Why Fans Need to Stop the “Free Britney” Campaign

Why Fans Need to Stop the “Free Britney” Campaign May 12, 2019
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A California judge ordered a professional evaluation of Britney Spears to determine the parameters of her conservatorship. Spears’ father, Jamie, has controlled the affairs of Spears since her public breakdown in 2007. Fans of Spears protested outside the court with “Free Britney” signs.

A lot has changed for Britney Spears since she famously shaved her head at a tattoo parlor in 2007. She has released multiple albums and hosted a successful show in Las Vegas. For the past 12 years, her mental health appeared stable with help from doctors and her family.

However, her father’s illness in the fall of 2018 caused considerable stress for the pop star. Jamie Spears was hospitalized and almost died. For months, he battled to regain his health. At the same time, TMZ reported that medications used to treat Spears’ bi-polar disorder stopped working.

By January 2019, Spears announced on Instagram she was postponing her Las Vegas show to deal with her family issues. Then in early April, she checked herself into a mental health treatment center to work through the stress.

Her placement in the program sparked a large conspiracy that her conservatorship forced her into the facility. Fans began a #FreeBritney hashtag on social media. Many believed the facility was holding her against her will.

In a usual move, Spears responded to her fans by asserting she was doing ok. She told fans she needed time to sort through the stress she had been under with her family.

Photos began circulating of Spears in late April on a day trip with her boyfriend. Multiple outlets reported she was given a day pass to spend time with family. In the photos, Spears looked disoriented and tired.

Then on Friday, a scheduled hearing to review her conservatorship took an interesting turn. Spears’ mother Lynn Spears requested that the court allow her to be legally informed about her daughter’s conservatorship. Since the court ordered the guardianship for Spears in 2008, Lynn Spears has played no legal role in her daughter’s care.

During this hearing, the judge took an unusual step and ordered a 730 evaluation of Spears. Per California law, a 730 assessment is typically ordered during divorce cases for minor children. However, a stipulation in the law allows individuals to be evaluated for mental health issues.

In this case, the evaluation could be to assess Spears’ current mental health status and aid the court in making decisions about her conservatorship.

While the 730 seems like an odd choice, Spears’ conservatorship means the court has determined she is unable to manage her well-being due to physical or mental limitations. In many ways, Spears is considered incapable of managing her own life. Thus a 730 could be an appropriate evaluation for the court.

With news about Spears mental health declining, there is a push by her fans to remove her conservatorship. However, a judge would never make that determination without a proper evaluation. Additionally, a judge would need to see a marked improvement in her mental health.

Even though Spears’ father manages her conservatorship, the court manages all the details of the case. The court determines the rules, who is assigned as the guardian, and ensures all parties are working toward the best interest of the individual in need of care.

With this in mind, an evaluation by a court-appointed mental health professional is appropriate. The judge will be able to receive an unbiased assessment of Spears’ current mental health. Additionally, the information can help the judge determine what steps should be taken to help her moving forward.

While many want to free Spears from the court’s control, there is a reason she is in their care. A court determined her mental health issues are so debilitating she cannot function without help from others. For more than 12 years, this conservatorship has enabled her to receive proper doctor support, help with finances, and management in her day to day life.

Many only see Spears as this bigger than life superstar. However, she is a complex woman that lives with a mental illness that the court has deemed too severe to manage on her own. Managing a severe mental illness poses challenges to the individual and their family.

Individuals on the outside want her to be “free,” but ultimately a court needs to make that call. No one would ever want to see Spears go through the dramatic and public breakdown she had in 2007 again. Because of her conservatorship in place, her current mental health crisis resulted in her receiving proper care. Which is why the court has her in the conservatorship, to begin with.

Before we start chanting “Free Britney,” remember that she’s battling a severe disease that needs close monitoring. None of us know what she faces on a daily basis. The court is working with her best interests in mind. We must trust the court to make the right decisions.

When the hearing was over, Spears walked out of the court barefoot. This could be a small view into where her mental health is right now. We will have to see what the evaluation uncovers.

No matter what happens with Spears, her story is a good reminder that not all diseases are visible. Just because she’s made a fortune dancing and signing does not mean she’s immune to mental illness.  We should all stop worrying about her being “free,” and focus on her getting better and stable.


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  • frostysnowman

    She’s very lucky to have the financial resources and family support to help her deal with this illness. Most people aren’t as fortunate as her in that regard, which is a shame. I hope she’ll get through this latest crisis OK.

  • I agree. This case is very close to my heart as I will become my son’s guardian when he turns 18.

  • Jim Jones

    IMO she just needs to be hugged often.

    I’m available.

  • Allison the Great

    He’s lucky to have you. I’m on the autism spectrum. I am in my early 30s and just now getting to a point where I can live on my own, and even then, my parents will be very much involved in my day to day life. There are people who see that I can function okay in certain social situations don’t really understand some of the difficulties I’ve faced that made it necessary for me to live with my parents for so long. The fact that so many of her fans are so dismissive of her problems makes me angry. I remember the poor woman’s breakdown. I remember the pictures of her crying, I don’t like seeing someone hurting like that. If she needs help, then her fans should understand that. She shouldn’t have to do this alone.

  • phatkhat

    Maybe she left the courtroom barefoot because her shoes hurt? It might have been as simple as that. I’ve been known to do that a time or two…

  • Katie Joy

    I agree with you. I think they refuse to see that she really and truly has a severe mental illness. The photos of her recently are not good. I have family that struggles with bipolar – and when medications stop working they can become despondent, delusional, and have extreme paranoia. On medication she may seem ok – but it’s never 100% and meds stop working or they stop taking meds – and things spiral. She’s lucky to have the guardians she does to ensure her mental health is managed when things go sideways

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    I know several Bipolar-bears.

    Most hate manic phases a lot more than depressive phases.

    If they’re depressed they don’t have the motivation to do much of anything. They might want to jump off a building to kill themselves, but don’t have the energy to.

    If they’re manic, however, they have all the energy in the world, often start haemorrhaging money, and might jump off a building because they think they can fly.

    I also know several people with a court appointed guardian. One guy I know would have bought five brand new Porsches if he hadn’t had a guardian.

    Dealing with any mental illness is hard enough as it is. Living life under a magnifying glass probably isn’t all that great for your mental health…

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    I had a nasty cycle a couple of years ago (had to go off meds due to unexpected illness, then find a combination that worked for me again) and you are SO RIGHT. When I was depressed, I didn’t want to actively kill myself, I just wouldn’t mind if I died in my sleep. When I was manic, that was when I was a danger to myself.

  • Katie Joy

    my aunt is bi-polar – and when she’s not medicated it’s MUCH worse than what you describe. MUCH WORSE

  • persephone

    I feel so sad for Britney. She’s been the main monetary support of her family for decades. I can’t imagine the pressure of that on an adolescent.

    I believe her younger sister deliberately got pregnant to get the heck out of that circus.