Jenelle Evans Could Regain Custody if She Leaves Abusive Husband

Jenelle Evans Could Regain Custody if She Leaves Abusive Husband May 24, 2019
Jenelle Evans Custody battle continues -Instagram

Jenelle and David Eason are back in court today to fight for custody of their children. The hearing today is expected to be the final day in front of a judge. Jenelle Eason lost custody of her children earlier this month after her husband David brutally beat and killed their pet dog Nugget in April. Jenelle is unlikely to regain custody of her children as long as she stays with her abusive husband.

Today Jenelle and David Eason walked into a North Carolina courthouse united in their fight for their children. They arrived earlier this morning and are putting on a united front for their children.

CPS removed three of the couple’s children in May. On Friday, May 10, Jenelle’s four-year-old son with Nathan Griffith was placed with his father and grandmother. Then on Monday, May 13 the couple turned over their two girls to David’s mother after a judge signed off on a CPS request to remove the girls.

Despite giving the girls to David’s mother, the court placed the girls outside of his family. The judge awarded temporary custody of their two-year-old daughter Ensley to Jenelle’s mother, Barbara. Barbara already has custody of Jenelle’s oldest son Jace. Additionally, the court ordered that Barbara not permit Jenelle to see Jace at this time.

David’s oldest daughter, Maryssa, was placed with her maternal grandmother. With the kids spread out in three different homes, the couple is hoping to regain custody. However, the chances of the children returning to David and Jenelle are pretty slim.

Multiple outlets have reported that David is viewed as a threat to his children. He admitted on social media to violently killing Jenelle’s French Bulldog Nugget. Additionally, David has threatened law enforcement with guns when they have attempted to approach his property. Last year Jenelle called 911 and told dispatchers that David violently threw her to the ground and hurt her shoulder.

Concerned for her daughter’s safety, Barbara Evans shared her concerns with MTV producers in an episode of Teen Mom 2.

“I think he’s hurting her. I can see it. It’s a domestic violence thing, and he’s keeping her like a prisoner,” Barbara said. “She can’t even leave her house.”

Not only has Eason gotten violent with Jenelle and the dog, but he’s also been accused of abusing Jenelle’s son Kaiser. Nathan Griffith accused David of using a stick to hit Kaiser’s bottom. In the now deleted tweet, Griffith said Kaiser told him that David used sticks to beat him. Additionally, Griffith noted Kaiser told him David smashed his phone with a hammer.

In 2017, Griffith’s mother Doris attended a reunion show for Teen Mom 2. During her interview, she told Dr. Drew Pinsky she was afraid for her grandson and believed David hit him.

David’s abuse is not limited to his current relationship. His former girlfriend and mother of his child Olivia Leedham begged a judge not to allow David to see their son. Leedham also requested an order of protection against David for domestic abuse.

With an extremely long history of abuse and David admitting to killing a dog, the court is unlikely to place the children back in his care. However, multiple sources have reported that a judge told Jenelle that she could have her children back if she leaves her husband.

Despite the offer by the judge, Jenelle refuses to leave her violent husband. On Facebook this week, Jenelle shared an old photo with her husband. She used heart emojis to caption the photo.

Barbara Evan’s greatest fears may be realized. She told MTV producers last year that she feared Jenelle would lose everything because of her relationship with David. Thus far, Jenelle has lost her job, her kids, and may soon lose her home without the MTV paycheck coming in.

Jenelle Evans may be in a domestic violence situation, but she could leave David. Her mother, Barbara, has always supported and helped her despite her history of drug addiction and terrible choices. She is a woman that has support and resources to leave.

Why she is staying with David is hard to fathom. Hopefully, something can wake her up. For now, her children are safer living away from the chaos that surrounds her marriage with David.

The story is developing.

Stay Tuned.

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