James Charles Cancels “Sisters” Tour Due to Poor Mental Health

James Charles Cancels “Sisters” Tour Due to Poor Mental Health May 25, 2019
James Charles cancels Sisters Tour – photo credit SnapChat


James Charles canceled his upcoming Sisters Tour. The move comes after former mentor Tati Westbrook accused him of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in a viral video titled “Bye Sister.” James announced the cancelation in a nearly nine-minute SnapChat story.

In an unexpected turn of events, James Charles squashed his upcoming beauty tour “Sisters.” The tour planned to visit dozens of cities around the United States. Earlier this spring, James announced the tour to his viewers on his YouTube channel.

Last night James Charles uploaded a SnapChat Story that outlined his reasons for canceling the tour. According to Charles, the past two weeks of severe cyberbullying has put him in a mentally dark place. Additionally, Charles admitted the tour has no merchandise to sell because Jeffree Star’s brand dropped his clothing line.

During the video, Charles appeared tired, emotional, and on the verge of tears. Despite his is palpable sadness, he attempted to smile through his disappointing news.

Watch his Video Here:

Through his SnapChat, James repeatedly said that the past two weeks had been the worst of his life. Tati Westbrook’s video “Bye Sister” accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct. After she uploaded the video, millions of people accused him of being a sexual predator.

Last week James Charles uploaded a response video to defend himself. He provided dozens of text messages and screenshots that showed Tati’s video was filled with lies. His video earned him a lot of support, but there are still millions of people that believe Tati’s baseless allegations.

For Tati’s part, she deleted both videos she uploaded that slammed James Charles. Additionally, she has lost nearly 500,000 subscribers in the past week. Despite Westbrook promising to remain offline, she uploaded a new video yesterday to capitalize on her new found 4.5 million subscribers.

At the end of his SnapChat story, Charles promised the tour would be rescheduled. He also told fans that he would cover all restocking and cancellation fees. The decision to cancel his tour will likely cost him a ton of money. However, he seemed unconcerned about the money and more worried about letting down his fans.

Finally, Charles said that he planned to spend the next few months working on healing and bettering himself. He discussed spending time with friends, family, and working with a therapist. Clearly, James Charles is not in a good place mentally and needs a lot of help to rebound.

Cyberbullying is never ok. Because of baseless allegations by a powerful influencer, James Charles was dragged all over the internet. People sent him death threats, and the ugly homophobic slurs were launched his way. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

YouTube “influencers” are people and not Gods. However, Tati’s followers defended her as though she was a leader of a cult. Through her influence, millions of people damaged a young man’s life.

What seems most disgusting is that Tati is using her new found fame to upload new content. She is exploiting her 15-minutes of fame to profit at the expense of a young man’s mental health.

By James canceling the tour, more proof becomes clear that Tati’s video is costing him millions of dollars.


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