Mama June Nearly Broke and Using Drugs According to Daughter

Mama June Nearly Broke and Using Drugs According to Daughter May 27, 2019
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“Mama June” Shannon is addicted to drugs and in an abusive relationship according to her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon. The details of June’s dramatic decline were revealed in an episode of “Mama June: From Hot to Not.” Pumpkin also provided new facts about her mother’s arrest for crack cocaine in March.

On an episode titled “The Road to Intervention,” executive producer Moriah sat down with several members of June’s family. During the interview, Pumpkin revealed that her mother’s behavior is nothing new to the family. June’s older sister Joanne Shannon echoed those sentiments by saying that June always picks men over her children.

WETV showed unaired clips during the episode that showed a side of June many viewers had never seen. In one clip, June appears to nod off multiple times while getting her hair done for a scene. When the crew calls for medical help, the EMTs tell June they believe she has suffered from a serious of mini-strokes.

Instead of going to the hospital, June worries about the whereabouts of Geno. The two end up in an explosive fight, and Geno is seen throwing back many beers. Pumpkin admitted that Geno has a violent temper when he’s intoxicated.

At no point during the episode do the women explicitly say that June is battling an addiction. Instead, the women and producer dance around the topic by showing clips of June nodding off, slurring her words, and laying in bed all day.

The only time the group discuss drugs is when Pumpkin shared details about her mother’s arrest. In March, June and Geno were both arrested for felony drug possession and paraphernalia.

On the day of their arrest, Pumpkin admitted that her mother called police two times but hung up before they answered. Pumpkin said her mother was scared enough to call police but too afraid to report Geno. According to Pumpkin, the couple argued while driving down the interstate.

Eventually, Geno got off the freeway to go to a gas station to buy a Redbull. As the couple exited the highway, a white SUV followed them into the gas station parking lot. The white SUV was an unmarked police car, and officers approached June and Geno while they were stopped at a gas station.

After officers approached, Geno admitted to having needles and drugs. Police found drugs in the car along with a crack pipe loaded with crack. After police found the drugs, they arrested both Geno and June. Pumpkin said her mother had been on a drug binge for days leading up to the arrest.

Following June’s arrest, Pumpkin and Joanne reached out to producers to help with June’s drug addiction. The family worked with a psychiatrist to plan the intervention for June.

Despite the intervention, June appears not to be clean. During the episode, the women mention that the intervention happened weeks before. Both of them said they had had minimal contact with June since that day.

Surprisingly, June happened to call Pumpkin while they were taping. During the phone call, June admitted to being at a casino with Geno. The couple has a court order to stay away from one another and appear to violate the court. June’s voice is slow, and she slurs her words while on speakerphone.

Before ending her conversation with her mother, Pumpkin tells her mother that her bank account is running low. She says her mother that she needs to stop going to casinos because soon she will have no money left. June seems unphased by the news.

Throughout the 42-minute episode, the women put most of the blame on Geno. They say he has completely taken over June’s life and controls every aspect.

Then WeTV shows many clips of Geno verbally abusing June. Pumpkin admitted her mother has always picked men over her children, and now her younger sister is the middle of a violent domestic relationship.

In fact, Pumpkin became so concerned about her sister Alana that she obtained temporary guardianship of her. The episode showed footage of Pumpkin and her husband moving Alana out of their mother’s home.

While they moved Alana, Pumpkin called June to let her know that her youngest daughter was leaving. June seemed oblivious and indifferent to the news.

During the episode, Pumpkin repeatedly discussed Geno’s verbal abuse, cheating, and mistreatment of her mother.

While the family paints June as a victim, something still doesn’t add up. Many times the women mention June has a history of making terrible choices with me. Pumpkin admitted that she also grew up in the middle of chaos and struggled with her mother’s issues. Without saying anything outright, Pumpkin and Joanne alluded to June has a long history with drug abuse.

Most concerning in all of this is WeTV’s need to exploit and broadcast a family’s very dramatic decline. TLC has already fired June for dating a convicted child molester in 2014.

At some point, these networks need to cut ties with June Shannon entirely. She’s become a trainwreck, and her story isn’t cute or funny anymore. WeTV is beginning to look like a predator that is preying on an addict’s downward spiral. Airing the never before seen video of June’s downward spiral June there to film further shows the steps the network will take to gain ratings.

WeTV should consider canceling June’s show. She’s not only destroying herself but also harming the life of a minor child. Alana is only 13-years-old, and these clips could haunt her for the rest of her life. Filming a family falling apart shouldn’t be entertainment for the masses.


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  • WallofSleep

    “Pumpkin also provided new facts about her mother’s arrest for crack cocaine in March.”

