Jenelle Evans & Husband Fight County for Custody of Kids

Jenelle Evans & Husband Fight County for Custody of Kids May 16, 2019
Jenelle and David Eason with their children. Pictured from left to right. Mayssa, Jace, Ensely, and Kaiser. Photo Credit Jenelle Evans Instagram

Jenelle and David Eason faced off in court to fight for the custody of their three children. The hearing took place Thursday morning in North Carolina. Photographers caught the couple leaving court after the hearing, and they were not with their children.

TMZ broke the story that Jenelle and David Eason left the courthouse without their children. Two children were escorted out of the building covered in blankets. Then CPS workers placed them in a car and drove off. Shortly after the kids left, the couple exited the court alone.

US Weekly echoed the sentiments of TMZ. A source told the outlet that CPS took custody of the children after the hearing. According to the source, Jenelle and David were unsuccessful in swaying the judge to return their children to them.

Beyond these tiny leaks, there are no details about the steps for the family. Currently, the children are all with temporary guardians. David’s daughter Maryssa and the couple 2-year-old daughter Ensley are staying with David’s mother. Jenelle’s son is with his father Nathan Griffith and grandmother Doris. Her oldest son Jace remains in the care of his grandmother Barbara.

The removal of the children by CPS is related to the brutal death of their family dog Nugget. In April, David viciously beat and shot the dog after he nipped at their daughter Ensley. Jenelle updated her Instagram the following day with a picture of Nugget and announced his death.

Rumors began to swirl that Nugget’s untimely passing was not accidental. As news spread on the internet, multiple reports were made to law enforcement and child protective services. Despite the admission by David that he killed the dog, authorities have not charged him with any crime.

However, the investigation into the dog’s death prompted CPS to request immediate removal of the children. On Friday, May 10, Jenelle’s son Kaiser was placed with his grandmother Doris. Jenelle confirmed the placement with multiple outlets. Then on Monday, a judge signed off on the removal of the two girls in the couple’s custody.

On Monday afternoon, authorities went to retrieve the girls at their home in North Carolina. However, David and Jenelle were not home. Instead of turning the girls over to CPS, they dropped their daughter’s off with David’s mother. The court agreed to grant temporary custody to her the next day.

Today’s proceedings were to determine the placement of the children. There are no details about what transpired in court. However, there is a certainty that the children will remain in CPS custody for now. Jenelle’s oldest son Jace was not included in the court proceedings because his grandmother Barbara Evans maintains full custody of him.

For now, all of the children appear safe and with family custodians. Jenelle remains committed to her marriage to a dangerous and violent man. Court proceeding and the custody battle could take months or years to determine. With the couple now both unemployed, they will need to figure out a way to cover the legal costs.

Jenelle has remained completely quiet on social media. She shared a photo this morning that said, “We’re all a little broken. But last time I checked broken crayons still color.” The picture could be a response to the brokenness she feels because she’s no longer with her children.

This story is continuing to develop.

Stay Tuned.


For more details about the court case and the couple’s financial situation, watch my stream below.


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  • WallofSleep

    Any idea what breed of dog it was?

  • Rachel

    French bulldog, and a pretty small one at that. It didn’t even bite the little munchkin, it nipped at her because she was harassing it and deadbeats 1 and 2 didn’t stop her from it.

  • WallofSleep

    Those little things? Holy crap that Eason turd is a freakin’ punk. And like I (sort of) said in the last post, not only do you have to train your dogs on how to interact with people, you have to train your wee crotch spawn on how to interact with your dogs.

  • If he’s willing to kill the dog for defending itself, what’s he willing to do to her, or the kids? Because harming animals is just the start.

  • This guy sounds like the “shoot the kids, then myself” type. He needs to not be around those children. I recommend he see them on the fifteenth of Never.

  • WallofSleep

    I’m of the opinion (suspicion?) that the children were pulled out of there because law enforcement expects a violent confrontation with this needle dick bug forker in the future, and they don’t want any kids getting caught in the crossfire.

    And also for the kids’ well being, of course.