Woman that Promotes Bleach as Autism “Cure” Loses Facebook Groups

Woman that Promotes Bleach as Autism “Cure” Loses Facebook Groups April 23, 2019
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The woman that is best known for telling parents that bleach will cure autism has been partially banned from Facebook. Kerri Rivera‘s page and a group called “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism” were removed by Facebook.  However, Rivera has multiple pages and groups remaining on the site to promote her dangerous cure for autism.

For nearly a decade, Kerri Rivera has used social media to promote her belief that parasites cause autism. Through her efforts, she wrote a book titled, “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism,” she instructs parents to feed their children bleach to kill the parasites and toxins that cause autism.

Rivera says the product called “Miracle Mineral Solution” is not bleach. However, MMS is chlorine dioxide. CD, as she calls it, is an industrial-strength bleach used to treat wastewater and strip textiles. When ingested, chlorine dioxide can cause respiratory failure, renal damage, severe diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration.

MMS is the brainchild of Jim Humble of the Genesis Church of Health and Healing. Humble says he learned about the miracle medicine in the jungles of South America. Through his church, Humble says MMS can cure AIDS, Cancer, Lupus, Autism, and HIV to name a few.

Rivera latched onto the product through her relationship with Humble. She joined the church and began selling the product to parents of children on the spectrum. In videos and her book, she claims that MMS completely healed her son’s autism.

To grow her bleach-cult, Rivera targeted parents on Facebook through her group and page titled “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.” Additionally, she hosted private and secret groups where she advised parents about how to dose the MMS.

Rivera instructs parents to give children bleach enemas. She says that parasites are visible in the child’s bowel movement. As a result, her groups became littered with photos of children’s bowel movements after consuming the bleach. However, the images shared were not of parasites but the lining of the bowels and intestines.

For years critics have worked tirelessly to remove Kerri from Facebook. Fiona O’Leary has campaigned hard against Rivera’s groups and pages on Facebook. After years of working to dismantle Rivera’s Facebook empire, O’Leary announced that Facebook finally removed her page and groups associated with MMS.

The post by O’Leary has been shared widely around Facebook. People are rejoicing at the takedown of Rivera. While there is the truth that her page and group “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism”  were removed by Facebook. Rivera’s profile and other business pages remain on Facebook.

Without a Crystal Ball located several pages associated with Kerri:


Kerri Rivera Profile

I am Keto Kerri

Over the years, Rivera has transitioned her work from Miracle Mineral Solution to the ketogenic diet. She started a new company called Keto Kerry where she promotes fasting and supplements to heal autism.

Her pages associated with KetoKerri are still live and so is her Facebook profile. Despite the announcement by O’Leary, there appears to be only a fraction of truth to her post.

Another critic of Rivera, Emma Dalmayne an author, CEO of Autistic Inclusive Meets, autistic adult, and mother of autistic children cautioned against the excitement of Rivera’s removal from Facebook. She said that while the groups and pages are down for now that Rivera will find new ways to get her message out.

Dalmayne has followed Rivera for years and interviewed her in the past. She knows that Rivera is resourceful and strategic in her ability to get her information out to the masses.

In an interview with Dalmayne, Kerri admitted to healing 191 children through the use of chlorine dioxide. She refused to acknowledge the product was bleach. Additionally, she told Dalmayne that chlorine dioxide is not illegal for consumption.

However, individuals that sell MMS for consumption have been prosecuted in the United States. The state of Illinois banned Rivera from selling or promoting MMS within the state. To avoid prosecution, Rivera hides out in Mexico and sells her products online.


In an interview with Dalmayne, she told me,

“As long as there is a market for quackery there will be a Kerri, a Jim, a Danny and an Amanda. The groups come down then are back up in secret within a day or two, MeWe is now hosting her.

The misguided notion that Autism is a curable condition, that its a disease or parasite infestation is sadly acceptable to parents who do not want to take responsibility for having had an autistic child.

Kerri should be in jail and that is a well-known fact. She openly promotes child abuse with bleach enemas yet still walks free.”

