Football Coach Resigns After His Wife Planned to Inject Daughter with Bleach

Football Coach Resigns After His Wife Planned to Inject Daughter with Bleach May 23, 2019
Photo of Jon Helmandollar

An Idaho father resigned from his coaching position two months after his wife planned to inject bleach into their daughter. Jon Helmandollar submitted his resignation to Columbia High School administrators on Wednesday which shocked players and families. However, police have been investigating Jon since his wife’s arrest in March for his role in his daughter’s disappearance.

According to a report in the Idaho Press, Jon Helmandollar submitted his resignation as the head football coach of Columbia High School. The district hired him in January 2018.

Following his resignation, high school principal Cory Woolstenhulme emailed parents. Idaho press obtained the email from school spokeswoman Kathleen Tucker,

“We appreciate the time Coach Helmandollar invested in our student-athletes at Columbia High School and hope the best for him. We understand many of you may be concerned about next steps and we want to assure you that our No. 1 priority is to move forward quickly to find a replacement to lead our football and track programs.”

Players and families were shocked and sad about the coach’s resignation. Amy Bell, football booster president, told the Idaho Press that the kids wanted him to come back to coach in the fall.

“The students believe in him, too,” she said, “and they want him back.”

After resigning from his position, players drove to his home. They sat outside of his house with signs of support for their coach. The children likely do not realize the gravity of the charges against Helmandollar’s wife and their coaches indifference to his daughter’s safety.

In March, Helmandollar’s daughter Alissa was taken by her mother Brooke against court orders. Brooke removed Alissa from school and told officials their home was infested with parasites and bugs.

After removing Alissa from school, a three-state Amber Alert was issued to find the girl. While authorities worked diligently to find the girl, Jon Helmandollar lied to police about his daughter’s location. He told police he had no idea where his wife took their daughter. Additionally, court records indicate that he seemed indifferent to his daughter’s wellbeing.

Within hours of issuing the Amber Alert, police found the girl in Oregon. The mother and daughter traveled more than 800 miles from Idaho. When police found Alissa, she was unharmed.

However, Idaho police found evidence at a hotel that indicated Brooke planned to harm her daughter. Police found charcoal, bleach, and material to make enemas. When interviewed by authorities, Brooke admitted that she planned to inject her daughter with bleach to rid her of parasites.

Cell phone records obtained by police indicated that Jon Helmandollar maintained continuous contact with his wife during her disappearance. When confronted by police with this evidence, Helmandollar changed his story and told police he didn’t feel his daughter was in danger.

Text messages from March 19-20 showed that Jonathan and Brooke were in constant communication. Court records obtained by KREM showed that Jonathan signed a safety agreement that prevented Brooke from caring for Alissa without supervision. Despite signing the contract, he said Brooke convinced him the plan was only enforceable if a court ordered it.

Instead of being truthful with police during Alissa’s disappearance, Jonathan did his best to cover-up his involvement. When police learned Jonathan lied about multiple aspects of Alissa’s disappearance, they began investigating him for child endangerment.

Brooke Helmandollar has a long history of drug abuse and criminal convictions. After police found the mother, she checked into a hospital to receive psychiatric care. According to the Spokesman-Review, authorities charged Brooke Helmandollar with criminal mistreatment.

Since the news of her arrest, authorities have not released any additional details about the case. Jon Helmandollar’s resignation on Wednesday is the first time the family has been in the news since early April.

There are still no details about the charges Brooke Helmandollar faces in Washington. Additionally, police have not charged Jon Helmandollar with any crimes.

His resignation may seem surprising to students. However, his grave indifference to his daughter proves he should not be responsible for teaching or coaching children.

Hopefully, the district will find a new coach to help their team. For now, the community is safe from a man that cared so little about his daughter that he lied to police.

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  • Brian Curtis

    Covering for your crazy wife to shield her from consequences for poisoning your daughter does NOT make you a good family man, Jon. And it really undermines your credibility as a coach for other children.

  • Silent Service

    People are amazing in their capacity to dilude themselves.

  • persephone

    I’m so tired of this. The neighbors who don’t call the police when weird stuff is happening (Fred and Rose West), families that refuse to accept that a member is a rapist/pedophile/murderer (Well, I’ve never seen him do it; it must be a lie), the courts who let men off without even jail time (he turned his life around in prison and is leading a prison ministry; the victim was culpable; we don’t want to ruin the rest of his life over one bad decision), etc.

    I understand the kids love their coach and he means a lot to them, but it’s time they all, including the kids parents, step up and act like mature adults.

  • Martin Penwald

    The capacity of the pool needed to dilute oneself depend on one’s size and weight.

  • Jim Jones

    Just when you think you’ve reached the nadir of stupid . . .

  • Katie Joy

    thank you!

  • Lambchopsuey

    families that refuse to accept that a member is a rapist/pedophile/murderer (Well, I’ve never seen him do it; it must be a lie)

    My fundagelical Christian brother and his wife refuse to accept that their son is a child molester, even after sitting in the court listening to all the testimony (including his taped confession to his wife), even after my brother’s wife testified that she had told him it was wrong for him to be bringing that little girl into his bed to sleep with him (he was living at their house at the time of the molestations; that’s where they took place) while her 7-years-younger brother slept alone in a queen size bed in a separate bedroom and admitted she had confronted him about the way he “cuddled” the girl, told him it was “inappropriate”. Yet despite all that, they – and their entire asshole Christian church (who “supported” them by sitting in the court the entire trial, to make more of a crowd on HIS side – “See how many more people like/believe HIM than her??”) – insist he’s “innocent”. Christians gonna Christian…