Jaclyn Hill Announces Full Refunds for Lipsticks to Consumers

Jaclyn Hill Announces Full Refunds for Lipsticks to Consumers June 22, 2019

Jaclyn Cosmetics is offering full refunds to consumers that purchased their “So Rich” lipsticks. The announcement came ten days after Jaclyn Hill insisted that issues related to production affected less than 1% of their products.

In a new statement on the Jaclyn Cosmetics website, the company announced they would be fully refunding all customers that purchased their products. According to the announcement, the company determined that production issues affected a large percentage of their products.

“Over the past few weeks, consumers have brought forward a number of quality issues with regard to our So Rich Lipsticks. We’ve taken this feedback very seriously and have been conducting a thorough investigation of each issue brought to our attention. We’ve also taken time to perform extensive additional third-party testing on the product to ensure we’re giving you the most accurate information possible.

The company continued,

We’ve determined that the quality of more than enough of our So Rich Lipstick production did not meet the standards we aimed to achieve. As such, we will be issuing a full refund (including shipping charges) to everyone who purchased the product.

Only ten days ago, Jaclyn Hill told consumers that quality issues impacted only a tiny fraction of lipsticks. However, many beauty influencers and YouTube channels provided evidence that the problems were more widespread.

Despite the company refunding all customers, Jaclyn Cosmetics said they would not recall the lipstick. The company said,

“After a thorough investigation and extensive third-party testing, several labs and safety assessors have confirmed that while a fraction of our lipsticks did not meet our brand standards of quality, they are in full compliance with FDA regulation and safe to use.”

Individuals that purchased the lipstick will receive an email from Jaclyn Cosmetics within the next few days. After receiving the email, customers can expect their money back within seven business times.

Unfortunately, the company said they would not provide exchanges. Due to quality issues, Jaclyn Cosmetics is changing labs before launching any new products.

Read the full statement by Jaclyn Cosmetics here.

Finally, Watch my video as I break down the issues related to Jaclyn Cosmetics.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    “full compliance with FDA regulation” which does not exist.

  • Jim Jones

    Drop shipping is an easy way to get into a world of trouble.

  • She’s doing a silent recall, she knows that those lipsticks are contaminated.
    This is her typical smoke and mirrors, she’s trying to get everybody to forget this because she still has more products to sell.
    I won’t be buying any of her overpriced, Claire’s looking packaging, garbage products.
    She put more thought into the packaging then she did the actual product.

  • thatotherjean

    Ick. Incidents like this strike me as a very good reason to stick with products from an established company until a brand-spanking-new company gets its initial problems worked through–especially if the product is something that comes in contact with your skin.