Mother Charged with Starvation Death of Baby in 2013 Accused of Faking Illness in Infant in 2018

Mother Charged with Starvation Death of Baby in 2013 Accused of Faking Illness in Infant in 2018 June 29, 2019
Mugshot of Sinead Omer

A Tennesse mother accused of starving her 5-month-0ld daughter to death in 2013 is facing new charges of child abuse related to another child in 2018. The original charges against Sinead Omer were announced in court during a hearing pertaining her murder trial of daughter Skyler Craighead.

According to a report in The Daily Journal, the new charges against Sinear Omer relate to a May 2018 hospital stay at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Omer brought her 10-month-old daughter to the hospital because she was concerned about her daughter’s vomiting and constipation. Omer had been released from jail, at the time, due to a judge declaring a mistrial in the 2013 death of her daughter Skyler.

During the hospital stay, doctors became suspicious that Omer may be faking the infant’s symptoms. Staff moved the baby to a room that contained surveillance cameras. While under surveillance, hospital employees witnessed the mother shoving a spoon down her daughter’s throat to induce vomiting.

Additionally, the mother applied pressure to the baby’s stomach to induce vomiting. After the baby vomited, Omer used a drink to smear the vomit over her daughter’s face. Staff also determined that Omer hid the baby’s diapers to trick nurses into believing that her daughter wasn’t defecating.

When confronted with the evidence by police, Omer denied that she induced or faked her daughter’s illness. She did admit to a police officer that she poured a beverage on the bed to appear like vomit. Omer said she poured the drink because she felt the staff weren’t taking her concerns seriously.

Metro Nashville Police Department Officer James Reese told the court during his testimony,

“I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating when I say that the only thing she was honest with me about was her name, date of birth, phone number and address,” Reese said. “There were so many lies being told to me.”

After interviewing Omer, police arrested her and charged her with child abuse. Child Protective Services placed the baby with a foster family after Omer’s arrest.

According to authorities, the toddler is thriving outside of her mother’s care. Additionally, CPS removed two other children from Omer and placed them with their grandmother. According to reports, she is currently pregnant with her fifth child.

Other details from Reese’s testimony revealed that Omer performed Google searches related to causing illness in her daughter. Reese said that Omer searched how to raise a child’s blood pressure, Tennessee child abuse laws, vegan diets for babies, and babies were dying from vegan diets.

Additionally, police determined that Omer started a GoFundMe during the May 2018 hospitalization and claimed she was a poor single mother with a sick baby. The GoFundMe hoped to raise $2500.00. Omer deleted the GoFundMe after police interviewed her in 2018.

After hearing the new charges against Omer, the judge ruled that Omer be held without bond.

Along with the new charges of child abuse, Omer is also facing felony murder charges and child abuse for the death of Skyler Craighead in 2013.

In 2013, Omer’s 5-month-old daughter Skyler died from starvation and dehydration. The baby girl had been born with a heart defect and diagnosed with DiGeorge’s Syndrome. Despite the diagnosis, the baby girl’s long-term prognosis was good. Most children diagnosed with DiGeorge’s syndrome live well into adulthood.

In November 2013 The Daily Journal reported, emergency responders were unable to save the girl when the provided initial treatment at a hotel in Tennesse. After the girl died, police learned that the baby had missed five appointments with doctors over the past three months.

Between October 2013-December 203, Skyler lost 27% of her body weight. At the hotel, police found the hotel room in disarray. Skyler’s bassinet had pizza stains on the padding. Police found medical equipment for Skyler, hypodermic needles, empty liquor bottles, and multiple medications for the baby.

According to reports, Skyler had a feeding tube placed by doctors. A feeding machine fed the baby, and the parents could not explain why the baby girl had lost so much weight.

In 2017, a judge declared a mistrial in the murder trial of Omer. The judge ruled that the police failed to add the feeding machine to evidence. Without the feeding machine, the defense argued that the police had no way to know if the parents intentionally starved their daughter.

After the judge declared the mistrial, the prosecutors appealed the ruling. In 2018, an appellate court sided with the prosecutors and reinstated the murder charges.

During the year between the mistrial declaration and reinstatement of the charges, Omer inflicted illness and attempted to murder her 10-month-old daughter.

Omer’s next hearing is scheduled for August 2019. She and her ex-partner are both on trial for Skyler’s murder.

There are so many questions related to this case. If authorities suspected Omer killed her daughter in 2013, why didn’t CPS remove her 10-month-old from her custody?

Even though the judge declared a mistrial, her case had been appealed by the prosecutors. Prosecutors had a significant amount of evidence tying her to the death without the feeding pump.

By the judge siding with the defense, they let Omer walk free. During that time, she found ways to harm another child and attempt to profit off the baby’s illness.

Interestingly, there is no discussion about whether psychologists have diagnosed Omer with factious disorder imposed on another or Munchausen’s by proxy. Omer is now connected to the abuse of two children, which she fabricated illness in and abused.

Individuals with MBP generally inflict illness to gain sympathy and praise from others for caring for a sick child. Additionally, she may have also used diseases as a way to malinger and profit.

For now, the prosecutors have strengthened their case against Omer. Hopefully, her children will be able to thrive and recover outside of their mother’s care.

This is a developing story.

Stay Tuned.





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