YouTube Terminates Channel that Promotes Drinking Turpentine

YouTube Terminates Channel that Promotes Drinking Turpentine April 18, 2019

YouTube has removed Sun Fruit Danny Glass from its platform. Danny Glass has used YouTube for years to promote dangerous health cures such as drinking turpentine, bleach, and using coffee enemas. His following swelled to nearly 90,000 followers and he bragged that his videos afforded him a very nice life.

Danny Glass was YouTubes most notorious pusher of drinking turpentine to heal a variety of illnesses. He uploaded rambling videos where he promised that paint thinner would cure cancer, HIV, parasites, and candida.

Through his videos, he promoted products like miracle mineral solution, coffee enemas, strict vegan diets, and consuming borax to treat disease. Critics have been working for years to get YouTube to terminate his channel. Somehow Glass managed to always slip through the cracks.

Measles outbreaks around the world have prompted many social media giants to strip their sites of fake health news. Earlier this year, YouTube announced that all videos that promoted anti-vaccine propaganda would be demonetized.  Additionally, they also planned to remove channels that promote unregulated alternative health products.

The day of reckoning came today. In an announcement in his Facebook group, Danny said that his YouTube channel was terminated for violating the terms and conditions policies. He lamented that YouTube didn’t even give him a reason.

Additionally, Glass uploaded a video where he shared his frustration about the channel termination. On a second channel called “Conscious Calisthenics,” Glass complained that the channel had 1300 videos and earned him “thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands” of dollars every month.

He seemed most unhappy that his “life work” of coaching people to drink industrial strength chemicals might be over. Glass claims he has healed thousands of people around the world.

However, Glass is not a doctor nor does he have any medical training. He is from England and has resided in Thailand for several years. According to numerous reports, Glass is an ex-heroin addict that has a history of troublesome relationships with women.

In 2018, Glass pleaded guilty to reckless driving for the death of his girlfriend Sophie Emma Rose Anderson. Anderson died after Glass’ moped was hit from behind by an 18-wheel truck. She died upon collision and was six months pregnant at the time with Danny’s child.

Following her death, he took to YouTube to beg followers to pay for his legal expenses. Eventually, he agreed to a plea deal. He accepted a fine and an 18-month suspended prison sentence in January 2018.


Now after nearly five years of using his YouTube platform to teach people how to poison themselves, YouTube has finally had enough. They told Glass that he violated their terms of service. Glass admitted the termination was likely due to his promotion of “controversial” healing products like turpentine.

Any person that has a YouTube channel must abide by the Terms and Conditions. Individuals that break the rules can have their accounts terminated without warning. Additionally, users must also follow community guidelines for videos.

One of the community guidelines is that users will not upload videos that promote dangerous or harmful content.

Screen Shot of YouTube’s community guidelines

A quick scan of Danny’s topics reveals that all of the content he uploads is dangerous and harmful. Telling people to drink paint thinner, bleach, and borax can lead to serious health issues and death. YouTube realized his channel violated its terms in every single video.

Glass has used his Facebook page and YouTube to instruct parents to give their children bleach and turpentine to cure autism, hypothyroidism, and a variety of diseases. He’s even told breastfeeding mothers to use turpentine.

Finally, YouTube followed its guidelines by removing his channel. If you want my reaction to the channel removal, please watch my video. The video includes inside details about how the channel was taken down by an organized group.

*Katie Joy is a columnist and hosts Without A Crystal Ball on Patheos Non-Religious Channel. She writes articles on parenting, disability advocacy, debunking pseudoscience, atheism, and crimes against women and children.

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  • Raging Bee

    So, yeah, they did tell him why they were dumping him. He just refused to listen or admit it.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    And 70000 people “subscribed” to that nonsense….

    (shaking my head)

  • J_D

    Sometimes I really feel the inner Bill Burr coming out of me when I read this stuff.