    Dang. While my opinion of “Mama June” is rather low, I would not wish that addiction on anyone. I tried it once and found that was the one anti-drug psa of the 80’s that was not a lie; you can become addicted on your first hit.

    Fortunately I had enough self-awareness at the time to realize what path I would be heading down with that crap, and resolved never to touch that crap again.

  • frostysnowman

    Her story was never cute or funny. It was always exploitive in some way.

  • Jamie Lee

    Get this to Pumpkin! ASAP. I live in Georgia and I know how to get through to your mama! I’m not a fraud and I don’t want money. I want to help June and I think I may be her only hope. I’m just a country woman from Georgia. My email is and I don’t have any social media accounts. PLEASE let me try to Help. Family, friends, productions crew or Dr.s are not helping PLEASE let me try. I love all of you and this is breaking my heart.

  • Here’s my surprise face.

  • Katie Joy

    Yeah, what is going on with June now is AWFUL

  • Jennny

    Forgive me, but your Help-captial-H must involve these folk you love so much needing to come to your own pet and particular version of jesus? Yes, no, amirite?

  • Jamie Lee

    Please give pumpkin my message. I can help June and I know I can. Family, friends. Her manager, or the production crew cant. I love all of them and lately I have prayed and cried every night. I’m not a psychiatrist just someone that has helped others going through what she is. Myself I lost alot of weight the hard long way. No surgery just a long long diet. I didn’t know who I was or even how to buy clothes. After 20 years I’m not 135 I’m 170 and still go to the 2x 3x clothes rack. I don’t know how to drive either. I am not and have not done drugs, but my late husband was addicted to crack for a couple of years and I helped him get off of them with no addiction treatment or program. All I want is a couple days to talk to her, cry with her, pray for her, and let her know she is not alone. We can stay in a motel room or where ever she wants. No camera, no microphones and know one else, only me and her. You can check me out all you want, even a full body search. I’m not in this for any money. I want to try to help June if the family will give me the chance. Or is this all just a hoax for more viewers. If not don’t let the opportunity pass by until she dies. Give me the chance to get through to her and help her. Jamie Lee

  • Jamie Lee

    Are you a idiot? Amirite! Who the hell are you. I just want to help someone that needs a friend, not a fake crystal ball. Give Lauryn (aka) pumpkin my message!!!

  • adhoc

    Who watches this crap? This can only rot your brain. Change the channel, or better yet, turn off the TV and walk outside. They have improved outside so much, it’s in 3D and with surround sound.

  • Jamie Lee

    Forgive me, are you real? Or a false prophet? Or someones PET!

  • WallofSleep

    and Smell-O-Vision. Not always what it’s cracked up to be however, so be wary.

  • persephone

    I blocked her. I’m too damned old for this s**t.

  • Odd Exonerated Oranges

    I never got the taste for crack. I would take a hit if offered, but i would never go out of my way to get any. I think I bought a gram of coke one time to make some stones, but that`s it. Granted, I had a gram a day heroin habit at the time.

  • Odd Exonerated Oranges

    I don`t think more crazy people is what June needs at this point.

  • Jamie Lee

    I’m a God loving person and well educated, if you must know! I’m definitely not even a little bit crazy! I know what June is going through and what’s going on in her head! Iv helped many people get their life back. And saved alot of lives in the process. She is headed to a grave if someone like me doesn’t get to her in time!!!!

  • Jamie Lee

    You are forever young!

  • Rose Sanderson

    “While the family paints June as a victim, something still doesn’t add up. Many times the women mention June has a history of making terrible choices with me.” Whether it’s a lifelong cycle or first rodeo doesn’t mean she isn’t a victim. No one deserves to be abused.

  • Edi

    Actually, while I understand the point you are making re the exploitative aspect of the show, of this family’s pain, to gain ratings, I do think there is an argument for keeping the show on the air: there are many families in America today dealing with drug addiction and other dysfunctions. I think airing this really shows the stark and upsetting reality of how much the parent’s addiction is hurting the children. It could spark realization in another addict out there in the audience, watching, and spark them to seek help. It could help other kids going through this to feel less alone and also to try to reach out for help. So, I’m on the fence about if the show should stay on or be cancelled. Honestly, I’ve come to care about this particular family and, due to that, I would selfishly hope the show stays on so that those of us who do care can continue to follow how the situation unfolds. Also, the TV network is providing opportunities for counseling and rehab for the family, if June will only choose them. I hope this family will get through this and get healthy, as despite all the pain and dysfunction, they also have so much love, warmth and humor in their family dynamic, and that is what has won a lot of our hearts. I’m rooting for them.