Leaked Videos Confirm Jenelle Evans’ Kids Lived in a Violent Home

Leaked Videos Confirm Jenelle Evans’ Kids Lived in a Violent Home May 31, 2019
Jenelle Evans’ kids no longer live in the couple’s home. Instagram

Jenelle and David Eason will not be fighting to regain custody of David’s oldest daughter Maryssa according to a new report by the Ashley Reality Round-up. The Ashley published the article following a series of leaked videos, screenshots, and tweets that indicated Maryssa testified against her father in court. Additionally, the leaks highlight the abusive home the children experienced while under their parent’s care.

According to Ashley, David and Jenelle are done with Maryssa. During a court-supervised visit with their children yesterday, Maryssa refused to speak with her father. Maryssa also refused to see her father last week at their scheduled visitation.

As a result, David made the decision to stop fighting the court to regain custody for his oldest daughter. However, the decision appears to be weeks in the making after Maryssa provided the court damning testimony about her life with her father.

After the Ashley uploaded their article, Without a Crystal Ball located a twitter account leaking details about the case. The details aligned with the reports by Ashley. Some of the contents leaked by the account highlighted the abusive relationship between Jenelle and David.

For instance, the account uploaded a video of Jenelle chasing after David during a fight. The video is taken late at night, and Jenelle is heard screaming to David as he drives off. Jenelle tells David not to come back home. Additionally, she told her husband that Maryssa would go back with her grandmother.

Watch Jenelle & David’s Fight Here

A second fight occurred between the couple earlier this spring. In the video, David tells Jenelle he doesn’t care if she dies. He curses at her repeatedly from the kitchen to the living room.

Watch David tell Jenelle that she should die

Then the account leaked photos taken of the couple’s home on the day that Jenelle reported David to the police for domestic violence. Last year Jenelle called North Carolina police and told them David threw and pinned her to the ground.

The twitter account stated David had been drinking all day leading up to the fight. Before taking his anger out on Jenelle, David trashed the couple’s bathroom.

For years rumors have swirled that both Jenelle and David abuse drugs and alcohol. In the photos, pills litter the floor of the bathroom.

Only recently has Maryssa lived with her father. Up until 2017, the girl lived with her maternal grandmother. David won custody of Maryssa at some point around 2017. During her time at her father’s home, Maryssa witnessed drug abuse, violence, and her father beating a dog to death.

As a result, Maryssa provided the court damning testimony about her father. According to the twitter account, Maryssa feared her father. Also, she told the court she did not want to return to his home.

The twitter account stated that neither Maryssa or Jenelle’s nine-year-old son Jace want to have unsupervised visitation with their parents. Due to Maryssa’s age of 11-years-old, the court will take into account her preferences. Jace will turn ten in August. When he turns ten, the court will also consider his preferences for visitation and custody.

While the reports say Jenelle and David are done with Maryssa, the twitter account makes everything clear that this was the girl’s choice.

A Twitter account provides details about Maryssa’s testimony and preferences.


The account also clarified that Maryssa is in the custody of her grandmother not with her mother Whitney as previously reported. Whitney lives in the same home, but she does not have legal custody of her daughter.

If all true, Maryssa and Kaiser both told the court about the violence and abuse that happened in their home. In fact, they shared with the court that David murdered their family dog in front of them. According to multiple sources, David brutally beat the dog in front of the children. After rendering the dog unconscious, he took the dog to the woods and shot him.

For now, the children are safe with caregivers assigned by the court. Next week, the court will outline the steps the couple will need to take in order to regain custody of their children.

However, the videos and texts leaked show that Jenelle is not an innocent victim in this relationship. Rather, they substantiate the judge’s opinion that she failed to protect her children from violence and abuse.

Watch my video below for all the screenshots and other videos that highlight the abuse the children experienced at home.


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  • Friend

    If the allegations are true, I hope the court proceedings result in documentation of all the reasons not to return these children to this couple.

  • Shan

    I just plain don’t fuckin’ trust anyone who hurts animals on purpose like that. It always leads to them attacking people in the same manner, and who wants to deal with someone who beats a dog? I’m glad she felt safe enough to give this evidence to the court and, hopefully, save her siblings from suffering under this bastard’s treatment.