máhuáng (a.k.a. ephedra) is now banned in many jurisdictions because people were dying from cardiovascular problems.

    I don’t currently grow any herbs for medicinal use, but can take you on a garden tour and introduce you to some lovely fresh mint and oregano and lavender. (I grow catmint, too, but leave it for the neighbourhood felines to play with.)

  • Delta

    If by “let parents be parents,” you mean “leave children at the mercy of people who think giving them cyanide is a good idea,” I don’t know what to tell you.

  • WallofSleep

    I’ve been know to grow some basil and rosemary myself. For culinary purposes, of course. For medical needs, I turn to scientifically proven methods.

  • WallofSleep
  • We have a preposterous amount of dried rosemary in the pantry at the moment, but I might try growing it this year just because the fresh stuff is so nice. I tried for the past two years, and forgot to RTFM on the seed packet. Apparently it likes to grow in place and hates being transplanted (although it’s readily available as a seedling, which does have to be transplanted).

    Now, if I could just find a good home for the half-dozen garlic chive plants that are trying to take over the front yard… 😮

  • Often found in faux cancer cures like Amigdalin/Laetrile, where the cyanide-producing effect is touted as a feature rather than as a potentially lethal problem.

    (I’m not so sure about amaretti cookies made with apricot kernels, either — supposedly cooking destroys the cyanogenic compounds, but there are safer ways to get that flavour.)

  • Delta

    Yep. According to this post, the parents planned on treating their three-year-old child with “vitamin b17,” another name for amygdalin/laetrile.

  • That in itself should be grounds for stripping them of parental rights.

  • Megan Rittman

    This child was deemed cancer free. Quit spreading false news.

  • Megan Rittman

    No one gave anyone cyanide people like you are cyanide.

  • Megan Rittman

    He was cancer free and discharged. This is a false news the whole story is made up to make an agenda fit.

  • Michael Neville

    The cancer was in remission, he was not cancer free.

  • Michael Neville

    But you do see people advocating using cyanide in unmeasured doses.

  • schpadoinkle

    modern medicine gives child cancer, uses this as excuse for medical kidnap. happens a lot.

  • schpadoinkle

    or people taking drugs/vaccines without reading inserts, doctors even, never reading inserts, just following the program.

    prescribing drugs together that shouldn’t be.

    giving vaccines despite contra indications!

  • Milo

    I can’t figure out if you’re deliberately being deceptive or just ignorant.

  • In general, just scarfing down potentially dangerous substances without taking the time to understand them.

  • Megan, I work in a hospital. Don’t BS me with your alt-med conspiracy theories. Kids regularly go in and out of hospital between chemo treatments — they aren’t there 24/7/365, but return periodically for additional treatment cycles.

  • kilda

    it seems unnecessary to you? I’m sure all the oncologists who went to 4 years of medical school, followed by at least 4-5 years of post-graduate training specializing in cancer, will be happy to hear you have weighed in.

    News flash, treating cancer is complicated and not something you can understand by reading a little on the internet. There are reasons that doctors recommend the protocols that they do for certain cancers, and it’s not to make big bucks, it’s because that is what they have determined gives the best chance of the patient surviving. And “testing negative for cancer” means remission, not cured or disease free. The additional course of treatment is to give him the best chance of staying free of cancer, because without it there is a very strong likelihood of it coming back.

  • kilda

    a relapse is of course possible no matter the number of chemo treatments, but it is a LOT less likely with one more. And that is why they’re recommending it. If you struggle to see the benefit of that, it doesn’t say much for your intelligence.

  • Delta

    Hi Megan!

    I am, in fact, a human being (and one who has been treated with chemotherapy medications), not an all-natural lethal poison that somehow learned to use the internet.

    And… I really, really wish you were right, that nobody would do such a thing. But you’re not.

    According to this post (and I don’t see a source saying where they got it from, so perhaps take it with a grain of salt), the parents were considering using “vitamin B17” to treat the child. Vitamin B17 is not a vitamin; it is digested by the body as cyanide, and it is toxic.

    But some people believe that either 1) cancer is the result of a deficiency of the cyanogenic “vitamin” in our modern diets, or 2) it can be used to treat cancer in a “safe” alternative to chemotherapy. I have been “informed” by these people that the cyanide will kill cancer cells faster than the rest of you. And that, combined with the fact that it’s natural, means it’s a good idea.

    So yes, there absolutely ARE people who would give a person with cancer, even a child, cyanide to “cure” them. According to this article, this boy’s parents are among them.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Let me share a story with you although I imagine IT will go right OVER your head.
    There was an elderly man who lived in a house near a river. one day the river flooded and the old man’s house was inundated. Neighbours knocked on the door and told him to come with them in their SUV before the floodwaters got too high. “no, no” he replied “God will save me”. The flood waters rose higher and the old man retreated to the upstairs bedroom. The fire brigade came round in a RIB,
    “pack a bag old fella, you need to get out of this house now”,
    again the old man replied “no, no, the Lord will save me”.
    By the next day the flood waters had risen so high that the old man had to clamber out onto his roof to escape drowning. Along comes Prince William and the Air Sea Rescue helicopter. Down comes the winchman, “quick, grab hold of me, this house is going to wash away any minute now”,
    “no, no, I have faith, God will save me”.
    As the flood waters rage on and the house begins to crumble, the old man can feel it shaking beneath his shivering body. He cries out, “lord, I have faith, why have you not saved me?!” from the cloudy heavens comes the thunderous reply
    “I sent you an SUV, a RIB and a bloody prince in a helicopter, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!!”
    The MORAL of the story is: take the fucking medicine and be grateful you have it, grateful you live in an era WHERE people don’t die FROM simple illnesses. Whether you think healing COMES from your god (doubtful) or from the wit and hard work of humans (definite) BE FUCKING GRATEFUL you utter wankpuffin.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Just to be awkward… When I was merely ankle-high to a grasshopper my mum used to keep homeopathic remedies and dose me up when I had a cold. I always thought I got better after taking them. As an adult I teased her about homeopathy and smugly pontificated about viruses, she just looked at me sideways, smiled beatifically and murmured “ever hear of the placebo effect?”