    Like, just let these kind of people do their thing… eventually in about 100 years, when all the smart people who survived by not drinking poison on purpose have lived long enough to pass on their genes, maybe we’ll be just a little better off as a society and species.

    Like, seriously, what in the world makes people think doing any of this crap is a good idea? I just don’t get it.

  • Linda Cahall

    There is “Turpentine”, a paint solvent.

    Then there is “100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine, Hexane-Free”, a centuries-old essential oil known for certain unique healing properties.

    These two products are quite different. Y’all are confusing the two. “Without a Crystal Ball” and YouTube failed to make the important distinction.
    And as a result, you’ve orchestrated a smear campaign in a misguided effort to ‘save’ people from harm. Your simplistic thinking leads you to wonder how people could be so stupid as to “drink turpentine”, thinking that they are drinking the poisonous paint solvent. They are NOT drinking paint solvent.

    Sunfruit Danny has always made the distinction between these 2 products and warned people NOT TO DRINK THE PAINT SOLVENT!

    But none of Crystal Ball’s followers/supports know this because she doesn’t bother to tell the truth. And apparently none are capable of doing their own independent research. I can’t say what YouTube’s failure is. And I’m not going to guess.

  • YouTube shut down a woo peddler. And ingesting essential oils isn’t a good idea; just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it isn’t toxic.

  • Quinsha

    Oh my, were there any viewers left at the end? Killing off your viewers does not make for a lot of sustained likes.

  • Linda Cahall

    You are another non-researcher, believing what is ‘easy’ to believe rather than looking for actual truth.

    I’ll give you an analogy. I drink lemonade. I do not drink my bathroom cleaner that is made with lemon. I know the difference.

    Same with ‘turpentine’. One is safe and healthful to ingest. One isn’t. One is used by the food and pharmaceutical industries… the other isn’t. Knowing the difference is the key. Being ‘natural’ is not the issue, as you seem to believe.

    Many people safely ingest essential oils… ‘safely’ means they know how to choose safe oils and how to ingest safely. Like pharmaceuticals, just because it can help an ailment does not mean it can be used any old way we wish, carelessly and without guidance.

  • jaymosch

    Hate to tell you this…but regular, naturally-derived, turpentine is a chemical solvent that is also (and historically) used as paint thinner. Just because they have artificial alternatives does not make turpentine any safer to ingest.

  • Linda Cahall

    Wow. You SHOULD hate to tell me that which you said… because you got it wrong!

    Medicinal usage of naturally-derived turpentine is documented going back to ancient times. People are not ingesting an ‘artificial alternative’. They are ingesting the essential oil, derived by a (pre-industrial) process, without industrial-use additives.

  • jaymosch

    Documented uses do not mean safe or effective. There are many archaic practices we no longer perform because there are less harmful versions. NATURAL does not equal safe or healthy.

  • Carol Dekle Foss

    Pure 100% gum spirits turpentine. This is what my ancestors used in the south to cleanse themselves every season. My father as a young boy was given this with sugar when he had a cold etc. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down.” Its sad really, that there are natural remedies out there that are now so demonized. I’ve used Diamond G turpentine with castor oil a few times to cleanse. Nothing scary here folks.

  • Drew

    Yeah, ingesting 100% pine gum spirits is “woo.” But injecting live-attenuated pathogens into your blood stream is “science.” That makes sense.

    Do you people think for yourselves or do you just mindlessly swallow the Kool Aid from Big Pharma and Big Govt?

    For those with an open, functional mind, here’s some info on pine gum spirits (below). I’m not saying I advocate drinking the stuff. But I do suggest you research things thoroughly and think in a logical, rationale way before coming to conclusions…

    “Most of the 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine produced in the U.S. comes from pine trees (although some producers may use spruce). In addition to terpenes (one of the more active chemical compounds), gum turpentine also contains significant amounts of acetic acid (also found in notable amounts in raw apple cider vinegar), butyric acid (a short chain fatty acid found in notable amounts in butter and ghee) and d-limonene (a terpene itself, d limonene is a major constituent in several citrus oils, including orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit). An interesting historical note- the 1898 Merck Manual stated that 100% pure gum spirits was effective for a variety of conditions.”

