New York Mother Pleads Guilty in Beating Death of Infant Daughter

New York Mother Pleads Guilty in Beating Death of Infant Daughter May 10, 2019


Tina Torabi at her arrest – photo New York Post

A New York woman pleaded guilty to horrifically beating her infant daughter to death. Tina Torabi, of Queens, New York, savagely beat her twin children in the fall of 2018. Her daughter Elania Torabi died from her injuries.

In a New York courtroom, Tina Torabi pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault on May 9, 2019. The guilty plea followed a month’s long investigation into the beating death of her daughter and the abuse of her son.

According to the New York Post, Torabi will be sentenced on May 30, 2019. She is facing up to 12-years in prison for her crimes.

After the hearing, the prosecutor said,

“The expected sentence of the Court is just and punishes the defendant — giving her ample time to dwell on the failures that led to her own child’s death and the other baby’s suffering,” Acting Queens District Attorney John Ryan said.

The case against Torabi began in October 2018 when officers responded to a call at her home in Queens, New York. The mother and five children lived in the basement of the house. Police say the family lived in poverty like conditions.

When the police entered, the infant girl was unconscious and unresponsive. After the child died at the hospital, authorities ordered an autopsy.

Sources told ABC7 that she had bruises on the back of her head, bruising on her genitals, a large wound on her abdomen, and blisters and open lesions all over her body.

The girl’s twin brother was found with two broken ribs, a broken hip, lacerated livered, and severe swelling to his abdomen. While the girl died, the boy is expected to survive.

Authorities found three other children in the home. The other children did not appear to have any injuries. When police interviewed the mother about the injuries, the mother could not tell them what happened.

After the death of her daughter, Torabi’s husband, Mohammad Torabi, jumped to his death from a New York building. Tina Torabi blamed her husband for killing her daughter and beating her son. At the time of his death, Mohammad was wanted for questioning by police.

According to a report in the New York Post, a source at NYC police provided the post details about the interview.

The mom — who is charged with assaulting the boy while authorities await the autopsy results of dead sister Elaina — firmly placed the blame on her estranged husband during a jailhouse interview last weekend.

“I was waiting for him to go and confess,” she claimed.

However, cop sources are balking at the drug-addicted mom’s attempt to pin all the blame on her hubby.

“That would be the smartest thing to say,” a law enforcement source said. “But we have nothing to corroborate that at all.”

Tina Torabi had multiple run-ins with child protective services over the years. In 2017, the mother lost custody of her children after the twins tested positive for opioids at birth. Torabi went through drug rehab and regained custody of her children later that year.

Her marriage to Mohammad was littered with domestic disputes. At the time of her children’s death, she had a restraining order against Mohammad for abuse. She told police the children had little contact with their father due to his drug addiction.

For months, Torabi denied any involvement in the death of her daughter and the beating of her son. However, everything changed this week with her guilty plea. What changed remains unknown.

Prosecutors say that Torabi failed her children by failing to get them medical care after their beating.

“The mother in this horrible case failed miserably. Her legal duty was to protect her children from harm and injury, that includes seeking medical attention promptly when one is hurt or in harm’s way,” said acting Queens District Attorney John Ryan.

“The defendant in this case grossly neglected to perform these duties and because of her lack of care the 13-month-old baby girl is dead and her twin brother has suffered immense pain.”

With the case wrapping up, the tragic tale of these precious twins comes to a close. The boy, Keon survived the beating but required extensive medical care to recover. Tina Torabi has two other children. All of the children are now in state custody.

Tragically, only days before her beating of the twins, CPS visited the home. If only someone with CPS would have noticed the danger the children were in, maybe Elaina would still be here today.

Now, the family of seven is no longer. The father committed suicide. Their young daughter was murdered, and the remaining children are orphans.


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