Girl from “Born Schizophrenic” Off All Meds & Showing No Symptoms

Girl from “Born Schizophrenic” Off All Meds & Showing No Symptoms May 17, 2019
Photo Jani Schofield

A shocking update leaked yesterday about the children from the popular docu-series “Born Schizophrenic.” Jani and Bodhi Schofield were removed from their mother’s custody in March after their father Michael accused her of exaggerating the kid’s health conditions. According to the leak, Jani Schofield may not have schizophrenia after all.

For months, the Schofield custody case has been bound by a gag order. The judge enforced the rule shortly after the state placed the kids in the custody of child protective services. CPS removed Jani and Bodhi from Susan’s custody after she appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil.

During the episode, Susan Schofield admitted to taking her son Bodhi to over 50 doctors in an attempt to obtain a diagnosis of schizophrenia for him. Michael suggested to Dr.Phil that he believed his ex-wife had Munchausen-by-proxy. Susan wanted Bodhi to be on a potent cocktail of antipsychotics because the drugs worked well for her daughter Jani.

For years, Susan and Michael shared the journey of Jani Schofield. Michael wrote a book about raising a daughter with schizophrenia. The family appeared on a docu-series on Discovery titled “Born Schizophrenic.” Both Oprah and Dr. Phil interviewed the family in 2012 and discussed the challenges of raising a child with schizophrenia.

Through media exposure, Susan and Michael Schofield explained that Jani lived in a different world. The parents insisted their daughter hallucinated. Additionally, they discussed that several of the hallucinations were animals that only Jani could see.

During the Dr. Phil episode, the world saw for the first time that Susan Schofield might be exaggerating her children’s symptoms. In fact. Dr. Charles Sophy, the medical director for the Los Angeles Department of Family and Child Services, told Susan he believed she was causing some of the children’s issues.

Within weeks of the episode airing, CPS removed the children from Susan Schofield. After the removal of the children, the kids were placed in temporary foster care. Michael Schofield told Without a Crystal Ball in an interview that he approved the county’s request for a psychological evaluation.

Days later, the parents faced off in court to discuss the children’s custody. During that hearing, the judge enforced a gag order preventing the parents from speaking publically about their children.

However, the gag order has not prevented sources connected to the family from leaking information on the website KiwiFarms. Yesterday a shocking update revealed by a source connected to the family that the children were no longer on any medications.

In fact, the leaker stated that doctors weaned Jani Schofield off all the medications she had taken for years. Additionally, the source noted that the teenager showed no signs of having schizophrenia.

“Susan’s threatened Jani’s caretakers with lawsuits, claiming Jani is being abused and is unsafe where she’s at..

Shes also refused to comply with requested court orders. At this point its voluntary, but she made a demand that the kids be returned to her BEFORE she undergoes any medical evaluation…

The kids are not currently together but both are doing fine. Jani remains off all medication, and so far has not displayed any symptoms of schizophrenia. Other than an occasional PRN, Bodhi is also off all medication.”

After seeing the leak, a source connected to the family confirmed the information to Without a Crystal Ball. Additionally, the source said Jani has been thriving since doctors weaned her medications.

Another point the source made was that the court is working toward family reunification. However, numerous issues need to be addressed by Susan before the children are returned. The source said that Susan has not consented to a psychological evaluation and does not believe she did anything wrong.

The turn of events is shocking, considering the family’s claim to fame was Jani’s diagnosis of schizophrenia. Susan Schofield sold her story to millions of people through reality television, interviews, and a book. Michael Schofield’s book about his daughter was a New York Times Best Seller.

Now all of that appears to be a lie. There are so many questions remaining regarding Jani’s condition.

How did Susan get a doctor to diagnose Jani with schizophrenia?

Why did it take CPS more than a decade to intervene and remove her?

Why have no criminal charges been filed against Susan for medically harming her children?

As more details unfold, Without a Crystal Ball will keep you updated.

Stay Tuned.

Watch my stream for more details on how Susan is responding to the news:

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  • nmgirl

    I’m happy for the children.

  • Rann

    I suspected they kept the kids from both parents so Mom can’t say dad did anything. However, now I am VERY concerned if they let mom have access again.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    Doctor shopping is one of the biggest red flags of a fictitious disorder. Fifty is extreme even compared to other cases I’ve heard of.

  • Knitting Cat Lady


    I guess the parents had a kid with very active imagination. You know, like kids do.

