Alabama Mother Slams Anti-Vaxxers After Daughter Contracts Measles

Alabama Mother Slams Anti-Vaxxers After Daughter Contracts Measles May 2, 2019

An Alabama mother is slamming anti-vaxxers after her 5-month-old daughter contracted the measles virus. Audrey Peine announced her daughter’s positive test result for the measles after the Alabama Department of Health confirmed the first case of the illness in the state. An unvaccinated man from Tennessee spread the virus to Mississippi and Alabama.

In a press conference held by the Alabama Department of Health, they announced the first confirmed case of the measles. Health officials said the incident occurred in a child under one-year-old that was too young to receive the MMR vaccination.

Shortly after the press conference, Audrey Peine shared a photo of her daughter with a biting message to anti-vaxxers. In the post, Peine blamed parents that refuse vaccinations for infecting her infant.

“Now that the press conference has happened…

This beautiful girl tested positive for the measles on May 2, 2019, by ONE POINT. She’s the first positive case in the state of Alabama.

I did everything to protect her. I breastfed her for her entire life and kept her up to date on her vaccinations.”

Peine continued,

“I took her to the doctor when she was sick. And she tested positive for something she was too young to be vaccinated for.

She got sick because of the negligence of other parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. She got sick because the measles is on the rise due to the carelessness of other mothers.”

Next, Peine hammered away at the fact that the measles was all but eradicated in the United States up until a few years ago. However, anti-vaccine propaganda and misinformation about vaccines have caused vaccination rates to plummet in parts of the country.

“READ THE STATISTICS. This disease was not something to worry about a few years ago. Now my daughter has it.”

After sharing her frustration about her daughter’s diagnosis, she slammed her community for failing her family. She referenced a mother in California whose infant also contracted the measles last week.

“Like the other mother whose five months old was diagnosed in California, I feel like my community failed us.”

In her final statement, Peine urged people to vaccinate their children.

“Even if we only get one more family to vaccinate their children, we’ll be making a difference. Please learn from this. Please let this make you consider doing what’s best for your baby.”

In an interview with WVTM, Peine said her daughter’s symptoms began with a rash, runny nose, and fever. She took her daughter the pediatrician’s office to determine the source of the rash. A doctor at the clinic saw the baby and immediately isolated them from the rest of the patients.

After swabbing the baby, they received the results this morning. Her daughter is the first reported case in the state. However, officials are currently investigating 32 suspected cases of the measles.

Alabama becomes the 23rd state in the country to report the measles. According to Alabama health officials, a man infected with the measles traveled from eastern Tennesse through Missippi and into Alabama. Authorities are in the process of contacting nearly 600 people that may have come in contact with him.

Measles cases can be extremely dangerous in infants. The virus causes high fevers, a rash, runny nose, and cough. For infants, they can develop complications like pneumonia and swelling of the brain.

As Peine stated, her daughter should not have contracted the virus. Herd immunity should have protected her until she could receive the MMR at 12-months-old. Her community absolutely let her down. As a mother, she did everything right for her daughter.

There is no treatment for the measles. Patients that contract the virus are generally ill for 7-14 days after they develop symptoms.

Let’s hope that her baby girl doesn’t develop any serious complications from the virus.

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  • LimeGecko

    I would be a blazing hot ball of anger if this happened to my baby. There’s not only the risk from short term complications, there’s also the risk for a incurable fatal neurological complication which can occur several years later.

  • persephone

    A woman infected with measles, after a trip abroad, exposed a crowded theater attending Avengers: Endgame in Fullerton, CA.

    Maybe it’s time we start checking vaccination records for anyone entering the U.S.

  • Jim Jones

    Save a baby. Get a shot.

  • Jim Jones

    And shingles which I just got.

  • Jennny

    Me too, this baby is not a handicapped child either. An older midwife remarked recently to me how, as science progesses, so many more handicapped and disabled and prem babies survive now….so there are some very sick little ones out there, with multiple health issues who should not be exposed to another potential, preventable life-threatening disease by idiot anti-vaxxers.

  • LimeGecko


  • Chris Hogue

    Belief is still the leading cause of death!

    Do you believe in god? No. Dead.
    Do you believe in god? Yes. Do you believe in my god? No. Dead.
    – George Carlin

  • WallofSleep

    You have my sympathies, Mr. Jones. I plan on getting the vax the minute I’m old enough.

    Hope you get well soon, and I further hope you get through this without any nerve damage. I’d offer thoughts and prayers, but, well, you know…

  • Jim Jones

    By soon I mean a couple of years back. And the medicine for that was about as costly as the prevention would have been!!!