Mother Accused of Refusing to Treat Son’s Cancer Denies He’s Sick

Mother Accused of Refusing to Treat Son’s Cancer Denies He’s Sick May 1, 2019

A Florida mother is denying she neglected her son after refusing to treat her son’s cancer with chemotherapy. Taylor Bland-Ball says she took her son Noah to Kentucky for a second opinion. The mother alleges her son is not battling cancer and is completely healthy.

Earlier this week, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office issued a missing and endangered child alert for her son Noah. Taylor and her partner Joshua McAdams fled Florida to prevent their son from receiving life-saving chemotherapy.

Noah is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia which requires aggressive treatment to ensure survival. After undergoing only two rounds of chemotherapy, his parents decided he no longer had cancer. Additionally, they planned to keep him in remission through the use of unregulated supplements, cyanide, and juice.

In an update on Facebook, Taylor’s business partner “Desirae Sarah” provided an update on the family. According to Desirae, Noah does not have cancer. Rather, the three-year-old is cancer free and the government wants “money and broken immune systems.”

“I just spoke to this beautiful lady and was asked to share an update! They are currently in KY in a hospital. Taylor, Joshua, and Noah together. Noah had all his levels tested and they came back ABOVE AVERAGE. He is THRIVING and get this – CANCER FREE.

Contrary to what the police officers have been stating, he does NOT have cancer and does NOT need “critical” treatment. The government just wants money and broken immune systems.”

Then hours later, Taylor shared her own update with her friends. She admitted that the state was removing Noah from her custody. The mother also complained about the hospital caring for Noah in Kentucky.

“My sweet little man, he got to rest on my chest for a nap one last time before they escorted us from the hospital.. After we complained about the fact that they put his hospital band on so tight it cut off his circulation, we found an old bloody syringe under his bed, a sharp random screw in front of his door and the bathrooms were left with urine and feces on the floor for hours after we mentioned it.

These are the providers we are supposed to blindly hail to, to care for our baby. We shouldnt ask questions. We shouldn’t seek second opinions. Because that’s neglect.”

Next, the mother accused John’s Hopkins Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida of neglect and poor quality of care. She complained that nurses were unattentive and his hospital room was never properly cleaned.

“Just wait until we can tell you about all the neglect at Johns Hopkins All Childrens in St Pete, where they are escorting them to currently with no one to properly care and attend to and love him as we would. Where nurses take hours to answer to an occulated IV, if no one is on top of them.

Where you have to ask to have your room cleaned properly, despite your childs immunity being compromised. And thats just the tip of the iceberg.”

Taylor went on to say that Noah would be transferred back to Florida to continue his treatment. Once in Florida, Taylor and Joshua will appear in a Hillsborough County Court to answer to charges of child neglect.

She ended the update by reminding her followers that she cares about her son. In fact, she measures all his food, supplements, and medications that enter his body.

“This is the face of a mother that hasnt slept in over 24 hours because a security guard hovered over her and her childs sleeping space all night. A mother that was incredibly concerned about the quality of the hospital we were stuck at.”

Taylor continues,

A mother that takes note of every single food item, supplement, medication, and drink that enters this boys body and every lab result that they take from his blood. A mother that cried all day but had to mask the tears to prevent her son from getting stressed and scared. Does that sound neglectful and dangerous to you?”

The mother is setting the stage for a case of “medical kidnapping.” A wild conspiracy spread by anti-vaxxers and sovereign citizens who believe parents have a right to deny their children medical care.

She failed to mention that her planned treatment for Noah’s acute lymphoblastic leukemia included cyanide, enemas, juice, grapefruit, vitamins, and colloidal silver.

Taylor consistently points out that her child is “cancer-free.” However, ALL is an aggressive form of cancer that lives in the blood and bone marrow of children. Most children enter remission within the first month of treatment. Doctors do not declare a child cancer-free or “cured” until the child has gone 10-years without a relapse.

Relapse in ALL is prevalent which is why standard care of the disease requires 2-3 years of chemotherapy, radiation, and bone marrow transplants. Without continued cancer treatment by an oncologist, children will die from the disease.

Doctors and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office did the right thing by intervening in this child’s care. If the county left Noah’s medical care up to Taylor, he would be dead by the summer.

Despite her claims, Noah has not been medically kidnapped. Parents do not have the right to deny their children life-saving medication. Thankfully for Noah, the state and county care more about his survival than his mother.

Finally, Taylor and Joshua announced their arrival at the court in Tampa. They are facing charges of child neglect. As soon as details become available, I will update.

Stay Tuned!

Read her full update:


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  • Raven Clabough

    If you think chemotherapy is “life-saving” treatment, you’re an idiot.

  • frostysnowman

    If you think chemotherapy is not a “life-saving” treatment, you’re on the wrong message board.

