Jenelle Evans Faces Backlash After Attending Son’s Birthday Party

Jenelle Evans Faces Backlash After Attending Son’s Birthday Party June 30, 2019
Jenelle Evans with her children. photo credit instagram

Jenelle Evans was all smiles on Instagram while attending her son Kaiser’s fifth birthday party. Eason attended the party that her ex-fiance Nathan hosted in hopes to give Kaiser a sense of normalcy on his big day.

Yesterday in North Carolina, Jenelle and David Eason attended Kaiser’s party. She shared several photos on her Instagram with her millions of followers. In a caption on the pictures, Jenelle wrote,

“Can’t believe you are 5 already! You might be getting older but you’re still my baby. ��� #MommasBoy #HappyBirthday”

The former Teen Mom 2 star shared multiple photos of Kaiser’s big day. In the images, Kaiser appeared happy to see his mother and his little sister Ensley.


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Can’t believe you are 5 already! You might be getting older but you’re still my baby. ��� #MommasBoy #HappyBirthday

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Over on Twitter, Nathan Griffith shared a short video of Kaiser dancing while he held a number five ballon. Griffith wrote,

“My children will always come first regardless of my own personal feelings. I will always want the best for my children. Happy Birthday Kaiser and I’m so glad you could spend it with FAMILY and friends!

Barbara Evans also shared photos on her Instagram of Kaiser’s special day. One of the photos showed a happy Kaiser opening gifts while his little sister handed him presents to open. Another photo included David Eason and Nathan Griffith flying a kite. Barbara shared her happiness that Nathan and David were getting along despite years of a very rocky relationship.


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Omg Nathan on left David on right today at Kaiser’s Birthday Party.Finally all getting along�

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After the family posted photos, fans started reacting on social media. Despite the fact that everyone in the family seemed happy, fans were angry the court allowed Jenelle and David to attend the party.

On Instagram, fans accused Jenelle of being a mom as long as a camera was around. Others expressed outrage that David Eason attended the party because Eason’s violent behavior led to the children’s removal from the couple’s custody in May.


Over on Twitter, Nathan Griffith’s post got nailed by fans. Many seemed angry that he would allow David around his son. In court, Nathan has argued that Kaiser is scared of David. Additionally, Griffith is hoping the court will place Kaiser with him permanently.

However, Griffith said he wanted to put his differences aside for the day so that his son could celebrate with both parents. Griffith said his girlfriend Ashley encouraged him to invite Jenelle and David in order to give Kaiser a sense of normalcy on his big day. After talking with Ashley, Griffith said he asked his lawyer to speak with the judge. Once the judge met with both sides, the court agreed that Jenelle and David could attend the party.

For the fans worried about Kaiser’s safety, Griffith assured everyone that David was on his best behavior.

Even though fans seemed irritated that Jenelle and David attended the party, Kaiser seemed happy and excited in the photos shared online. Kaiser is only five years old and is not able to understand the gravity of the situation. Courts will often allow parents to attend parties and significant events for their children to ensure the children are not further traumatized during the separation.

Angry fans can breathe a sigh of relief because nothing else changed in terms of Jenelle and David’s custody of their children. The court enforced a strict one-hour per week visitation with their children under court supervision. Due to the severity of the charges against David, the court has taken significant steps to ensure the children remain safe.

Jenelle and David will be back in court in the coming weeks to continue their fight to regain custody of their children.

Stay Tuned.

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