Jenelle Evans Loses Custody of Children After Husband Kills Family Dog

Jenelle Evans Loses Custody of Children After Husband Kills Family Dog May 15, 2019
Jenelle and David Eason. Photo credit Jenelle Evans Instagram.

Former Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans has lost custody of her children after her husband, David Eason shot and killed their family dog last month. Evans’ son Kaiser, with former fiancé Nathan Griffith, was removed last week by CPS. Yesterday a judge in Columbus County signed off on a request to remove the couples’ 2-year-0ld daughter Ensley and Eason’s daughter Maryssa. According to multiple reports, the girls were removed from the couple’s custody.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have been in the middle of a media storm. In April, Eason violently shot and killed their dog Nugget after the dog nipped at their 2-year-old daughter. After the death of her dog, Evans posted a heartbreaking message about her dog on Instagram.

Jenelle wrote,

“Nugget… I’m crying everyday. I love you so much and I’m so sorry. I’m speechless. You were my side kick and knew the moment I felt bad and would cuddle with me. You still had a lot to learn and a lot to grow from your lessons. Everyday I wake up you’re not here, when I come home you’re not here, when I go to bed… you’re not here. You’re gone forever and there’s no coming back. #Heartbroken#Distraught ���.”
For his part, David responded by posting on social media by defending his choice to kill the family dog. He tweeted:
“I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face,” he captioned the clip. “Whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that s—t at all. I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me.”
photo credit TMZ

David’s violent and unpredictable behavior has long been documented. Last year Jenelle Evans called 911 after David threw and pinned her to the ground. Days later, Evans changed her story and called the event a misunderstanding.

TMZ later released the frantic 911 call made by Evans. In the call, Jenelle is hysterical and sounds petrified.

No charges were filed against David related to the incident. However, Eason has been incredibly vocal about his love for guns and his mission to protect his family. In December 2018, Eason uploaded a photo of him laying in bed with a bump stock shotgun. He wrote,

“Thanks for the visit from your @secretservice friends today @realdonaldtrump. I told them how much I like you except the fact you want to ban bump stocks and take guns away from people just because someone “red flagged” them. Then I told them to get the fuck out of my house and dont ever come pass my trespassing signs again. Like holy sh*t, I thought your people were all about border security.

Well there is a border around my land that is protected from intruders by lethal force also, just like your house. Dont expect my gate to ever be open again. I hope and pray that nobody ever tries to trespass on my property as they will be met with fire and fury, the likes of which they have never seen before. #stayoffmyland #notrespassing#donttreadonme #posted#privateproperty.”

Despite David’s violent and dangerous obsession with guns, Jenelle has remained committed to her relationship. Her commitment to her marriage over the safety of her children could be why CPS stepped in to remove the children.

Authorities have struggled to investigate the death of the dog due to David’s threats to shoot any law enforcement that come to his property. The removal of the children coincides with an investigation by CPS and local law enforcement related to the death of the dog.

Evans told US Weekly,

“Kaiser was taken from his daycare by his grandmother [Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris] with no notice or call to me,” the reality star says. “CPS told Doris to take Kaiser without my consent and still have no legal paperwork signed by the judge stating my kids are taken from me.”

Despite the removal of her son, she said that the current custody arrangement remained between Nathan and her on Kaiser. She told the outlet she was considering modifying the custody agreement to allow Nathan to have unsupervised visitation with their son.

Photo of 4-year-old Kaiser. Photo credit Jenelle Evans Instagram.

Her response to US Weekly indicates that Evans may not understand the seriousness of the situation. Because the following day, a judge in Columbus County, North Carolina signed off on an emergency request from CPS to remove two-year-old Ensley and David’s daughter Maryssa.

As the news broke, multiple outlets reported that authorities had been unable to locate the family to take custody of the children. Despite the story that the couple fled, The Ashley Reality Round-up reported last night that the couple was at home. The outlet could not confirm if the girls were with them.