    And saw the potential to make it big…

  • Tawreos

    Michael accused her of exaggerating the kid’s health conditions.
    The parents insisted their daughter hallucinated.
    Michael Schofield’s book about his daughter was a New York Times Best Seller.

    I hope the father is getting his share of scrutiny as well since he seems to have helped convince people and profited off of this “illness” as well.

  • Julie McDiarmid

    As much as the last Dr. Phil episode concerned me, and I’m by no means attacking this post… but I have read both Michael and Susan’s books several times, and if this is true, ULCA, who after several years/months of observation, DID diagnose Jani as schizophrenic after ruling out all else, I would imagine they (UCLA) would be in HUGE trouble over this. Not to mention that on their first appearances on Oprah and Dr. Phil, neither of them whatsoever questioned Jani’s diagnosis. Bohdi is another story entirely, and a much more disturbing one. I do have to wonder where these “leaks” and “family sources” are coming from… it just seems a bit sketchy. I pray that it is true that Jani may not be schizophrenic, for the sake of her health and future and that they find exactly what it is that poor Bohdi needs.

  • Oh! Bright moons and warm sands to those kids!

    I hope they can have some semblance of a normal childhood now.

  • Friend

    I would truly question this:

    The kids are not currently together but both are doing fine.

    Siblings need each other, and these two have apparently been through hell.

  • bananaslugsrule

    Has it ever been confirmed that Jani tested at a 146 IQ? I’ve seen that stated in numerous media sources but has anyone ever seen a psychologist’s report confirming this? Or did they just take her parents’ word for it?

  • Baby Buddha Belly

    The DCFS/CPS system here in Los Angeles is all about family reunification …even when it’s pretty clear that some of the parents should never be permitted to see their children again. It’s almost like there’s a 3 strike rule in place – one can harm their child at least three times before anything permanent is done to prevent it. I have friends who are foster parents here and have seen how children are put second to the family reunification goal. It’s scary for foster parents who have invested their time, care and loved on these children to have the looming threat of their foster child(ten) be returned to a hostile environment, but it happens all the time and it often doesn’t result with a happy ending. I’m certain that the kids will be returned to Susan, but not without mandates put in place. At least, at some point there will be mandates. I don’t see Dr Sophy allowing either Jani or Bodhi to be put back on those toxic cocktails …and what excuse could Susan possibly have to put them on anything now that the world has seen that the drugs are not necessary? In a perfect world, she would never have an opportunity to damage them further, but LA County’s obsession with family reunification will see to it that she has both kids again and will give her many chances to prove that she’s unfit before doing anything permanent.

  • skrammm

    There is suspicion that Susan itnroduced meds to Jani when she was inpatient, meds that can both treat schizophrenia and, ironically, create symptoms that can mimic schizophrenia when taken by those without the condition.
    In addition, most Dr’s take a parent’s observations and concerns at face value because it’s very uncommon for a parent to induce illnesses in their kids. So when you have a couple stating with certainty that their daughter is behaving in a certain way then its totally understandable that the Dr’s involved are going to use that as their starting point in treating the child.
    Also, the books you mention are inherently subjective, so it’s important to take what they claim with a grain of salt.

  • SteamBot

    From what I was able to glean, that 146 IQ was given to Jani by an elementary school teacher or someone similar. I don’t think she ever had an official test done, just whatever IQ test the teacher had her do. I think the mom took that result and ran with it. Or, she likely lied about the result entirely and still ran with it.


    If the mother is going to be brought up on charges, than so should the father. He is just as culpable, that’s why he complained later, cause he knew, because he participated.

  • hampus p
  • Izumi Shikibu

    I remember seeing what was, I guess, the original documentary. I’m not a psychiatric nurse, but I worked as a pediatric nurse for over a decade, so I have a little experience with lots of different children. I remember thinking that this poor child seemed to be acting out, highly stressed, and wondered who the hell thought chasing her around with cameras and mics was a good idea while she was under the influence of extremely potent drugs.
    I’m completely unsurprised that claims of Munchausen-by-proxy are now being tossed about and that maybe this child is doing much better now that she’s off those powerful psychotropic drugs, which are not supposed to be used on children for the most part. (Please note: I’m not saying all psych meds are bad! When used therapeutically and under careful supervision, they can help save lives). I hope these children are placed in a home that offers them a great deal of unconditional love, and then, tomorrow, even more love.