Tearful Tati Westbrook Asks People to Stop Attacking James Charles

Tearful Tati Westbrook Asks People to Stop Attacking James Charles May 16, 2019
Screenshot of Tati Westbrook crying in video

After nearly a week of James Charles’ being dragged around the internet, Tati Westbrook broke her silence. Westbrooks’ video “Bye Sister,” started the entire scandal because she accused Charles’ of using his fame and power to manipulate straight men. Today Westbrook asked everyone to stop their hate and attacks against James Charles.

In an 18-minute video, Tati Westbrook discussed the fallout of her video to James Charles last week. Westbrook said she made the video as a wake-up call to a friend that she felt wasn’t hearing her concerns. The beauty YouTuber said Charles was going down a road that could lead to terrible choices. Without anyone in his life to tell him no, she felt she needed to be the person.

According to Westbrook, attempts to reach him privately hadn’t worked. When she brought up her concerns to him, she divulged that James didn’t take her seriously. She called the video a last ditch effort to help someone she loved to make better choices.

Westbrook insists that the video was never uploaded out of spite or because of a vendetta against James related to his promotion of Sugar Bear Hair. In fact, Westbrook sounded more like a desperate mother trying to help her son from hurting others and himself. Westbrook insists her need to speak out was based upon her love for him. She hoped the video would help James realize that he needs to grow up.

Instead, the backlash to James was immediate. People immediately assumed she was calling him a sexual predator. However, she is adamant that she never called him one. Instead, she wanted him to realize that his pursual of these relationships could get him into serious trouble.

While she comes off sincere in the video, her decision to air out her concerns so publically has caused tremendous hate in her direction. With people seemingly picking sides in the argument, Westbrook requested that the community end the division.

Most interesting is that Westbrook insists that she would give back all of her new subscribers. Westbrook claims that her newly found fame and support is not the goal of her video. Instead, she just wanted her friend to listen to her concerns.

Despite her efforts to meet with James through YouTube executives, the two have not spoken. However, she felt that the apology he made to her on YouTube was sincere. Additionally, Tati Westbrook insisted that James Charles’ career is not canceled. Instead, she remains hopeful that this experience will allow him to grow up and learn from his mistakes.

Westbrook is keenly aware that her choice to publically out her friend means he will likely not want to speak to her. She came off sincere that she loved and cared for him. Additionally, her tears and quivering voice indicate her choice has hurt her to the core.

What remains unknown is why she waited so long to speak out. Maybe she became to overwhelmed with massive reach the video received? Another questionable action is that she insists her decision is not about her anger about vitamins. However, she made the video after she uploaded a video crying about him promoting Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. Additionally, she brought up her vitamins multiple times in her video last week.

Either way, Tati Westbrook plans to take an extended time out from YouTube to determine her next steps. She even said that no money is worth the way she is feeling right now.

Maybe her message will be heard loud and clear. From the moment, I watched her first video; I got the sense that James was acting immature. Over the past week in covering the story, I’ve not found any evidence that James Charles acted like a predator. Rather, I found a young man struggling to make good choices in the men he dates. Additionally, I saw a boy that might be lost in his fame and fortune.

Can we now stop dragging James Charles all over the internet?


Watch her full video here:

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  • Friend

    So what are the chances that this is just a celebrity beef, with both parties hoping to gain subscribers after all the ugly?

    The sexual allegations are way beyond the pale. Apart from that, this has a ritualistic feel to me. Without so much noise, I never would have heard of these two.

  • …who?

  • Brian Curtis

    Okay, this makes seven James Charles posts in less than a week. Enough already. The only one more obsessed with him is Charles himself.

  • Mercutia

    Are we supposed to forget the fact that he’s transphobic? Seriously, I feel like the only reason this story gained traction is because it concerned the group that actually gets the benefit of the doubt: straight men.

  • Katie Joy

    I’ve considered that aspect

  • Big Sprinter

    If that is what you got from it? Wow. Tons of straight men have stuck up for James saying how ironic it is that straight men are being portrayed as the victims.