Tati Westbrook Looks Like a Liar After James Charles Drops Receipts

Tati Westbrook Looks Like a Liar After James Charles Drops Receipts May 19, 2019

James Charles broke his silence and brought so many receipts that Tati Westbrook looks like a liar. In a new video titled, “No More Lies,” Charles defended himself against the allegations that he is a sexual predator. The 41-minute video dove deeply into his life and provided proof that Westbrook may have been lying.

After a week of silence, James Charles destroyed the rumors and toxic energy that had engulfed him online. Tati Westbrook‘s video “Bye Sister” made James public enemy number one online. For a week, people dragged and defamed his character without a shred of evidence. Westbrooks’ video contained no proof or receipts for any of her most significant claims. Instead, she asked viewers to trust her based upon her history.

The most prominent allegation Tati Westbrook made against James Charles was that he coerced and manipulated a waiter in Seattle. In her video, she said that James Charles’ behavior made her want to vomit. She accused the teen of using his fame and power to coerce straight men into having sexual trysts with him.

However, her story began falling apart after the waiter spoke out. Sam Cooke uploaded a video airing his side of the story. In his video, Sam admitted to reaching out to James’ after meeting him at his workplace. He and James agreed to hang out after exchanging messages.

On the night in question, Cooke admitted that he watched a movie with James. After the movie, the two men made out for about an hour. Sam Cooke told viewers that James was the worst kisser he had ever kissed. At no place in the video, did Sam provide any evidence that the make-out session was forced upon him. Instead, Cooke said James asked him if he could kiss him, and Cooke consented by telling him yes.

Cooke’s only gripe was that James had a tough time after they hooked up. After the make-out session, Cooke said he believed he was ‘straight.’ Charles struggled with Cooke’s statement, but Charles was not manipulative in his response.

James Charles came out swinging in his video. He brought so many receipts that proved Sam and he spoke for weeks. The text messages showed the two men talking about Sam’s sexuality. One text message shared by James, showed Sam thanking him for being so understanding and kind on the night they met.

For all accounts, the night in question was a consensual experience between two men. One man struggled with the aftermath as he tried to make sense of his sexuality. On the other hand, James Charles’ says he’s been out as gay since he’s been twelve years old.

With the fall out of this relationship, James Charles said he turned to friends to work through his feelings. James said a conversation with Tati Westbrook and another friend helped him see the dangers of hooking up with bi-curious men. Additionally, the friends told James that from an outsider’s perspective the relationships could look questionable. According to James, Tati told him people may misconstrue his motives and perceive him as a predator.

Most telling in James Charles’ video was his realization that the person misconstruing his behavior was Tati. James said he took everything his friends told him to heart. However, he never expected Tati to use his upsetting experience with Sam against him. Charles claims Tati lied to the public by purposely omitting critical details about his relationship with Sam. In fact, he shared texts that proved Sam was not straight.

The first message sent by Sam to James Charles. Sam sent the message after meeting him at John Howie where he worked.


This text is the between the two men as they prepare to meet to watch a movie.  Sam admits to James he’s nervous because he’s never had a sexual encounter with a man.

In another exchange, Sam tells James he’s nervous. James assures Sam that he has nothing to worry about and does not have to do anything he’s not comfortable doing.

This text was sent after the date. Sam thanked James for the lovely evening. Sam admitted he cut the evening short because he was overwhelmed by what transpired during their evening.

In these text messages, Sam trapped James by telling him he was gay. James says Sam made these claims in order to get him on the phone. Then Sam illegally videotaped their Facetime conversation. The waiter was upset at James for speaking to another man at the same time they were involved. After the discussion, Sam admitted he wasn’t gay and only told him that to get him on the phone.

Based on the screenshots and Sam’s own admission, the allegations that he “tricked a straight man, yet again” made by Tati are entirely false and baseless. Why the YouTuber lied about this tryst is not known. However, Tati accused James of preying on straight men after he promoted a competitor’s vitamin line. Only after his Instagram story, did Tati start the narrative that James was a dangerous predator.

Then Tati used her platform to promote a homophobic stereotype that James Charles’ preyed on straight men. This stereotype fueled rage from millions of people. James Charles’ videos were littered with homophobic comments. He was called terrible names.

All the while, Tati’s bank account increased as millions subscribed to her YouTube channel. Tati Westbrook accused a 19-year-old of being a predator with no proof. What is most alarming is millions of people believed her.

If James’ story is true, her behavior is despicable and appalling. As a result, Tati Westbrook has been losing subscribers by the thousands. She’s down over 200,000 subscribers since James uploaded his video. Tati Westbrook is a 37-year-old woman that acted more like a teenager than James. James’ account makes her look like a homophobic, mean-girl, that destroyed a friend based upon a dispute over vitamins.

Whether or not this feud is about vitamins is irrelevant at this point. However, this is a compelling lesson that we should not rush to judge anyone based upon hearsay.

Watch my video as I break down James Charles’ response to Tati:

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