Britney Spears’ Manager Says She May Never Perform Again

Britney Spears’ Manager Says She May Never Perform Again May 15, 2019
Britney Spears at 2016 Billboard Awards – Photo Credit Shutterstock


Britney Spears may never perform again according to her longtime manager Larry Rudolph. Rudolph spoke with TMZ about the status of the pop singer’s mental health and the outlook for her career.

Earlier today TMZ reported that Britney Spears might be done performing. Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph told the outlet that the pop star’s mental health situation is so dire that performing is not in her best interest. Rudolph is not a part of the conservatorship that oversees Spears, but he is kept in the loop on her health as it relates to her career.

Rudolph told TMZ,

“As the person who guides her career — based on the information I and all of the professionals who work with her are being told on a need-to-know basis — from what I have gathered it’s clear to me she should not be going back to do this Vegas residency, not in the near future and possibly never again.”

The manager elaborated by saying that Spears’ mental health took a dramatic decline in the fall of 2018. At the time, Spears was preparing for a new show to launch in Las Vegas. While rehearsing for the show, Spears’ dad Jamie became ill. Then the medications she takes to manage her bipolar disorder stopped working. Rudolph described the fall as a perfect storm and knew that Spears could not continue rehearsing.

As a result, Britney Spears’ team put the entire production on hold. Spears sought treatment to manage her mental health in March. After taking several months off to stabilize her health, Rudolph says he’s not heard from Spears. The manager seems more interested in his client getting healthy than putting her back to work.

“I don’t want her to work again ’till she’s ready, physically, mentally and passionately. If that time never comes again it will never come again. I have no desire or ability to make her work again. I am only here for her when she wants to work. And, if she ever does want to work again, I’m here to tell her if it’s a good idea or a bad idea.”

Spears appears to have an excellent team around her that is dedicated to her mental health and stability.  Rudolph’s statements show that her health is more important than any income he could make from her work. With Spears’ mental health unstable, performing is not in her best interest.

Last week a judge ordered a psychological evaluation of Spears to work through proposed changes to her conservatorship. Britney’s mother, Lynn, requested that she be granted legal rights to know about her daughter’s care. During the hearing, Spears asked the judge for more freedom. Unfortunately, the judge denied her requests. Additionally, Spears and her attorney wanted to discuss issues related to her minor children with Kevin Federline.

Federline has custody of their two children Sean Preston, 13, and Jayden James, 12. According to the Associated Press, the evaluation issued by the judge could relate to Spears’ desire to increased involvement in her sons’ lives.

The Associated Press pointed out that conservatorships are not generally needed for people as functional as Britney Spears. However, no one in the media knows the extent of her mental illness. Since 2008 a group of people has remained dedicated to keeping her healthy.

Even though we can’t see Britney Spears’ illness does not mean that it is not there. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), bipolar disorder can cause severe and potentially life-threatening symptoms. Individuals with bipolar can experience hallucinations and delusions. Their moods can swing from manic to severely depressed. While in manic states, individuals will not consider negative consequences.

Most concerning is that suicide is a risk for all people with bipolar. Suicide can happen when people are either manic or depressed. As a result, the proper treatment of the disorder is imperative. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry states that up to 50% of people with bipolar disorder attempt suicide at least once.

Given the severity of her 2007 breakdown, Spears received proper medical care for years. Additionally, knowing that her manager Larry Rudolph is not pressuring her to return to work, indicates that everyone involved in her life is invested in her well-being.

For more information on Bipolar disorder, visit the National Alliance of Mental Illness here.

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  • Jim Jones

    Very sad. Like Selma Blair sad.

  • That’s just awful.

  • Riley Whodat Venable

    I hope Ms. Spears gets the help she needs, and is able to manage her illness.
    Hopefully she stashed enough cash.

  • Brian Curtis

    Uhh, the blog seems to be sliding into a celebrity-gossip routine lately. Not sure that’s a good shift.

  • argyranthemum

    Very sad for her but glad she’s surrounded by people who care for her as a human being, not just a paycheck.