Oregon Police Searching for Teen Battling Rare form of Cancer

Oregon Police Searching for Teen Battling Rare form of Cancer June 12, 2019



Authorities in Oregon are looking for a missing teen after she and her mother failed to show up to the hospital for surgery. Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon says Kylee Dixon needs surgery and medical care to manage a life-threatening medical condition. Dixon’s mother, Christina, had been treating her daughter’s liver cancer with CBD instead of chemotherapy.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to help them locate Kylee Dixon. Dixon was last seen with her mother, Christina. According to a news release, Christina Dixon failed to bring her daughter to the hospital for scheduled surgery.

On a Facebook page, Christina says doctors diagnosed her daughter with a rare form of liver cancer. Christina Dixon has been sharing her daughter’s journey with the illness on Facebook through multiple pages.

On her Facebook and GoFundMe, Christina insists that chemotherapy to treat her daughter’s cancer was not effective. After six months of treatment, the mother says she abandoned the chemo and opted to use CBD, a cannabis oil.

According to Christina, the CBD shrunk her daughter’s tumor so significantly that doctor’s wanted to perform a surgery to remove the tissue.

In April, Kylee uploaded a YouTube video discussing the surgery. The teen believed that her mother was curing her cancer with the CBD. Due to her belief in her mother, Kylee stated she did not want to undergo surgery. She admitted the doctor’s wanted to remove the tumor and perform a liver transplant.

On a GoFundMe set up by Christina, the mother disclosed that she lost custody of her daughter for refusing to treat the liver cancer with chemotherapy. A deputy with Clackamas County Sherrif’s Office admitted that Kylee was a ward of the state living with her mother.

According to police, they received a pickup order to place Kylee in the custody of DHS. However, authorities attempts to locate Kylee were not successful. They believe Christina is traveling with her daughter in Oregon or Washington.

After releasing the bulletin, news spread quickly through the community. Christina updated on Kylee’s Facebook page that she has her daughter. However, Christina denies that her daughter is in danger. She has posted numerous updates over the past 24 hours.

The mother states that her daughter does not want surgery. She believes her daughter should be able to choose to deny the operation because she’s 13-years-old. However, Christina’s belief that CBD is curing the cancer has influenced Kylee’s decision.

On the run, several friends have uploaded fundraisers to help Christina defy court orders. A Paypal account is currently active and requesting funds to aid in Christina’s flight from authorities. Additionally, the fundraiser states that Christina is justified in hiding her child from doctors and the state.

For now, police are asking all people to be on the lookout for the women. Christina is believed to have a 2012 Smart Car with Oregon plate 308FRH. Individuals are urged to call 503-723-4949.

Christina or a friend is posting updates on Kylee’s Fight Facebook Page. Read those updates here.


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  • Talos2264

    The mother is a deluded fool. Cannabis oil can’t treat or cure a thing. All it is a modern day cure all tonic, pushed by modern day snake oil sales people.

  • Zetopan

    This story has all of the ingredients of yet another statistic showing what happens when people ignore medical professionals.

  • It can be used to treat things, but it sure won’t cure cancer.

  • Brian Curtis

    So the next time someone says, “How is it anybody else’s business if someone embraces alternative therapies? Who does it hurt?” you can refer them to this story. And thousands more just like it.

  • kilda

    I am so, so tired of people thinking marijuana is magic fairy dust. In this case it could cost this poor girl her life.

  • Friend

    Lots of terrifying wrong ideas about parents’ rights and children’s rights. I don’t automatically believe that the 14-year-old rejects medical treatment. She deserves to get sound advice from oncologists instead of listening to her Go Fund Me mom.

    Oregon Live is posted a reported sighting today: https://www.oregonlive.com/clackamascounty/2019/06/police-ask-for-help-finding-missing-wilsonville-teen-in-substantial-risk-without-medical-treatment.html

  • Cozmo the Magician

    ZOMFSM… What word triggered the CensorShip THIS TIME.. must be a word that starts has an Ess and Eee and and Ecks in it..

    f you REALLY want help finding the kid, just tell everybody that the mom is taking her for gender reassignment surgery. Every fundie from NY to Tokyo will be on the look out for her. Her picture would be EVERYWHERE.

  • persephone

    Adults want to do this to themselves, fine. They’re adults. But they’re killing children.

  • dgtvbjky

    RIP Kylee.