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    80% of children treated with conventional medicine survive more than five years with this type of leukemia (which used to be a death sentence). I sure wouldn’t be messing around with roots and berries if it were me.

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    God gave us all kinds of diseases, including cancer. He also gave us what we need to heal, DOCTORS AND MEDICINE.

    This kind of cancer used to be a death sentence. Modern medicine now cures most kids who have it.

  • SecMilChap

    The 80-90% cure rate for kids with ALL has been reported in several varied publications, citing several different studies. It’s dreadfully difficult for PTs and parents, but it usually works. No journals have reported success with colloidal BS and/or juice. Anecdotes aren’t evidence, I know, but one of my daughter’s college classmates recovered from ALL as a kid and has been a successful pediatrician for almost 30 years. Nice payback, eh?

  • LimeGecko

    So glad they found this boy.

    ALL is usually treatable. I only support parents withdrawing treatment when the child’s prognosis is poor and further treatment is unlikely to work. At that point, if a family chooses palliative care, that’s their right. Until then though, we can’t let kids die from treatable diseases because their parents prefer to be one with some fruit juices and minerals.

  • LimeGecko

    If the doctors recommended another round it’s because they think there’s still some cancerous cells. You have to be sure you get at all the cancer you can. Or it will probably return.

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    Science has been embarrassing god since the printing press.

    This is part of the desperation: all the claims of obvious benefit are eclipsed by (polio, mmr) vaccines and global digital satellite communication.

    The theist is left with, “just wait for it, it’s definitely going to happen.” Meanwhile, the guy’s wearing wireless microphones think you shouldn’t trust science.

  • GaLd316

    Well, I was going to post responses to the replies on my comments, but seeing as all my comments were deleted (in fact, almost all comments speaking out against this gross abuse of State power have been deleted), I guess I’ll just have to walk away.

    Parents have no choices in how they raise their kids; decisions that a grown adult can make for themselves (to stop chemo treatment, for example) are not left for parents to decide for their own children, but are dictated by society. This is done in the name of saving and protecting children, but once those kids are dragged away from families that love them and are put into the System, they often face horrors at least as bad as what they were “saved” from. (Yes, sometimes they are removed from situations that were extremely dangerous, and sometimes they end up with caring foster parents, but that is not the norm). The fact that you all turn a blind eye to that, that you don’t research or investigate that, that you don’t follow up with these kids after they are taken, is an indication of how much you’re truly invested in the welfare of these children. You want to be right, not do right.

    Again, this comment probably won’t sit here long before I am removed for blasphemy, but I ask you to think about Noah: being ripped from his mother’s arms by people who don’t know him, told by officials that his parents don’t really care for him, maybe he’s even told they don’t love him, forced to be injected with chemicals that may prevent a relapse, or may change nothing about his outcome. Do you know he would die if left with his mother? Do you really know that the trauma of being separated from his family is going to be worth it for him in the long run? Will you check in on him and ensure CPS and the foster parents are caring for him? Will you hold them to the same standards you now hold his parents?
    Or will you breath a sigh of relief and say, “good, another poor child saved,” and never give Noah another thought?

    Be honest.

  • WallofSleep

    Yet placebos don’t actually do anything. They’re not meant to, that’s why they’re called placebos.

  • persephone

    Goldenseal is also very dangerous.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Yes… see when I was little I thought Mummy gave me pretend medicine and it made me better because my brain told me it did. When I got older I realised it wasn’t real medicine and teased my Mummy for giving me pretend medicine. Turns out she was aware of this all along. And now I’ve explained it and it simply isn’t funny any more.

  • bouncedancer

    WallofSleep, hmmm … you still don’t sound very educated …. You have something better to treat your colds and flus? The 0.0% effective flu shot?
    Your 2nd paragraph is completely wrong. There never was a craze for goldenseal, and it’s still available.

  • bouncedancer

    Only if used incorrectly. The usage of goldenseal is very specific.

  • bouncedancer

    Actually, placebos have the power to even heal! Every study shows some placebo effect where people got better even if using placebos; usually though if the placebo effect was the cause, the improvement doesn’t last. But sometimes it heals! Why isn’t science looking into this mind/body connection?

    However, homeopathics are not placebos, they are energy medicine that is not understood by Western medicine. Homeopathics cured my son of terrible allergies bordering on asthma, with one megadose!

  • bouncedancer

    You don’t understand how the system works. Medical science never even looks at herbs because they can’t patent them and make money off them.

  • WallofSleep
  • WallofSleep

    Aspirin. Now stuff it with your conspiracy theory nonsense, nincompoop.