  • It’s woo. If there’s no science behind it, then it’s BS. Sell your magical thinking elsewhere because it won’t work on me.

  • Robert Serrano

    Your incredulity is not an argument, and neither are quotes from well over a century ago.

  • Drew

    No one said incredulity is an argument. That’s a straw man. When people don’t want to rationally discuss something that’s exactly what they do. Or name call. Perhaps that’ll be your next move.

    My point in posting was not to ARGUE. That probably comes as a shock to you. My purpose in posting was to encourage people to think for themselves- to engage in reason, logic, healthy skepticism and not group think. I think I made that clear.

    And that isn’t a quote from over a century ago. Those are my words. That’s called collating data into a coherent sentence for the edification of others. You should try it sometime.

  • Robert Serrano

    You were making a claim. That’s an argument. You just weren’t expecting to get a contrary response. That not my problem. It’s yours. The entirety of this whole “think for yourselves” gambit is based on the notion that that phrase somehow immunizes you from criticism. It’s dishonest framing at the very least, and does nothing to give credence to any claim you make.

  • Drew

    You’re right. I posted something online and was SHOCKED when I got a contrary response. And great insight on the “think for yourselves” gambit. You’re right again. People who say that are never really just saying “think for yourselves”… they’ve always got an angle, or are “looking for immunity from criticism.” You nailed me Robert. +1000 points for you. Thinking for yourself is dangerous. Why do it when you could just let the govt, large political parties, Hollywood and pharmaceutical companies (largest lobbying group in the US) do it for you? That would be MUCH EASIER!!! Thank you Rob!

  • Dana W

    Its TURPENTINE. Nothing about turpentine “cleanses” the body!

  • Dana W

    yes, I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of not suffering contagious illnesses. Thanks for asking.

  • Robert Serrano

    I can’t begin to tell you how tedious you are. You don’t even seem aware of what you yourself had said previously, which isn’t surprising since you don’t seem all that terribly aware of much of anything. So let me explain it to you: making broad declarations that people should “think for themselves” doesn’t mean that you have “thought for yourself.” Quite obviously, your notion of “thinking for yourself” is to mindlessly regurgitate pseudo-science and getting immensely butt-hurt when called out because your claims don’t even pass the most basic of smell tests.
    So claim off your cross and stop playing martyr. You made an idiotic claim, that you can’t support, but you try to sidestep that by playing the “think for yourselves” game. You’re not “thinking for yourself,” you’re refusing to actually think at all. And then you throw a little fit when that’s pointed out to you.

  • Rann

    to engage in reason, logic, healthy skepticism

    Been there, done that, and still do it regularly…… I also do SCIENCE…. something you have shown that you have no clue how to do…..

  • Carol Dekle Foss

    100% gum spirits from a TREE! Not turpentine you get at Home Depot. The treatment is only 1/2 teas to 1 teaspoon for 4 days. I did my research before I tried it, not just dismissed it as nonsense, and I’m very glad i did. I only do it once a year, and that very small dose is extremely effective! Find an old timer and ask them yourself! Sheesh.

  • Banrion

    I’m sure that paint thinner and laxatives make for an eventful weekend.

  • Banrion

    So you support regulating supplements and oils the same way we do pharmaceuticals to ensure that they are being used carefully and under proper supervision?

  • Carol Dekle Foss

    Probably less than a bottle of Jack mixed with dominoes pizza. Lol

  • Emma

    Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t ingest turpentine or a bottle of Jack. Your body never needs a ‘cleanse’, and there is a good reason toxic substances are demonized. Unfortunately, there are still foolish people who ignore well-documented dangers and believe that some nutter with no medical training knows all.

