Jaclyn Hill’s Moldy Lipstick Causing Illness and Infections

Jaclyn Hill’s Moldy Lipstick Causing Illness and Infections June 12, 2019

Jaclyn Hill’s newly launched lipstick is causing allergic reactions and bacterial infections to consumers. Several people have uploaded photos showing their lips, arms, and necks after applying the products. Despite the hundreds of pictures and complaints online, Jaclyn Hill has yet to recall the unsafe products.

Social media users are not happy with Jaclyn Hill. After the beauty guru launched her long-awaited cosmetic line, people started noticing issues with their products immediately.

Individuals began uploading photos of lipstick that had fibers or hair growing out of the products. Others shared pictures of the lipsticks containing grit, dirt, and foreign objects. As the photos began circulating online, Jaclyn Hill initially responded by accusing people of lying.

Jaclyn Hill Breaks Silence – Lies to Customers

However, hundreds of people shared photos of broken, moldy, and hairy lipstick. Additionally, other YouTube beauty reviewers noticed similar issues in the products they purchased. YouTuber Raw Beauty Kristi purchased a set of lipstick from Jaclyn Hill.

When Kristi opened the purchased lipsticks, she immediately noticed the fibers, hair, and grit on the lipstick. Kristi used a microscope to get a better look at the strands and the images were shocking.

Jaclyn Hill insisted the fibers were from gloves used during quality control reviews. However, the hairs were not on top of the lipsticks. Instead, the hairs appeared to be growing out of the lipstick.

Several scientists and science teachers weighed in on the photos on Twitter. Based on their experience, the women believed the hairs were mold filaments called hyphae.

Hyphae are long tubular structures that look like garden hoses. The hyphae absorb nutrients and transport the nutrients to other parts of the fungus. Mold spreads through the hyphae as the fungus finds more area to infect.

Mold is a highly toxic biological organism. Individuals with allergies and compromised immune systems can develop reactions to mold in products.

As a result, the Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines that cosmetics cannot contain harmful biological microorganisms.

Common side effects of mold exposure can include itchy and dry skin, hives, respiratory issues, asthma, sore throats, watery eyes, stuffy noses, rashes, and bacterial infections.

Within in days of the products arriving in homes, Twitter users began sharing their reactions to the moldy lipstick. One woman uploaded a photo of a bacterial infection she developed after swatching the lipsticks on her arms. Additionally, she included her medical papers from the military, indicating the rash resulted from the lipstick.

Another woman shared an image of a spot that formed on her lip after applying the lipstick. Initially, the spot appeared to be a small blister. However, the blister grew and spread across the mouth. The woman later uploaded a photo of her lip along with a bottle of antibiotics for a bacterial infection.

Other people disclosed symptoms of respiratory issues, difficulty breathing, dry skin, watery eyes, and swollen lips.

With so many complaints and reactions, people on social media demanded that Jaclyn Hill recall her products. Twitter users expressed their anger and outrage that Hill would continue to allow the products to remain on the market.

Despite the cries for a recall, Jaclyn Hill and her company denied the issues related to the lipstick were widespread. Rather, the company told Fox News that less than 1/2 percent of lipsticks were contaminated.


For Jaclyn’s part, she responded on Twitter by telling people she would “break her silence soon.” Additionally, she noted that she and her team were working to identify the source of the problem.

Jaclyn’s seemingly flat response to the outcry for a recall infuriated Twitter users. Immediately, people demanded that she recall the products from the market.

After more than a week on the market, Jaclyn Hill has yet to recall her lipstick. Many people have started reporting their issues to the Food and Drug Administration.

According to the FDA, businesses are legally responsible for ensuring their products are not harmful to consumers. If companies fail to protect consumers, the FDA can take legal action against the firm.

Consumers began sharing the FDA link to report contaminated products on social media. Dozens of people claimed they filled out complaints with the FDA about the moldy lipsticks.

For now, the products remain on the market but are currently sold out. Individuals that have received moldy or contaminated lipstick should report the problems to the FDA.

File a complaint here.

Finally, Watch a full stream on the issues related to the lipstick here:

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  • Knitting Cat Lady

    Half a percent?!

    That’s still 1 in 200! That’s WAY beyond any reasonable quality control standard.

    Seriously, whoever was in charge of production standards was asleep at the wheel.

    And I seriously doubt there was any quality control.

    This is very, very bad…

  • persephone

    I would bet she went with the cheapest bid. She’s buying from countries that don’t give a flying eff about contaminants and quality control, so finding a supplier who is takes time and costs more. She rushed out product and now it’s going to cost her. I’m just upset that people are getting sick. I hope she gets sued.

  • Amy Mousey Rouse

    Yeah, hope she gets sued. I feel bad for all the people who bought the lipsticks and got sick or got messed up from them. I’ve never bought any Jaclyn Hill products before. I tend to stick to e.l.f, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jouer and Morphe. lol