Jaclyn Hill’s Excuses about Lipsticks Prove She’s Lying to Customers

Jaclyn Hill’s Excuses about Lipsticks Prove She’s Lying to Customers June 14, 2019

Jaclyn Hill broke her silence about her moldy and gritty lipstick sold by Jaclyn Cosmetics. In a 15 minute YouTube video, Hill provided excuses for nearly every complaint received by her company. While Hill hoped her video would calm the fears of consumers, her statements provided more questions than answers.

WOACB hosted a live stream and went through each point on her video. We outlined the inconsistencies made by Hill related to her products. As a result, WOACB believes the lipstick produced by Hill is not worth the price she is charging consumers.

Beauty influencers use their name to sell over-priced products. Many insist they are using the “best labs” and “best ingredients,” but often the labs used by the influencer are low quality and similar to using a “private label lab.”

In Jaclyn’s case, she is expecting people to believe that her lab made all the errors. However, as a brand owner, she would be responsible for ensuring she understood the production process from start to finish. During her video, she appeared ignorant to fundamental aspects of the production process.

Hill attempted to show evidence that her products were safe and new. However, she provided documents that were issued more than two years ago. She assured customers that her products were “FDA approved,” but the FDA does not approve lipstick nor does the FDA conduct safety testing before products go to market. Instead, the FDA requires all companies to ensure the cosmetics are safe for consumers before they are sold.

Hill wants consumers to believe that the lab made a litany of mistakes. She blames the shipping company for the lipstick melting. Additionally, she reminded customers that rolling a lipstick up can result in the lipstick breaking. Many of her excuses feel like an attempt to deflect blame from herself.

Brand owners are responsible for understanding all aspects of the production. This includes understanding the process used to make the lipstick and the quality control process. Additionally, the brand owner would also need to understand the shipping process.

When complaints are made about products, business owners should professionally address these concerns. For Hill, uploading a video that excuses the shoddy production is not professional. Most companies will own up to their errors and not provide excuses.

However, Hill took very little responsibility for her role and her lack of due diligence in the production product. When planning to launch a lipstick that is three times more expensive than drugstore brands, quality control issues should be minimal. In the case of Jaclyn Cosmetic’s lipstick, quality control and production problems plagued the process from start to finish.

Most concerning in the video is that Hill failed to address the reactions and infections people were experiencing from her lipstick. Instead, she insisted over and over that the products were safe to use. However, several people have complained about bacterial infections, allergic reactions, and cuts from using her poorly crafted lipstick.

Additionally, she said her products were not contaminated. However, products that arrive with lint, fuzz, and foreign objects inside the products are contaminated. She spins a tale to fit her agenda and reduce the impact on her bottom line.

Hill did encourage customers to reach out to her customer service department and request a refund. She promised to replace any damaged products. However, her products are listed as “sold out” on her website. In the video, she admitted that she is in the process of finding a new lab to make the lipstick. Without a lab or any product to replace damaged lipsticks, Jaclyn Cosmetic’s promise to customers seems insincere.

Beauty influencers are cutting corners and ripping off customers all over the world. Enamored fans purchase over-priced products for the name and not the quality. The influencers lie about production, labs, and overall quality.

Lipstick is relatively cheap to produce. Most companies use the same ingredients with minor differences. Based on the ingredient list used in Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick, there is no reason her lipstick should cost $18.00. Therefore, customers are better off purchasing a $6 lipstick from Cover Girl or Maybelline.

Based on her video, Jaclyn Cosmetics rushed production and failed to ensure safety for customers.

Watch WOACB break-down Hill’s excuses and share details about the cosmetic industry.

*this article is the opinion of Katie Joy. Customers are expected to do their own research before purchasing a product. Visit the FDA for more information about cosmetic safety.

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  • MystiqueLady

    Yeah, that’s what every respectable company does — double-down over reports of faulty/inferior product.

  • llDayo

    Based on the ingredient list used in Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick, there is no reason her lipstick should cost $18.00.

    Greed is a reason.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Remember that time when people bought tainted Tylenol and the company said it was all because people were not using it correctly and that it was the fault of some lab tech and that it would have been fine if the trucks had better air conditioning and we should all just ignore the medical issues and don’t read those silly newspaper stories because they are all made up and LOOK OVER THERE!!! SQUIRELLZ

  • persephone

    I recommend Revlon for a good, inexpensive lipstick. They’ve got a good range of color, they won’t dry out your lips, and they stay on fairly well for a standard lipstick. My fallback is their Iced Amethyst. The only other company that made a similar color was Lancôme, and that’s changed since L’Oréal took them over.

  • Friend

    Good reminder. In case people don’t know about the 1982 Tylenol murders, someone took bottles off store shelves, laced them with cyanide, and put them back on the shelves. Unsuspecting people bought them. The first death happened on September 29, and J&J removed Tylenol from shelves on October 5… not a lot of time for the company to play a lengthy PR game of blaming the public. The deaths happened in the Chicago area.

    Case remains unsolved, but you can thank the murderer every time you struggle to open any daggone thing, as this case marked the Birth of Secure Packaging.

  • Jim Jones

    > Based on the ingredient list used in Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick, there is no reason her lipstick should cost $18.00.
    I bet ex-factory it’s about 10 cents. Probably they spend more on packaging.