Ronnie Magro’s Baby Mama Arrested for Domestic Violence

Ronnie Magro’s Baby Mama Arrested for Domestic Violence May 17, 2019
Jen Harley and Ronnie Magro – Jen Harley Instagram


Jersey Shores’ Ronnie Magro’s on-off girlfriend Jen Harley was arrested for domestic battery. The arrest is in connection with a fight Harley and Magro had on New Year’s Eve. During the argument, Harley threw an ashtray at Magro’s face, which left him bloody. The couple shares a one-year-old girl, Arianna, who is stuck in the middle of a relationship with a violent history.

According to TMZ, police in Las Vegas responded to a call at Jen Harley’s home on Thursday at 3 am. Harley told police an intruder at her house had a gun. When officers arrived, they spoke with Harley. After speaking with her, police ran a background check and found an active warrant for her arrest.

Court records revealed the arrest warrant was issued on April 10, 2019, for a domestic battery incident that took place on New Year’s Eve. During the event, Harley threw an ashtray at Ronnie Magro’s face. The ashtray cut his face and left him bloodied. A few days after the fight, USWeekly published photos of a bruised and cut Magro.

photo credit USWeekly

Later that same night, Harley accused Magro of breaking into her home. She shared pictures on social media of her house ransacked and electronic’s destroyed. Harley reported the incident to police. However, police made no arrests, and Magro denied he broke into her home.

After the fight, Magro filed a police report on January 3, 2019. Magro and Harley split for the billionth time. Not long after the blowout, Magro checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for alcohol dependence.

Since his release from treatment, Magro and Harley have rekindled their relationship and broken up multiple times. By the end of April, numerous outlets reported the couple was over for good. Magro’s official Instagram account includes no photos of Harley. The majority of his photos are of the daughter he shares with Harley.

Police booked Harley on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. Harley bonded out of jail later that morning. She is due in court on May 22, 2019. Jen Harley is no stranger to violent outbursts. Court records indicate seven cases of domestic battery against Harley since 2009. The cases have either been dismissed or denied by the court.

Following Harley’s arrest, Margo remained quiet on social media. Yesterday, Magro uploaded a photo with his daughter. He made no statement with the photo. Magro and Harley’s daughter turned one in April. Since her birth, she has lived in the middle of a dysfunctional and violent relationship.

There are no details about the current whereabouts of their daughter. Since Magro’s completion of rehab, he’s remained out of the headlines. In interviews, he seems more focused and stable. He told USWeekly in an interview in February his primary focus was on caring for his daughter.

With so many arrests between the two, these two should remain apart. Their daughter does not deserve to grow up in a violent household. If Magro remains sober, he may need to consider obtaining full custody of his daughter. With so many arrests for violence, Harley is not the ideal candidate to raise their daughter. While Magro has taken steps to address his issues, Harley needs to follow suit. Her daughter deserves better than what she’s giving her.

In the world of reality television, the children always seem to be the losers. I genuinely hope for Arianna’s sake her parents’ can find a way to raise outside of the violence.

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  • WallofSleep

    “During the argument, Harley threw an ashtray at Magro’s face, which left him bloody.”

    Wow. At least my last crappy g/f had the common freakin’ courtesy to be a bad aim.

  • Friend

    I first started reading this blog because of the reports on child abuse and the anti-science crowd.

    Now I seem to be learning who is famous. It’s not even “Who? Oh, THAT guy…” It’s more like “Who? Why would I care what they did, and how can I even know?”

    I resent making celebrity wannabes more famous by learning about their beefs and squabbles, which seem to be cynically monetized.

    Yes, I know. Reading this blog is optional. I just wish the content had more consistent social value.


  • Yeah… same. I get that sometimes there’s gonna be some overlap with celebrity gossip because celebs are human and flawed and prone to the same misdeeds as everyone else, but this is getting ridiculous with the YouTubers.

  • Lucky you.

  • WallofSleep

    Or lucky her, perhaps. I’ve never struck a woman in anger in my entire life, and tend to eschew violence, but once struck my visceral instincts take over. It’s not pretty, and I’m not proud of it.