Jeffree Star Slams James Charles’ Bad Behavior on SnapChat

Jeffree Star Slams James Charles’ Bad Behavior on SnapChat May 18, 2019

Jeffree Star took the bus and drove right over James Charles in a SnapChat Story. In the video, Star said he regretted sending a tweet calling James Charles a “danger to society.” However, Star insisted that everything he said in the tweet was the truth.

In a nearly ten-minute SnapChat Story, Jeffree Star outlined his feelings about James Charles. Star insisted that he loved his ‘friend,’ but that James needed to “grow up.”

Instead of ending his story with, “I regret sending the tweet about James,” Star went on and on about James’ bad behavior. According to Star, his relationship with Charles turned sour after he took a trip with him in February.

During the trip, Stars said that his boyfriend, Nathan, felt “grossed out” by James’ behavior. Without elaborating about what James did that “grossed” them out, Star said the relationship never recovered. Also, Star said the reason he stands by his claim that James Charles’ is a danger to society is because of “things” he’s seen “behind the scenes.”

After railroading James Charles with the allegations, Star goes on to defend himself. Star’s bad behavior has taken center stage this week. The beauty guru’s questionable behavior resurfaced all over Twitter. In fact, tweets sent by Star in 2010 prove he also has an affinity for straight men.

Twitter account @LGMonster95 shared a series of tweets from Star in 2010. In the first tweet, Star is seen grabbing the crotch of a straight man and walking away.

Next, a tweet by Star stated he had had more “straight boys naked” than he deserves in a lifetime.

Another tweet looking for “straight boys” was sent in 2010.

Finally, the most disturbing tweet was of Star discussing the penis size of Justin Bieber. At the time of the tweet, Star was 24 years old. Justin Bieber was only 14 years old in 2010. Star’s discussion of a teen’s penis made many on Twitter pushback on his criticism of James.

Star’s tweet about James Charles this week made a lot of people angry. People compared his current relationship with his boyfriend to James’ interest in straight boys. Star’s longterm boyfriend, Nathan, only dated women before the two began dating. Nathan has admitted in videos that he’s attracted to men that look like women.

Due to these similarities, many were angry at Star for throwing James Charles’ under the bus. Star insisted their situations were not at all comparable. Therefore, no one should ever compare them.

Finally, Star addressed some of his previous bad behavior. He reminded everyone that he had made a lot of mistakes. However, he told people that he learned from his misdeeds. Also, he promised he would apologize for the bad behavior until the “day he dies.”

Most unnerving in the video is that Star says he loves James. However, airing James’ dirty laundry is very unloving. Additionally, he contradicted himself by saying he loved James but also believes he’s dangerous. Star wants to come off as a loving and caring friend. In truth, he sounds more like a mean girl that is defending his own “gross” behavior. Star accomplished this goal by railroading James and minimizing his own bad choices.

For a week, adults in their 30s have gone out of their way to destroy a nineteen-year-old. Both Tati and Star insist this all comes from a place of love. However, neither of them are showing love by making a private fight public.

For James’ part, he’s remained entirely tight-lipped. He has not commented since his apology video to Tati last week. Additionally, he’s no longer losing subscribers. Even though James Charles is only 19, he’s the only one acting like an adult in this argument.

Watch Jeffree’s full video in my stream below:

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