Judge Orders Florida Boy to Complete Full Treatment for Leukemia

Judge Orders Florida Boy to Complete Full Treatment for Leukemia May 25, 2019
Joshua McAdams, Noah McAdams, and Taylor Bland. Taylor Bland, Facebook.

A Florida boy who is at the center of a legal battle between doctors and his parents is in remission according to his mother. Taylor Bland announced on Facebook and GoFundMe that her son Noah is “cancer free” after completing the induction phase of chemotherapy. Additionally, Bland stated the court and doctors ordered two more years of chemotherapy despite her objections.

In a quick update on Facebook, Taylor Bland wrote,

“Bone Marrow Results:


(as we knew)

Despite that, the recommended plan is still to continue to treat Noah with chemo for two plus years..

There are still many steps moving forward and any donation helps along the way!

We are so happy to hear it officially ��”

Bland’s son Noah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April. Their story made international headlines after she and her partner Joshua McAdams fled the state of Florida to prevent doctors from administering chemotherapy.

As a result of the couple’s choice to leave the state, they lost custody of their son. A Florida judge placed Noah with his maternal grandmother. After returning from Kentucky, the couple appeared in court multiple times to fight the state from ordering chemotherapy.

During the initial court appearances, Bland told the court and media she planned to treat her son with alternative treatments. She intended to use cannabis, alkaline water, herbs, apricot seeds, and grapefruit to keep her son in remission. None of the options the couple presented to the court are approved for the treatment or cure of ALL by the FDA.

However, acute lymphoblastic leukemia is an aggressive form of cancer. Because of the speed the cancer cells multiply, the standard treatment includes years of chemotherapy, radiation, and bone marrow transplants to prevent the disease from returning. When patients follow the standard of care, children with ALL have a 90% chance of survival.

Therefore, a judge ordered that Noah complete the induction phase of the chemotherapy. After completing the first phase of treatment, Noah underwent a bone marrow scan and testing to check his levels. According to Bland, the scans and tests proved that Noah was in remission.

Bland hoped that with the news of remission that a court would allow the family to seek alternative treatments. However, doctors recommended that Noah continue with the standard protocol for ALL treatment.

Now, Bland says the court ordered that Noah continue chemotherapy for the next 2.5 years. Additionally, Bland told WTSP last week that she has been unable to give her son any alternative health treatments. Bland stated a judge must approve all remedies, and they have failed to present their options to the court.

Regarding the custody of Noah, the court has not made a formal decision. Bland’s attorney told the media last month that a custody hearing is scheduled for June. Noah remains with his grandmother, and a guardian ad-litem makes all the medical decision for Bland.

For now, Bland and McAdams are still insisting their son has been “medically kidnapped.” However, they fail to realize that doctors and the state are doing everything possible to ensure Noah McAdams does not die from ALL.


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  • RainbowPhoenix

    Gee, I wonder why the judge isn’t allowing them to poison their kid with cyanide.

  • Martin Penwald

    But, but, but… It will kill the cancer!

  • RainbowPhoenix

    And the shape of the apricot seeds magically knows how to make sure that the cyanide will only attack the cancer and nothing! /s

    That is without exception one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard, and I have an entire branch of my family composed almost entirely of rednecks.

  • Good news! Here’s hoping the parents pull their heads out of their asses, and soon!

  • Sure, along with every other cell in his body…

  • Martin Penwald

    Details, details…

  • Friend

    Several well-documented side effects of chemo and radiation mean that the treatment is working.

    Hair falls out? That means the chemo is disrupting the rapid division of cells.

    Rash or sunburn? Radiation can cause skin irritation.

    Cancer treatment does not make healthy people sick in new and unpredictable ways. Side effects are usually temporary. Oncologists actually do know how the treatment works.

    A lot of people with cancer look and feel perfectly healthy. Many forms of the disease are silent, or the symptoms are ambiguous (an itch, slight weight gain, a headache, irregular menstrual cycles). Early detection and high-quality treatment lead to much higher rates of survival, and a restored quality of life.

  • Friend

    Not gonna happen. The GoFundMe is headed “Medical Freedom for Noah” and EMERGENCY FUND, SAVE NOAH MCADAMS. A photo shows an alert child with long hair right before diagnosis, as if the diagnosis caused the cancer. A pic of him sleeping in her arms is captioned “This picture was the day he received his first forced court-ordered chemotherapy.. Chemo being administered to a child that is HEALTHY.”

    The mom mentions that Noah spent a night in foster care but omits that he is now with his grandma per court order. The messages to her are all love and support from people who are throwing money her way. She wants to go all the way to the Supreme Court, and also get a house… for the child, of course.

  • Oh, for the love of Chuck!

  • Lisa Grant

    Parents should have the right to seek alternative care, that’s all this family was doing. It’s ridiculous that the government thinks they can take over whenever they feel like it. It’s all about the money, smh.

  • Lisa Grant

    Look up The Truth About Cancer.