Tati Westbrook’s Allegations Against James Charles Are Falling Apart

Tati Westbrook’s Allegations Against James Charles Are Falling Apart May 14, 2019

James Charles’ has officially lost 3 million subscribers on YouTube after a bitter war erupted between Tati Westbrook and him last week. However, new details emerged yesterday that poke holes in Westbrook’s most significant allegation that Charles’ manipulated a straight man’s sexuality in Seattle. Now, text messages between James and friend Nikita Dragun support his claims that the security provided by Sugar Bear Hair was not prearranged as alleged by Tati Westbrook.

The never-ending YouTube drama has taken control of the media. After Tati Westbrook uploaded a video titled “Bye Sister,” last week, Jame Charles’ reputation has tanked. More than 3 million people believed Westbrook’s tale that Charles’ is a sexual predator that uses fame and power to manipulate straight men into having sex with him.

During her video, Westbrook offered no proof for any of her claims. She said a phone call from James Charles’ made her “want to vomit.” Then she proceeded to go off about how the young model preys on straight men and cons them into sexual trysts.

A quick scan of James Charles’ YouTube and Twitter, there is no doubt Charles has an affinity for straight men. He tweets about them all the time. In multiple videos on YouTube, he openly discusses hooking up with straight men on the down low.

James Charles’ is 19 years old. Many teens and young men are still exploring their sexuality. For this reason, gay men hooking up with bi-curious or bi-sexual men is not out of the norm.

Westbrook adamantly believed that Charles’ manipulated a waiter in Seattle into hooking up with him. However, a video uploaded by the waiter yesterday completely debunks that claim. In the video, Sam Cooke admitted to being “bi-curious.” Additionally, Cooke revealed that he reached out to James Charles after meeting him at a restaurant.

By the waiter’s account, the make-out session that happened with James was completely consensual. The two men made out for around an hour. After they were finished, Cooke said he decided to go home.

Only after the make-out session did Cooke say he realized he “probably wasn’t gay.” He shared a screenshot where he told James he wasn’t interested. In James’ response, the model seemed confused and hurt.

As far as the sexual encounter, nothing to me adds up to James being a predator. Now, this doesn’t mean he hasn’t been in the past, but in the case referenced by Tati, this claim does not pass the sniff test.

Another claim made by Westbrook in the video was that James prearranged a sponsorship with Sugar Bear Hair to gain backstage passes at Coachella. In her video, Tati outlined her belief that James’ must have signed a contract with the company weeks before attending the event. In her eyes, there was no way that the vitamin company would happen to help the model at the concert.

However, that story appears to be made on shaky ground. Yesterday, Nikita Dragun, a friend of James Charles, released text messages of a conversation she had with her friend. In the texts, Charles asks Dragun to reach out to Sugar Bear Hair for help with security. He told his friend he was being mobbed and needed help. For their help, he said he would do a video on Instagram for them.

Nikita Dragun agreed to reach out to the company and asked the company to help Charles. The company agreed to help James. The rest is now history.

Text exchange between James Charles and Nikita Dragun
The text between Nikita Dragun & Sugar Bear Hair

While Tati Westbrook believes the entire sponsorship was pre-planned, the message from the weekend of Coachella proves otherwise.

However, Tati supporters believe the text messages prove James Charles’ is lying. In the Instagram video, James Charles said he met Sugar Bear Hair on the first weekend of Coachella. The text messages show James asking for help on the second week of Coachella.

Thankfully, Tea Spill, a YouTube channel, reached out to beauty influencer Gabriel Zamora to clarify the text messages between Nikita and James Charles. Zamora insisted that his friend met Sugar Bear Hair the first weekend of Coachella. However, no business relationship developed that weekend.

Instead, James reached out to a friend the following weekend to help him.


Some people argue that Zamora and Dragun are lying for their friend. However, based on the timeline and texts, their receipts match their stories.

What is for certain is that in Tati Westbrook’s 43-minute video she never provided any evidence for any of her claims. Her assertation that a relationship with Sugar Bear Hair was pre-planned was based on her knowledge of the business. She assumed the company arranged the deal with James ahead of time. However, the agreement appears to have happened without any planning.

Both of these arguments are huge reasons people are unfollowing James Charles’ by the millions. People took Tati Westbrook’s word and trusted her claims about James Charles.

After trusting her, the internet turned into a mob of mean girls. The takedown of James Charles became a game. The entire situation reminds me of high school.

Tati Westbrook may have had reservations about James Charles. She may not have agreed with his behavior. However, Westbrook admitted on the video that she had not spoken to James before filming. Without talking to him, she made a lot of assumptions.

If you are going to expose someone online, you need to provide proof. What is most shocking to me is that everyone believed this woman without a scrap of a receipt.