  • persephone

    Funny, it worked really well for my mother-in-law. Who are you?

  • Science-based medicine says you’re an idiot.

    Here’s the thing – because of advances in medicine, the mortality rate from cancer has dropped over 25% over the past 20 years. That’s not from quack internet-based treatments. That’s as a result of oncologists doing their job based on scientific evidence.

    Chemotherapy is, in fact, life saving. ALL kills within a few months without ongoing treatments.

    You really ought to take your Dunning Kruger cognitive bias to one of those quack writers found across the internet. Katie Joy’s writings is not one of those places.

    Oh, since I know you’re a pseudoscience-loving quack, vaccines also save lives.

  • It works for hundreds of thousands of people every year. Raven is clueless.

  • Michael Neville

    Please show us the peer-reviewed papers supporting fruit juice, enemas and cyanide as effective cancer treatments.

  • Isilzha

    Oh, lovely, another loon working to kill kids.

  • WallofSleep

    Well, I’m certainly convinced by that well thought out argument.

  • WallofSleep

    … and my grandma.

  • Friend

    And adults.

  • LimeGecko

    I’m glad they found the boy. I hope the mother will agree to his treatment because he deserves to be with his mother. If not, I hope they can have supervised visits until he is out of danger. May he live a long and reasonably healthy life.

  • JEKinTX

    Wow! There are so many cancer survivors that will tell you otherwise! Chemo is by no means an easy thing to go through but it sure in the hell is better than being dead and your family and friends having to say goodbye to you. Where the fuck do you people come from? You think you know better than oncologists that have studied cancer their entire lives? You have your Goop, crystals, essential oil, chakra alignment, prayer bullshit but don’t force it on your children especially when they have fucking cancer. Thanks to anti-vaxx idiocy measles is making a come back.

  • LimeGecko

    It can be and often is life saving. Unless your prognosis is pretty poor, in which case it might be neutral or even a detriment. But for a young child with these forms of cancer modern medicine has taken from a 10% survival rate forty or fifty years ago to an 80% survival rate? Just do what the doctors recommend!

  • Banrion

    This is just a consumer revolt erupting in the healthcare world. Cancer enthusiasts are expressing outrage of the unethical journalist coverage of natural remedies.

  • Raven

    Oh no not the measles! A rash and a fever how will we survive. Rather that than seizures and learning disabilities and brain swelling caused by MMR.

    Ever wonder why cancer survivors have new cancers or recurring cancer years after remission. Chemo.

    My stepmom died 7 months ago, 4 months after docs declared her “cancer free”. They suggested preventative chemo for a few months. The chemo shut down her organs one at a time and she died.

    Studies are only funded bc of advocacy groups with special interests. Who’s advocating for vitamins? No one. Doesnt mean that there are not safer alternative cancer treatments. Why do you think so many people leave this country to go elsewhere for treatment. The medical industry is bought by Big Pharma. Dont be a sheep.

  • Raven

    Not going to get into a debate with sheep who clearly dont do their own research and just believe everything doctors say.
    But chemo often results in the formation of new cancers in people that are still counted as survivors so long as the cancer comes back so many years later. The math is skewed.
    My stepmom died 7 months ago, four months after being declared “cancer free.” Asshole docs recommended preventative chemo, which shut down her organs one by one. She left each chemo treatment worse off than the last. She died without cancer in her body!
    Studies are funded bc of lobbying groups who have a special interest in them. Not many groups lobbying for natural holistic treatments so not many studies on their effects.
    Doesnt mean they dont work. Why do you think so many people leave this country to see alternative treatments?
    The medical industry here is bought and paid for by Big Pharma which is rich off chemo and the secondary medications required as a result of chemo.
    Vitamins work to fight cancer cells and poison like chemo which is why you’re not allowed to take them while om chemo. Do your own damn research before you buy what the docs are selling.
    Parental rights matter.

  • Raven

    See my comment above.

  • Raven

    See my comment above

  • Raven

    Really hope your MIL does not get diagnosed with a new cancer later bc that’s what chemo typically causes.

  • Raven


  • thanks for your kind words SR! I am such a fan of your work 🙂

  • JEKinTX

    Do you wear seatbelts? Car crashes have happened where people in them that wore them have died! I guess there is no need for safety measures since sometimes and in rare cases this happens. Chunk out the baby seats too.

    You also have no idea what Herd Immunity is and why not vaccinating your child puts not just the child at risk but also those that have immunodeficiency. I also want to point out that running the risk of not vaccinating your children that the virus can mutate and become ineffective to the previous version of the vaccine.