Then this morning, multiple outlets reported that the girls were placed with David Eason’s mother. Kaiser remains with Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris. Jenelle’s oldest son Jace remains in custody Jenelle’s mother, Barbara. Barbara has raised Jace since he was a baby.

With the children safely out of harm’s way, authorities can begin to investigate the death of the dog properly. Under North Carolina law, cruelty to an animal that results in the violent, malicious, and intentional death of the animal is a class H felony. According to NOLO, individuals convicted of Class H felonies face a sentence of 2-25 months in prison.

Due to David’s violent behavior, authorities were right to remove the children. Now the police will need to investigate the events leading up to the dog’s death. Radar Online reported that Evans would go to court later this week to learn the details about the children’s placement.

For now, the children appear to be safe. However, Evans remains in a very abusive and unhealthy relationship. Her safety could be at risk, given that David Eason has been backed into a corner by law enforcement. She may fear that leaving her husband will result in a beating or her death. According to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline, leaving an abusive relationship can be the most dangerous time for the victim of abuse.

If you or anyone you know is involved in an abusive relationship, please know there are hope and resources available. The National Domestic Abuse Hotline is open 24 hours a day to help abuse victims leave their abusers. Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for help today.

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    Men with Brigham Young beards make me nervous.

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    Threatening law enforcement is not a healthy thing to do when you know or suspect they might be investigating you. You’re much less likely to be given the benefit of the doubt if you make a potentially threatening move.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    Yes, because shooting something instead of just teaching the dog not to do that with something like a swat or a flick on the nose is a totally reasonable reaction.

  • WallofSleep

    I don’t doubt that’s why the children were removed; law enforcement is anticipating a violent encounter and do not want the children caught in the crossfire.

  • WallofSleep

    On top of training the dog, you also have to train your crotch-spawn how to interact with dogs. And if you have a herding breed dog, it is going to try and herd small children. One must be aware of this and prepare accordingly.

  • WallofSleep

    Uh-oh. I don’t know how to tell you this, Persephone… *strokes burly beard*

  • RainbowPhoenix

    All things that my parents did with us and the dog they had when all of us were born.

  • igotbanned999

    When I read stories about children being killed and abused, of course I’m disgusted and angry, but it really triggers a visceral reaction in me when I read about things like this happening to dogs.

  • WallofSleep

    Excellent, happy to hear it. Too many people look at dogs as a thing they have, like a hammer or a ladder, to be thrown out when they stop “working” the way they want.

    Sadly, there are too many people who see children in the same light.

  • WallofSleep

    You’re a decent person who hates violent bullies that pray on those smaller and weaker than them. Cheers!

  • Yeah, try hurting one of my animals, douche-biscuit. Please. See how it ends for you.

  • I’m fine with beards. Guns scare me, though. 🙁

  • This guy sounds like the typical “shoot the kids, then myself” douche-biscuit. Glad those kids are not anywhere near him.

  • WallofSleep

    Guns shouldn’t scare you, however a violent moron wielding one certainly should. Give ’em a shot some time (pun fully intended), and you might lose your fear of them. Never lose your fear of violent morons wielding guns, though.

  • Ann Kah

    The same person that couldn’t be bothered to train the dog is entrusted with children? Something is seriously amiss here.

  • Nick G

    It is entirely rational to fear guns, because they are tools for killing people. And I hate to break this to you, but it’s really not possible to tell whether the gun-wielder you meet is a violent moron or not, unless and until they shoot you.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    This is the kind of guy we read about with headlines like:

    ‘Toddler finds gun, accidentally shoots mum’
    ‘Teen takes gun he found at home to school to show friends’
    ‘7 year old shoots and kills 5 year old sibling with gun found on coffee table’

    There’s no way in hell a guy like this makes sure to keep the gun out of range of children.

    Ammosexuals like that disgust me.

  • WallofSleep

    “… it’s really not possible to tell whether the gun-wielder you meet is a violent moron or not…”

    Um, there’s a picture of one right here on this blog post.