Jaclyn Hill Embarrassed & Upset after Releasing Contaminated Lipstick

Jaclyn Hill Embarrassed & Upset after Releasing Contaminated Lipstick June 23, 2019
Jaclyn Hill Instagram

Jaclyn Hill broke her silence after her company announced refunds to customers that purchased contaminated lipsticks. In an Instagram story, Hill shared her frustration, sadness, and embarrassment for selling a product that contained so many issues.

Yesterday Jaclyn Cosmetics notified customers that they would issue full refunds to everyone that purchased their “So Rich” lipsticks. The statement came after weeks of pressure applied by customers and other beauty influencers all over social media.

Shortly after Jaclyn Hill launched her “So Rich” lipstick, people began uploading photos of contaminated lipsticks on social media. Consumers complained they found hair, metal, plastic, and other foreign objects in their newly purchased lipsticks.

Last week Pretty Pastel Please, a YouTube channel, uploaded a video that startled most viewers. During the video, Alex swatched lipsticks onto paper and found curly black hair, metal fragments, plastic, white fibers, and identified balls that felt “gritty” to the touch.

After uploading the video, fans applied more pressure to Hill on social media. The company’s original response to customers on June 12 stated the products were safe to use, not moldy, and not contaminated. Additionally, the company noted that the issues found in lipsticks were affecting less than 1% of their total purchases.

By June 22nd, Jaclyn Cosmetics appeared to change their tune. According to an update on their website, an investigation of their products determined that the quality issues were far more significant than they initially believed. As a result, the company announced full refunds to all customers that purchased their products.

“Over the past few weeks, consumers have brought forward a number of quality issues with regard to our So Rich Lipsticks. We’ve taken this feedback very seriously and have been conducting a thorough investigation of each issue brought to our attention. We’ve also taken time to perform extensive additional third-party testing on the product to ensure we’re giving you the most accurate information possible.

The company continued,

We’ve determined that the quality of more than enough of our So Rich Lipstick production did not meet the standards we aimed to achieve. As such, we will be issuing a full refund (including shipping charges) to everyone who purchased the product.

Then Jaclyn Hill took to Instagram to share her feelings on the launch of her lipsticks. According to Hill, she felt embarrassed, upset, and emotional about the failed launch of her products. She said that a video she uploaded on June 12 should never have been filmed. Hill admitted that she rushed the video out in an attempt to defend her brand.

Since uploading the video, Hill stated that her team worked with multiple laboratories, chemists, and industry experts to investigate the claims brought by customers. According to Hill, she spent more than $100,000.00 of her own money to figure out what went wrong.

After completing the investigation, Hill said that issues during production created the problem. Hill did not elaborate about what she found at the lab. Nor did she address any of the problems related to customers getting sick from her products.

Instead, she blamed the lab and her lack of due diligence during the product launch. As a result, Hill says she will be working to find a new lab and a new formulation for her lipsticks. Additionally, the company will not be making any new products until they find a new lab.

Interestingly, Hill never addressed that the issues with her lipsticks were widespread. Instead, she said that even if only “three people” had problems with their lipsticks she would be upset. Hill’s statement contradicted what her company said earlier in the day that they found widespread quality issues in their “So Rich” lipsticks.

For now, customers will begin receiving refunds for their products. Whether the company will recall the products remains unknown at this time. Given that Hill changes her story weekly, customers may hear about a recall next week.

Stay tuned.

Watch our video about the company’s statement:

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    Scruples .. If it weren’t for those darn SCRUPLES I would be rich.

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  • Shan

    Ways she could have been less embarrassed: Not gone with the lowest bidder, spent money on quality control, and RECALL THE PRODUCT when they’re found to be contaminated even if it’s “fibers from workers’ gloves.” Why do the workers have gloves that’d shed fibers in a makeup factory, anyway?

  • Savpunk

    That’s what I was saying the other day! In what universe do quality control personnel rub their gloved hands all over the product? That’s one of those “digging the hole deeper” excuses.