Tati Westbrook Uploads New Video & Loses Thousands of Subscribers

Tati Westbrook Uploads New Video & Loses Thousands of Subscribers May 24, 2019
Tati Westbrook YouTube


Mean girl beauty Vlogger Tati Westbrook uploaded a new video after promising to take a break from the platform. Westbrook told viewers last week she planned to upload pre-recorded content. Despite her uploading new content, Westbrook continues to lose subscribers following her two videos falsely accusing James Charles of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Tati Westbrook promised to take a break from YouTube. However, she uploaded a video today reviewing 100 shades of PUR foundation. While the video is back to a standard format, her choice of the video seems suspect.

During her video, she says that 100 shades of the foundation are excessive. Westbrook believes 30-45 shades is enough to cover all skin tones around the world.

Despite reviewing a brand called PUR, Westbrook slips into the video that her favorite foundation is by Jeffree Star at around 9:04 mark. Her call out to Star seems suspect given that he joined in with her hate parade against James Charles last week.

While the video is back to her format, viewers seem mixed in their responses to her. Many fans left comments in support of Tati and welcomed her back to YouTube.

Others were less than happy to see Westbrook’s smiling face. Several people pointed out the tone deafness of Westbrook for posting a video after the mess she created last week.

Other viewers seem annoyed that Tati uploaded a video after promising to take a social media break.

Perhaps most telling is that Westbrook’s subscriber count began dropping after she uploaded the new content. Typically, creators will see a spike in new subscriptions as new content is loaded. However, viewers noticed that Tati’s subscriber count was moving in the wrong direction.

Westbrook has been hemorrhaging subscribers since James Charles uploaded a video that proved her video “Bye Sister” contained numerous lies. In his video, Charles provided receipts that showed Westbrook’s most significant allegation that he was a sexual predator were false.

Charles uploaded the video on May 18, and Westbrook has lost over 425,000 subscribers. With her new upload today, more people began unsubscribing to her channel.

Since subscribers receive alerts when new content is posted, there is a likelihood many unsubscribed when the new video went live.

Tati Westbrook Subscriber loss courtesy of Social Blade

Despite the massive scandal Westbrook created, she has yet to apologize to James Charles publically. Additionally, she declined to respond to his video that proved she lied. Instead, she issued a statement telling fans she wanted to handle the situation privately.

While Tati Westbrook says she is back, her once “good girl” persona is shattered. She will never be viewed in the same regard by millions of people.


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  • firebubbles310

    Not shocked that the white lady thinks 100 shades is excessive. She isn’t super pale or dark skinned, or light-skinned with a harder to match skin tone or Asian or Pacific Islander or First Nation, or any other hard to match skin tone.

    I know that isn’t the point. But it seriously pisses me off that she is supposed to be this make queen (I think) and takes lot shots at those too different. Glad she is losing subscribers given how awful she is. This video just makes me hate her for more “professional reasons” actually related to make up.

    Her apology is such BS, she is just shocked that not everyone automatically believed her no matter what and that they cant forget her acting like a witch.

  • Raging Bee

    One-Hundred Shades Thrown?

  • Ally

    Haha! I was about to make the same comment. This type of thinking is exactly why people criticize makeup tutorials for frequent, accidental racism.