Further emphasizing her point, Dalmayne shared that Rivera has already created a new group on MeWe. A quick search on MeWe and the group CDAutism with a photo of Rivera’s group is live. After only a few days live, the group already has 90 members.

Not only is Kerri on MeWe but she still is actively posting on Facebook. In her group, Keto Fasting for Beginners Rivera is actively sharing information about the MMS protocol and her book. She even shared the MeWe link to her more than 550 group members.

Despite Facebook removing the MMS group associated with autism, Rivera still has multiple pages and groups on Facebook to promote her protocol. Additionally, she’s now expanding her reach to new platforms like MeWe.

Rivera appears always to be one step ahead of her critics and the law. She continues to live in Mexico to avoid criminal prosecution for poisoning children with bleach. Until Rivera is locked up, she will never be gone from social media. She’s a narcissist that can’t stop herself from getting the attention she desperately craves.

While Facebook might be a little less crowded with her group removal, I’m sure a new group will be up and running in days.

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  • Rosie Carney

    Great piece! I’ve enjoyed many of your articles on this website. I do have one request for your consideration: please amend the headline. Poisoning children with bleach is not a “controversial autism cure”, it’s abuse.
    That was it. Keep up the great work; I’m headed over to Patreon to buy you a cup of coffee. ❤

  • Kit Hadley-Day

    just a thought, calling it a controversial cure is factually incorrect, and gives a false impression of legitimacy, what she advocates for is no more a cure for autism than preying is.

    edit, i see i am not the only one who thinks this way

  • Kit Hadley-Day

    i see we think alike on the title

  • Zetopan

    Just like *many* other rational people.

  • Brian Curtis

    I reserve “controversial” for issues where credible, relevant experts disagree. Kerri’s so-called cure is more accurately labeled “bullshit.”

  • Kit Hadley-Day

    well quite

  • that woman should be put away somewhere. Bleach? Really? if you cannot even handle a substance without sustaining burns on your hands, what in hell are you doing giving it to a child, or anyone.
    and you do not cure autism. that’s like trying to cure hair.

  • Daniel

    You people are willfully ignorant, including the author of this article. It is NOT bleach. And it WORKS. Last time I checked, you get sicker if you ingest poison, which the opposite happens with this protocol.

    It just goes to show that when someone finds a cure others didn’t believe would be possible, it won’t be celebrated by the mainstream media. It will be silenced, or at least others will attempt to silence it.


  • Anonyme

    Safe or not (and I need more than one source to prove it’s safe to consume!), the root cause for this “treatment” is worrying and insulting.
    These kinds of parents are implying that people with autism are inferior and undesirable and need to be “cured”. I should be used to being treated like an outcast in society but it still sickens me. My own father tried to bully me into being “normal” and I have emotional scars to this day.

  • PinochleofVirtue

    Have you tried even a half-hearted search of the chemical? Sure, you can link a company that uses ClO2 in water purifiers worldwide (which, by the way shows its biocidal qualities) but why not search the chemical “Chlorine Dioxide” itself? BTW, your link doesn’t support your claim that it “works” as a treatment for anything more than water.


  • Daniel

    Another definition for autism is heavy metal poisoning. There’s also more degrees of autism than just your own. I’m autistic, and I want to be cured.

  • Daniel

    I don’t trust what the mainstream media says about alternative medicine. Doctors get paid when people get sick. I have seen this treatment work with my own eyes. Last time I checked, people who are being poisoned don’t get healthier, they get sicker.

  • Daniel

    I am sorry about your being an outcast and your father’s treatment of you. But understand that you have been deceived – autism is nobody’s friend. Your uniqueness would not diminish. If you were cured, you would be set free. That’s really what curing autism is all about – setting these people free.

  • Daniel

    High functioning is a blessing, but many children and adults with autism are in diapers and cannot talk. That is a nightmare for both them and their parents and caretakers.

  • Astreja

    I don’t trust alternative medicine. It’s entirely too easy for someone with no training to throw together a “protocol” or a “cure” and market it without testing it or submitting it for peer review.

    And don’t up-vote yourself, Daniel. That’s tacky.