James Charles’ Gaining Subscribers After Disastrous Week

James Charles’ Gaining Subscribers After Disastrous Week May 16, 2019

James Charles is no longer losing subscribers. After a week of losing millions of subs on YouTube, the beauty vlogger’s sub count is starting to rebound.

For over a week, James Charles’ lost millions of subscribers. His losses began after a model accused him of coercing him into a relationship. Gage Gomez made the allegations in a YouTube video.

In the nine-minute video, Gage Gomez outlined the tryst with Charles. While many believed that Gage’s testimony proved James Charles was a predator, Gage admitted in the video that he was bi-curious.

During the scandal, thousands began unsubscribing to James Charles on YouTube. However, the biggest blow came on Friday, May 10 when Tati Westbrook uploaded a video blasting Charles’ predatory behavior.

In the 43 minute video, Westbrook accused James of using his power and influence to coerce straight men into having sexual relationships with him. During the video, Westbrook offered no evidence for her claims.

Westbrook’s video titled, “Bye Sister,” went viral within in minutes. James Charles’ subscriber count began tanking. The same day Westbrook uploaded the video James Charles lost over 500,000 subscribers.

However, the hits kept on coming. More people began speaking out and sharing their stories about James Charles. Several straight men shared similar stories of James Charles, sending them flirty and inappropriate messages on social media.

Then on Sunday, beauty influencer, Jeffree Star called James Charles a danger to society on Twitter. Star also dropped James Charles’ apparel from his company.

Immediately, YouTube erupted and proclaimed that James Charles’ career was officially over. Former fans of Charles began uploading videos where they destroyed his make-up palettes.

With so much backlash, many believed that James Charles would never rebound from the scandal. Additionally, his only public appearance on May 11, 2019 in Australia was distastorous. According to the Daily Mail, Charles showed up more than two hours late for the meet and greet. After arriving at the event, he only spoke for 10 minutes. Needless to say, he left thousands of fans completely disappointed.

Then yesterday, James Charles was seen in public for the first time. Paparazzi located him at the Brisbane, Australia airport. Charles had been in Australia on his beauty tour for nearly a week. Upon his arrival at the airport, paparazzi pounced and asked him questions.

Charles walked stoically and answered no questions. The Daily Mail shared the video on their website. In the 55 second clip, James is walking quickly from a car through the airport. He is escorted by airport staff while paparazzi trail him from behind.

Immediately, drama channels on YouTube began analyzing his every move. Many called James out for wearing stiletto and drawing too much attention to himself. The channels believed he should have been more ‘incognito.”

With less and less to dissect about the scandal, James Charles’ appeared to be weathering the storm. In fact, after a week of losses on YouTube. James Charles’ subscriber count began rebounding this morning. As of 9:45 am Central Standard Time, his YouTube subscriber count was up nearly 1,000.

source Social Blade

With his sub count rebounding, he still holds a more than three million lead over Tati Westbrook. According to data obtained from Social Blade, Westbrook added over 4 million subscribers since the scandal broke.

Many assumed that Charles’ sub count would completely disappear. However, the battle appears to be over for now. James Charles lost millions from his YouTube account, but the dust is settling. Despite the desire of millions hoping his career would tank, Charles will continue to influence millions with his upbeat and over the top videos.

Is James Charles really canceled?

The public has spoken, and the answer is no.

Watch my take on the rebound below:

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