    Please stop calling people sheep. That is arrogant and pretentious. It also infers that you are somehow gifted with knowledge or insight that others just can’t see although they can see it as we live in an age of massive communication and information. Unfortunately you have chosen the side (for whatever reasons or motives) of misinformation.

  • [citation needed]

  • persephone

    You’re an absolute idiot. Chemo does not cause cancer. It ends it. Here’s my hope for you: that you actually listen to science instead of buying into all the crazy lies blooming on the internet.

    If not, though, well, if you get cancer, you’re free to die. It’ll save me a bundle on insurance.

  • That is the face of a “mother” who knows she’s guilty.

  • Anri

    Rather that than seizures and learning disabilities and brain swelling caused by MMR.

    Studies are only funded bc of advocacy groups with special interests.

    Can I take this to mean your information about the MMR vaccine is not based on any studies?
    Or that you just don’t bother reading what you write?

    As a follow-up question, which of those answers would make me likely to trust anything at all that you say?

  • phatkhat

    Adults can make their own choices, kids can’t. SOME one has to look out for the kids, and in this case, it is the court.

    I understand informed adults choosing not to continue treatment (for themselves) in some cases, but someone without a personal involvement needs to make those decisions for children. Parents may not have the objectivity.

  • phatkhat

    If these “natural” remedies actually worked, don’t you think Big Pharma would be working around the clock to patent them?

    Vitamins, supplements, massage, etc., can improve overall health, reduce stress, etc. I use them, myself. Some have been proven in clinical trials to do certain things. But cure cancer? Nope.

  • Friend

    Nicely put–and of course.

    But the people who oppose cancer treatment for children say the same things to adults. Unfortunately I have personal experience of family members, friends, and neighbors loudly and persistently telling cancer patients “you don’t really have cancer” and “whatever you do, don’t let them do chemo or radiation.”

    Cancer patients frequently lack objectivity about themselves: they are scared out of their minds. Add to this the fact that 40% of Americans cannot cover a $400 emergency.

  • phatkhat

    I think one has to balance quality of life over quantity sometimes. I knew a woman, a nurse, who had brain cancer. She was an informed adult who chose to forego the treatment because it was unlikely to prolong her life significantly. She knew the odds, and chose to do things on her bucket list instead of doing the treatment. I think you have to respect that. She wouldn’t have been keen on denying a child the chance of recovery, though.

    At my age, I’d have to give it a lot of thought, as well. But I’d surely do my research before making a decision. And the “alternative” sites wouldn’t be part of it.

  • JGC

    “Oh no not the measles! A rash and a fever how will we survive.”

    Not everyone:1 person in every 1000 who contract a measles infection will die as a result. Of those who survive a significant number will suffer chronic disabilities: prior to the introduction of routine vaccination against measles otitis media associated with measles infection was responsible for between 5 and 10% of all new cases of profound deafness reported in the US. Blindness is another chronic disability associated with measles–even today measles blindness is the single leading cause of blindness in children in undeveloped countries, causing as many as 60,000 new cases of blindness annually.

    Finally, even those children who survive measles infection may die years later as the result or that measles infection, as the result of SSPE (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis): it occurs with an incidence of 1-2 cases for every 10,000 measles infections.

    So if your intent is to suggest that measles–a disease that killed 110,000 people worldwide in 2017–isn’t a serious disease, think again.

    “Rather that than seizures and learning disabilities and brain swelling caused by MMR”

    Citations needed, demonstrating that the risk associated with MMR vaccination equals or exceeds the risk associated with remaining vulnerable to infection by measles, mumps and rubella.

    COnsider that ‘brain swelling”, by which I assume you mean encephalopthy: MMR vaccines are associated with one excess case of encephalopathy for every 1,000,000 vaccinations given. Measles infection itself, on the other hand, is asscoaited with 1 excess case of encephalopathy for every 1000 children infected.

    That’s a difference of three orders of magnitude–if you’re concerned the possibility of your “brain swell” you’re going to want to receive an MMR vaccination–you’ll reduce your risk 1000-fold.

    “Doesnt mean that there are not safer alternative cancer treatments”

    No: it’s the lack of any evidence demonstrating those ‘alternative’ cancer treatments are even as safe as standard of care interventions or that they are effective at all that means that.

  • Nathan Aldana

    yes, because ingesting silver is certainly a natural remedy. that definitely does stuff and definitely isnt a hundred plus year old scam by quacks.

  • Banrion

    This comment was not made in seriousness. It was specifically for Katie Joy it is a direct paraphrasing of her disgusting and irresponsible description of gamergate.

  • Dawn Wenborg

    Without a crystal ball should be called with an ounce of class. Your articles are vile, biased, and truly make me sick to my stomach. . I won’t be back

  • Atheisticus

    Didn’t you know that unverified, internet based, anecdotal evidence from people with neither education nor training is just as good as real science?