Mother Charged with Running Over & Killing 3-Year-Old in Game of Chicken

Mother Charged with Running Over & Killing 3-Year-Old in Game of Chicken June 24, 2019
Houston Police Department

A Texas mother ran over and killed her three-year-old son during a game of chicken. Lexus Stagg was charged with Criminally Negligent Homicide after surveillance cameras at her apartment complex caught the entire incident on film.

According to a press release by Harris County District Attorney, Lexus Stagg ran over her son while playing a deadly game of chicken. The incident occurred on June 11 at the woman’s apartment complex.

After running over her son, Stagg told police that she thought she ran over a speed bump when she put her car in reverse.

At the time of the accident, Stagg told police that her 3-year-old son ran behind her car. She said that she put her car into reverse, not realizing her son was behind her.

An investigator for the Houston Police department told KTRK,

“The 3-year-old child ran behind her vehicle as she backed out of her parking spot,” HPD’s Lt. Thurston Roberson said at the time.

However, authorities obtained footage from surveillance cameras placed outside her apartment complex. In the footage, Stagg is seen driving forward as her three children ran toward her 2006 Lincoln Navigator. Stagg struck her three-year-old son with the front of her vehicle.

“She was in her car and her children were playing in front of her in the parking lot. She put her car into reverse, and drove at least 100 feet,” said prosecutor Sean Teare, describing what can be seen clearly on the video.

“The three kids followed her, followed the car, at which point, the defendant put her car into drive and drove toward her children as they were running toward her. The two older children were able to get out of the way, and tragically, the younger child was not and was run over by two of her tires.”

According to the District Attorney, the child became stuck under the front tire of the SUV. Despite hitting her son, Stagg continued to drive forward and drove over her son with the back tires. Authorities say the back tires carry the weight of approximately 5,600 pounds.

As a result of the weight of the tires, the child died from his injuries. Police forwarded the results of their investigation to the District Attorney. Authorities arrested Stagg on June 20th. She appeared in court for a probable cause hearing the following day.

At the hearing, prosecutors requested that the judge set the bond for Stagg at $50,000. However, the judge set the bail at $15,000.00.

If convicted of Criminally Negligent Homicide, Stagg faces up to ten years in prison. Following her arrest, the District Attorney Kim Ogg said,

“Every parent has an obligation to protect their children, even from themselves,” said Ogg said.  “Car’s aren’t toys and playing chicken with your kids isn’t a game.”

Because Stagg’s crime involved the use of her SUV, the case is being prosecuted by Vehicular Crimes Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

“You should be playing Peek-A-Boo with a three-year-old instead of forcing him to try and dodge a 5,600 pound deadly weapon,” said Sean Teare, chief of the Vehicular Crimes Division.

According to multiple reports, CPS placed her two children with relatives. The incident involving Stagg is not the first time she’s lost custody of her children. CPS confirmed to ABC13 that Stagg lost custody of two of her children in 2013. The children were placed with a relative. After losing custody of her children, Stagg went on to have three more children.

All of her children are now in the custody of relatives.

Stagg may never have access to any of her children again following the death of her son. Hopefully, the two children that witnessed the crime will receive counseling and help from the county to recover.

Stay Tuned.

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  • johnsoncatman

    Stagg may never have access to any of her children again following the death of her son.

    It happened once, and she had three more children. It apparently doesn’t bother her that her children get removed from her custody; she just has more.

  • Stuff like this is why I seriously think parenting licenses ought to be a thing.

  • Shan

    That poor kid! He should’ve been able to trust his caregiver to warn him that chasing after a moving car can be dangerous, not becoming a “lesson” to his siblings about how dangerous cars and his own mother is.

  • Brian Davis

    And she’s young enough to have more even if she serves the full 10 years.

  • Sassafras

    I have a family member who worked with DCF (Connecticut) and saw stuff like this all the time!

  • Sassafras

    A decade in prison is too good for her! People get longer sentences just for drug possession!

  • Milo C