As I’ve dug into this story more than I care to admit, I’m starting to believe this entire drama was fueled by anger. Tati was angry that James Charles sponsored a competitor’s vitamin. Westbrook had known for years about James Charles’ bad behavior. However, his ‘predatory’ actions only became problematic after he aired the advertisement for Sugar Bear Hair.

She then crafted a calculated video with big claims and stories of terrible behavior. All the while in the video, she pushed the value of her vitamins and her company. Since uploading the video, she has gained more than 4 million subscribers.

Based on the evidence that’s come forward, Westbrook seems more like a jilted friend than a concerned citizen. If James would have supported her vitamins, would she have still outed his “predatory” behavior?

James Charles is no saint. He says horrible things and makes poor choices in dating. Additionally, he might use his power and influence to manipulate men. However, there has been no evidence thus far to date to support those claims.

The internet is over-reacting to a feud between friends. Also, people seem to enjoy dragging someone all over the internet for fun. Let’s hope karma doesn’t come back and bite these people in the butts later on.

*The information contained in this piece are the opinions of Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball.

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  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    The internet is over-reacting to a feud between friends.

    Ya think?

  • Amused To Death


  • Madison Blane

    I usually don’t comment here but I have to say that I have serious concerns about the way that the sexual allegations against James Charles rely on and feed existing 1) bi-erasure, 2) “the gays are trying to convert you” scare tactics, 3) “transgender/ agender/ androgynous men who wear makeup are dangerous predators trying to deceive to straight men” etc. narratives. This is exactly what fuels the “gay/trans panic” defense in assault cases. These are not culturally benign claims about an individual. They are drenched and reeking with so many bigotries and phobias that I simply cannot name them all. Which means not only is there potential for this accusation to be uncritically accepted simply because it confirms and validates an existing prejudice, but there is also massive potential for splash damage to others when prejudices are fed narratives like this.

    James Charles may very well have a thing for straight men. I don’t know, and his sexual preferences are none of my business unless consent is being violated. I don’t think instagram likes and comments about attractiveness constitute proof of either, though. I find lots of people attractive, including James Charles, and I attempt to sleep with… none of them. The texts in evidence do NOT support the allegation of predatory behavior either. They clearly show that James Charles believed the man to be bi-sexual.

    So, unless there is some serious evidence to support the claim of predatory behavior, I think we should be very wary of endorsing or furthering Tati’s claim against Charles with even the suggestion that “he might use his power and influence to manipulate men.” I think there is definitely someone who is abusing power and influence in this situation. It just doesn’t seem to be James.

  • Michael Neville

    A couple of people and a company I’ve never heard of either.

  • Nos482

    Let’s hope karma doesn’t come back and bite these people in the butts later on.

    Why? If you either kick off or participate in an internet-hate-mob… I have zero sympathy when the tables get turned on you.

  • Friend

    Gosh, and I thought the plot of The Brave Little Toaster was convoluted!

  • phatkhat

    The never-ending YouTube drama has taken control of the media.

    Really? Only place I’ve ever heard of any of these people or the drama is here. Meh.

  • Ruth Anastacia Adamcik

    There has been an article or two in Newsweek magazine.

  • Ruth Anastacia Adamcik

    I had some of the same thoughts and concerns that you have. Thank you for articulating these, and more, so well!

  • phatkhat

    That’s hardly “taking over the media”.

    At any rate, I’ve skimmed these pieces, but this is it. Hysterics, drama, gossip. Ugh.

  • Ruth Anastacia Adamcik

    I should have indicated that I offered up this information in a snarky way. I like my beauty videos, but I try to stay away from the drama BS.

  • Omg it’s been on CNN, NBC – every major outlet

  • I said outright – exploring is normal. My gut reaction when she made the first statement was one of homophobia. But I am putting the disclaimer that “he might” because he may – but her accusations thus far fall apart

  • phatkhat

    Oh, like the waste of oxygen Kardashians. Well, I tend to stay away from much besides socio/religio/political and science-y stuff. Not much interested in stupid celebrities. Legends in their own minds.

  • Stop trying to defend sexual predator James Charles. He’s sister sickening.

  • Ben Odo Morganti

    Worst take i’ve seen in a while. Defending alleged sexual predators is bad. Not believing alleged victims is even worse. Not a good look, Katie.

  • Macabre

    The alleged victim has made a Youtube video clarifying that HE never considered James any sort of predator and their makeout session was 100% consensual and he was bi-curious, so yay – happy ending.

  • Courtney S

    There hasn’t been anyone who’s said that they personally were preyed upon. Every allegation I’ve seen has been made on someone else’s behalf by a third party