  • Carol Dekle Foss

    As a cancer survivor who has ingested heavy doses of “medicine” I can tell you I prefer 100% GUM SPIRITS OF TURPENTINE. NOT TOXIC TURPENTINE WITH ADDITIVES. Why is do people foolishly trust the narrative? I’m a 12 year survivor, and ‘cleansing’ is one way I STAY cancer free.

  • Emma

    How ridiculous. Clearly you went the traditional medicine route to rid yourself of cancer. I doubt your oncologist recommends drinking turpentine. “100% gum spirits of turpentine” without additives are also used by artists to thin paints and oils, and it is also toxic to ingest. Stop falling for the con artists who make money from gullible, desperate people, Please provide one source that has proven that turpentine prevents cancer.

  • Carol

    Ohhh right because BIG PHARMA isn’t in it to make money, give me a break! My oncologist also recommended that I take Tamoxifin which has serious side effects, one being HIGH risk for ENDOMETRIAL CANCER. NOW PUT YOUR THINKING CAP ON FOR A SECOND AND CONSIDER WHY THEY GIVE WOMEN A PILL THAT CAUSES MORE CANCER!!!! I ended up needing to have my ovaries out because of those horrible toxic pills. For the record, if my cancer does come back, god forbid, I will be back in my oncologists office to try and figure out my best options. Like I said before, I use Turpentine, the 100% gum spirit kind of course, in an extremely small dose for cleansing my body once a year. What I believe and put in my body is my business, and you should mind your own. You provide me one source that 100% gum spirit turpentine causes cancer, how about that. Even as a 12 year survivor, it returning is something I think about every day, and consider EVERYTHING I put in my body and on my body. As an artist I’m well aware of the uses of turpentine, thanks for that tidbit, but not needed. And whats with the aggression anyway? Don’t you have anything better to do than try to be some sort of keyboard warrior??

  • Emma

    Let’s review what you wrote. You stated that you have used it to STAY cancer free. So, the onus is on you to provide the research that you claim (below) that you did that must have convinced you that it prevents cancer. I’m not surprised that you can’t provide one source, because it doesn’t exist. I never said turpentine caused cancer, so it’s asinine to ask me to provide that information. Don’t put your business on a public forum if you don’t want to be criticized.

  • Carol

    You can review all you want TROLL. Your dumb comments come straight out of Internet Trolling 101. I have a right to my opinion and personal choices in life and to voice that OPINION without your troll comments stating you need some sort of proof to my OPINION. Gay. I also have the right to tell you to mind your own business and get a life. ARE YOU EVEN A REAL PERSON? If you are, you will be replaced soon, so you might want to learn to code.
    And this is my whole issue with the censoring of Danny Glass. CENSORSHIP is a slippery slope and dangerous for us all. So you are part of us losing our personal freedoms, and for that you really suck. Now leave me alone TROLL. But you wont will you., trolls always have to have the last word. Have at it troll, I have to go cook me a healthy vegan dinner.

  • Emma

    Why is it when some people are backed into a corner and unable to defend statements they actually wrote, they cry troll. Since you said you researched turpentine, I assumed you could defend it easily. I can’t imagine why a sane person would drink paint thinner and feed it to innocent children. No one ever said you didn’t have a right to your opinion. I was merely asking what the basis of your opinion was. All the typing in CAPS and paranoid accusations says a lot more about you than me. It has given me a great perspective of the type of person who is susceptible to a fraud like Danny Glass. It’s also pretty funny that you pontificate about censorship while at the same time you’d like to censor me.

  • Carol

    HAHAHA! You couldn’t resist could you troll.

  • Emma

    If you continue to write ridiculous things, I will respond. Calling me a troll doesn’t excuse the fact that you believe con artists like Glass and Jennifer Daniels who have to hide out in foreign countries to avoid prosecution.

  • Carol


  • Carol

    Furthermore Emma, you never respond directly to what I am saying, and write it off as ridiculous. So, ya know if it quacks.