James Charles Returns to YouTube With Number One Trending Video

James Charles Returns to YouTube With Number One Trending Video June 19, 2019
Photo Credit- James Charles YouTube

James Charles returned to YouTube with a bang after a month-long hiatus following the backlash he received from a viral video uploaded by Tati Westbrook. The footage uploaded yesterday is the number one trending video on the site with nearly 4 million views.

After a month away from YouTube, James Charles uploaded a long-awaited video to his channel. Charles left the platform in May following intense international backlash and bullying connected to a video uploaded by former friend Tati Westbrook. In Westbrook’s video, she accused Charles of being a sexual predator. A theory that fell flat after her story was debunked by both Charles and the waiter she referenced in her video.

Despite both men insisting the relationship was consensual, millions of people attacked James Charles. He lost millions of subscribers and admitted to fans the bullying caused him to become suicidal.

After a month away from YouTube, Charles uploaded “Hi Sisters” and chatted with his viewers. During the video, Charles demonstrated a Pride inspired eye look that he found through a self-taught make-up artist Chloe Fitzpatrick.

While performing a makeup tutorial for the look, Charles shared details about his month off YouTube. According to Charles, he took time off to celebrate his 20th birthday. He and his friends took a trip to Catalina Island, which is off the coast of California.

Charles shared a video from the day on the island. He and his friends drove around on golf cart, took in the sights, and met locals. Children of the isle approached him and sang happy birthday to him.

Also, Charles took time to work with other makeup artists to learn new techniques to share on his channel. He shared photos of different looks that were done by friends that he promised to bring to his channel in future videos.

After completing his tutorial, Charles announced the relaunch of his “Sister’s Apparel.” According to Charles, he found a new company to distribute his clothing. Charles cut ties with his former merchandise company Killer Merch because the company owner Jeffree Star called him a predator on Twitter.

Fans of Charles can expect new clothing to be available soon. He said they would launch a previously scheduled line in honor of Pride later this summer. During his update, he provided no timeline for when fans can purchase his gear.

Finally, Charles shared that all proceeds from his video would be donated to The Trevor Project. According to The Trevor Project website, the non-profit offers crisis, and suicide prevention support to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and questioning individuals. The non-profit launched in 1998 and offers chat lines, text, hotlines, and resources to the community.

Charles stated that proceeds from his video along with a percentage of his profits from his Pride merchandise would be donated to the Trevor Project later this year.

Last month Charles admitted that he became suicidal after Tati Westbrook’s video “Bye Sister.” People around the world began accusing Charles of using his celebrity to coerce straight men into relationships with him.

The stereotype that gay men are attracted to all men and want to turn straight men gay has permeated society for hundreds of years. Individuals wrongly believe that gay men can somehow turn straight men gay. Another stereotype that magnified the abuse toward James Charles was that all gay men are promiscuous.

With both allegations and homophobic stereotypes thrown at Charles in May, he admitted to feeling suicidal. By donating to the Trevor Project, Charles will hopefully strengthen the organization’s commitment to helping individuals in the community. According to the Trevor Project, LGBTQ+ youth are five times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.

After a month away to try to recover from the bullying, Charles video is the number one trending video. Reactions to the video have been mostly positive, and Charles seems positioned to take back his throne as the top “Beauty Influencer” on YouTube.

James Charles subscriber count is continuting to climb from his massive loss in May. Before Tati Westbrook uploaded “Bye Sister,” James Charles had 16.56 million subscribers. As of today, Charles has 15.53 subscribers. Social Blade analytics suggest he will add 7.4 million new subscribers within the next year.

Way to go, James.

Learn more about The Trevor Project.

Watch the full video below.

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  • Janelle

    Happy for him!! Within no time certain drama channels had his name in their newest titled video.. it was upsetting what some had to say, clearly making it obvious how they blindly agree with anything Jefree or Tati. I notice it even with the ones who claim to not be biased (notice this more with JS than TW) James has his following due to pure talent & I’m not saying the others arent talented but he definitely uses his creativity & doesnt have to have big names in his videos or titles.

  • He is talented and has charisma – something neither of them have


    Jeffree pays them! They are all bullies and I hope someone eventually calls them out, especially Rich Lux, Karina Kaboom, Dustin Dailey, Peter Monn and others I am having a blank on. Tea Spill I think is the big one. What they post about James is just toxic. Notice they never say sh*t about Jeffree even when he called Jackie a gorilla and those sick text messages he sent to James lying.