Seattle Waiter Connected to James Charles Scandal Spills All

Seattle Waiter Connected to James Charles Scandal Spills All May 13, 2019

Last week Tati Westbrook accused James Charles of manipulating a Seattle waiter’s sexuality. Now the waiter at the middle of the controversy is speaking out. Sam Cooke uploaded a video to YouTube sharing his side of the story. While there appears to be some truth to Westbrook’s tale, the video puts into question whether or not Charles’ coerced the man into a consensual relationship.

In a video that is now deleted, waiter Sam Cooke says he met Jame Charles in February. According to Cooke, he met him on the night of Tati Westbrook’s birthday.

During the dinner, Cooke says that Charles flirted with him. After the night was over, nothing happened between the two men. However, Cooke admitted he reached out to James days later. In the video, the waiter admitted he was “bi-curious.”

After exchanging messages, the two men agreed to meet up. During the evening, Cooke says they watched a movie and cuddled. Next, he said he made out with James Charles for over an hour.

When the night was over, the two men went their separate ways. Cookes says he realized through the make-out session he wasn’t into men. He insisted he told Charles he was straight. However, Charles didn’t believe him.

Then the waiter says that Charles wanted to fly him out to celebrate his birthday. According to Cooke, he declined the offer. After rejecting the offer, he says things between the two men soured.

At the end of the video, Cooke sounds like a jaded ex-boyfriend and drops a bombshell. Cookes states that Charles was talking with another straight guy at the same time as him. Not happy with this news, the waiter filmed a facetime call with Charles.

During the call, the two men talk about the allegations that Charles’ pursued another man. During the call, James Charles’ asks him why he cares.

That is a good question, James. If Cooke isn’t interested in Charles, why does he care?

Either way, the video isn’t good news for James Charles’. His YouTube subscriber count is continuing to fall. With so many stories coming in, I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated!

Stay Tuned.

Watch below and tell me your thoughts in comments!

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