Jenelle Evans Reunited with Children in Court After Losing Custody

Jenelle Evans Reunited with Children in Court After Losing Custody May 22, 2019
Photo credit Jenelle Eason Instagram

Jenelle and David Eason were reunited with their children in court today during a hearing. The parents had not seen their children since CPS removed them last week. The couple attended the hearing together and continue to remain united despite the court’s concern that David is a threat to the children.

On May 10, 2019, CPS approved the removal of Jenelle’s four-year-0ld son Kaiser. The following Monday a judge signed off on an emergency request by CPS to remove the couple’s two daughter’s Ensley and Maryssa. The couple lost custody of their children after David brutally killed their French Bulldog Nugget in April.

Since the removal of the children, Jenelle and David have been to court on multiple occasions. Last week a judge gave temporary custody of Kaiser to his father, Nathan Griffith. Additionally, The Ashley reported that the couple’s two-year-old daughter Ensley was placed with Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans. Ensley will be reunited with her older brother Jace who is also in Barbara’s care.

Despite the numerous court hearings, Jenelle has been completely tight-lipped about the status of her children. However, Nathan Griffith shared photos on Twitter, showing Kaiser with him and his girlfriend, Ashley. In the pictures, Kaiser appears happy and healthy.

Photo credit Nathan Griffith Twitter

Regarding David’s daughter Maryssa, The Ashley reported that the court placed her with her maternal grandmother. Rumors swirled last week that David’s mother had custody of Maryssa. However, The Ashley maintained the stories circulating were incorrect. Instead, the court favored placing Maryssa away from anyone associated with David.

Since the children’s removal, there have been multiple court hearings. The court is handling each child’s case independently. Therefore, the final placement of the children could take time.

Today Jenelle and David Eason arrived at the North Carolina courthouse for another hearing for the children. When the couple arrived, David appeared agitated and threatened to sue the cameraman for harassment. Jenelle refused to answer any questions as she walked into the courthouse.

According to TMZ, Jenelle and Nathan Griffith are fighting over the custody of Kaiser. Nathan Griffith is requesting the court grant him full custody because he believes that David has mistreated Kaiser.

For her part, Jenelle requested the judge place Kaiser with a friend rather than with Nathan. TMZ states a source told them the judge denied Jenelle’s request and Kaiser would remain with his father.

Multiple outlets have all reported the same story that the court has given Jenelle a choice. She either stays with David and loses custody or leaves her husband and her children will be returned.

Given Jenelle’s long history or picking men over her children, there is a slim chance she will leave her husband. She posted a meme on Facebook alluding to her commitment to her marriage.

For now, the children remain out of reach for Jenelle and David. David’s long history of violence and threats on social media make him a danger to his children. Unless Jenelle wises up, there is a real possibility she may never regain custody of her children.

Sadly, the losers in the situation are the children. Even though the court has removed them, they are forced to deal with the fallout. Having their lives uprooted is not easy. Additionally, Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa are all living in separate homes.

Jenelle continues to prove her inability to make good choices. Her children deserve so much better than what she has given them. Maybe the children can finally develop a sense of security in homes away from David.

The story continues to develop.

Stay Tuned.

For a deeper dive into the case, watch my latest video on Jenelle.

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  • RainbowPhoenix

    Griffith is completely correct that his son was mistreated. Killing a child or partner’s pet is in and of itself a form of abuse.

  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    My boyfriend loves my body more than I do

    That’s creepy.
    No mention of whether he loves HER, just her body.

  • democommiescrazierbrother

    “No mention of whether he loves HER, just her body.”

    Well, when she loses some of her physical allure…

  • Baby Buddha Belly

    If this case were in California, David would be in jail. Killing a dog is a felony. ” Under existing law, California Penal. Code § 597(a), any person convicted of maliciously and intentionally maiming or killing an animal can be imprisoned for up to three years in county jail and/or fined $20,000 for felony animal cruelty.” He’s a dangerous, poor excuse for a man which is probably why Jenelle is so drawn to him, he’s a hotter mess than she is. I so hope those children are never returned to Jenelle, she’s proven time and time again that their best interests are not her priority. She’s always put her wants before their needs. I’d say that Jenelle would benefit from in-patient psychological treatment, but believe she’s already tried that and failed. My heart breaks for poor Kaiser, I understand he’s been targeted the most by David. And smart Jace for keeping the hell outta that house!!! Keeping the kids in my thoughts and prayers. So disgusting sad. I really don’t hate many people, but anyone who kills a dog has my hate. David’s a POS

  • taylor_serenil

    It is super-common for abusers to use pets as leverage, too. (Speaking from personal experience here. It’s one of the reasons why shelters for people, at least in some places, are making serious attempts so that you can walk out with the furbbs. There’s actually advice about how to set up a paper trail to have a chance at showing “yours”. Get your name on vet visits/licenses/etc, basically.)