Metal & Curly Black Hairs Found in Jaclyn Hill’s Lipstick

Metal & Curly Black Hairs Found in Jaclyn Hill’s Lipstick June 20, 2019

Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick saga got worse after YouTuber Pretty Pastel Please found metal and plastic in newly opened lipstick. Last week Hill denied that her lipsticks were contaminated or moldy despite numerous photos appearing on social media contradicting her statements.

In a video uploaded yesterday by Pretty Pastel Please, channel host Alex opened lipsticks she purchased from Jaclyn Hill. Last week Hill reported that less than 1% of her lipsticks appeared contaminated. However, Alex found many problematic lipsticks in the full collection she purchased.

During the video, Alex sat at a white table, fully clothed in a lab suit. As she opened each lipstick, she noted hairs, spots, fibers, and objects underneath the surface. After opening each lipstick, Alex began swatching the lipsticks on paper.

While swatching several shades of lipstick, Alex found fragments of metal, plastic, black hair, and white fibers. The foreign contaminants were not limited to only the top of the lipstick. In a video last week, Hill said hairs found on the lipstick were from gloves worn by workers. She insisted the fibers dropped from the gloves onto the top of the lipstick and stated her lipsticks were safe to use.

However, Pretty Pastel Please found the lipsticks littered with debris from top to bottom. In more than one lipstick, she found metal objects that stuck to a magnet.

Additionally, Alex pulled out black, curly hairs from many lipsticks.

In one lipstick, the YouTuber found a hard piece of plastic.

After Alex completed swatching the lipsticks, she found issues in nearly every single lipstick. The finding by the YouTuber puts into question statements made by Jaclyn Hill that less than 1% of consumers were dealing with contaminated products.

For more than a week, Jaclyn Hill has been radio silent on social media. She uploaded a video on June 12 and attempted to explain away the issues found in her lipsticks. Hill blamed lint from white cotton gloves, incomplete processing of the lipstick, and problems related to mass production.

In her video, Jaclyn Hill insisted her products were safe to use. She denied the lipsticks contained mold. Additionally, she offered to replace and refund unhappy consumers.

On Twitter, frustrated customers demanded Jaclyn Hill recall her products. Others shared a petition through demanding that the FDA recall the contaminated lipstick. The petition that was started more than a week ago has over 24,000 signatures. Several individuals commented on the petition that they became sick after using the lipstick.

Despite the pressure by customers to recall the products, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics continues with business as usual. The company has been busy processing refunds, responding to emails, and navigating the thousands of unhappy customers.

Over on YouTube, multiple channels have promised to send their lipsticks to labs for microbial testing. Because testing can take weeks to perform, results will not be arriving any time soon.

Despite demands for a recall of the product to the FDA, the FDA cannot enforce a recall of contaminated lipsticks. The FDA does not regulate cosmetics and therefore, cosmetic recalls are voluntary by the companies.

With no legal oversight preventing her from removing the products, Jaclyn Hill remains committed to keeping her contaminated and potentially dangerous lipsticks on the market.

Watch Pretty Pastel Please’s full video:


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  • Cozmo the Magician

    Gee.. ONLY 1% of her stuff is contaminated. I’m sure that makes people feel REAL SAFE. So AT LEAST 1 out of every hundred she sold is icky and sicky. If she sold ONLY 10,000 that means at LEAST 100 people bought garbage on a stick. How nice.

  • frostysnowman

    Really gross.

  • Crazy Aussie Pagan

    Well written Katie. If this doesn’t warn JH fans about the lipsticks, I don’t know what will. But I doubt many of them read anyway. Hopefully a friend or family member does and will encourage them not to continue using the products.

  • Ewwwww. *flails*

  • Jim Jones

    These hairs are short and curly? Isn’t on your lips the last place you’d want to rub them?

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    I know, right?!

    Over here manufactures recall stuff just on the hint of the possibility that something MIGHT be wrong with the product.

    So quality issues that supposedly ONLY affect 1% of the production? Horrible.

    And another thing: Who on earth uses cotton gloves for quality control?! Latex, nitril, or vinyl gloves are where it’s at.

  • persephone

    I like the idea of beauty reviewers who try out different makeups and treatments and review them. I don’t like the idea of these reviewers building up an audience that they then sell their own products to. Sure, it’s capitalism at it’s finest, but maybe we don’t need that much capitalism. I would not buy from them, ever.

  • Friend

    Bought a lot of lipstick in my time and never got a contaminated one. Until this story came out, I never thought beyond just making sure to buy a sealed tube and check it for smudges anyway. I would only buy from a store or a vendor of an established brand like Mary Kay or Avon.