Source: Florida Parent’s Neglect of Son Almost Killed Him

Source: Florida Parent’s Neglect of Son Almost Killed Him June 11, 2019


Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams have been accusing the state of Florida of medically kidnapping their 3-year-old son online, but a source connected to the family believes Noah is in better care away from his parents. Without a Crystal Ball spoke with the source to gain insight into the story that has gripped the nation. The details revealed by the source paint a vastly different picture than the one presented by the couple online.

The world first learned about Taylor Bland, Joshua McAdams, and Noah McAdams in May 2019. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office released a missing and endangered bulletin after the family failed to show up for mandated chemotherapy.

While many around the country waited to hear about Noah’s safe return, the source told WOACB that the bulletin was the first time the family learned that Noah went missing. Many in the family became worried, scared, and terrified they might never see Noah alive again.

Naturally, when the source and family learned about Noah’s disappearance, everyone feared the worst. Only weeks before the couple’s departure, the family gathered with the couple at the hospital to be with Noah.

On Facebook Taylor, Bland has stated her son showed no warning signs for having leukemia. She claimed her son played, ate, and had average energy in the weeks leading up to his hospitalization.

However, the source told WOACB that Taylor’s account is not accurate. Instead, they say that many in the family noticed a decline in Noah’s health. Noah became paler, stopped eating as much, lacked energy, and slept a lot of the time. The family urged the couple to take Noah to the hospital, but they refused.

Finally, Taylor’s grandmother, where the couple was living, told them that Noah needed to be seen by a doctor. If the couple refused to take him, the grandmother told them she would bring him to the hospital.

By the time Noah arrived at the hospital, he was in grave condition. Doctors at the first hospital were fearful he might die. As a result, paramedics airlifted him to a pediatric hospital for life-saving treatment.

According to the source, Noah’s hemoglobin was either a 2 or 3 at the time. When he arrived at the other hospital, doctors did not believe that Noah would survive.

Noah received 3-5 blood transfusions and other life-saving medical assistance. Eventually, he recovered, and doctors diagnosed him with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

After learning the diagnosis, the source told us that Taylor and Joshua were defiant and did not want Noah to undergo chemotherapy. The source stated that Joshua insisted that doctors were lying about his diagnosis and using Noah as a “lab rat” to experiment on with drugs.

Several family members with health care experience attempted to help the couple understand the gravity of the situation, but the source said they refused to listen. For the days Noah received treatment, the source says the couple fought with doctors every step of the way.

Naturally, when the family learned that the couple disappeared within days of Noah’s release from the hospital, many were not surprised. However, they were distraught because they knew that Noah was extremely sick.

When authorities located the family in Kentucky, they all sighed in relief. However, the family knew that the fight for Noah would rage on.

By the time the couple returned to Florida, the source had said that Taylor and Joshua began a public campaign to raise money and spread misleading information about their situation.

Family members noted on Facebook that the couple started multiple GoFundMe’s and shared information about Noah’s hospitalization that was not accurate. Additionally, the source said many noticed that the couple appeared to be thriving off the attention they received.

Taylor described her family as warm and loving. She insisted in interviews with the media that the family always ate meals together, read books, and cuddled to sleep. However, the source says Taylor’s story and reality are far different.

According to the source, the couple had taken steps over the years to separate themselves from most within their families. They said Joshua firmly controlled every aspect of his family’s life. Gatherings with the couple and family often ended with Joshua erupting in anger and demanding Taylor and Noah leave with him.

The source said that Josh’s behavior became more and more unpredictable. In 2016, Taylor reported Josh for domestic violence after he threw a bottle at her. The bottle bounced and hit their infant son in the face.

After the brutal fight, the source said the couple split for a very long time. During the same time, neither of them held steady employment. The source said the couple lived mostly off a financial settlement won by Taylor as an infant.

Court records obtained by WOACB indicate that Taylor’s mother, Amanda, sued a pharmacy. In a Facebook update, Taylor shared that the suit related to a medication her mother was prescribed while pregnant.

While pregnant Amanda used the medication, and no one told her the medicine was known to cause congenital disabilities. Taylor posted a photo on Facebook in May of her feet which had toes missing.

Court records indicate that the company agreed to a financial settlement with the mother. The source says the settlement has provided Taylor monthly income for years. Additionally, the settlement recently ballooned, and Taylor received a large lump sum of money.

As a result of the settlement, the source said that Josh and Taylor never had to maintain steady employment. For Josh’s part, he sued a man after a car accident. The suit alleged that the man hit Josh with his car. As a result, Josh told the court that he was injured, mentally shaken, and unable to work.

Court records show that the two men settled before going to trial. In the original complaint, Josh requested $15,000.00 for damages. The details of the settlement are not known.

Then days before the couple fled to Kentucky to avoid chemotherapy. Joshua curiously filed another lawsuit against a company. In the complaint to the court, he alleged a pit bull viciously bit him. He told the court the bite led him to have permanent injuries, mental anguish, and prevented him from working.

Again, Joshua asked the court to award him $15,000.00 in damages. Within weeks of filing the suit, the company settled with Joshua. The details of the settlement are not public.

By using the court and using Taylor’s settlement, the source says the couple has been able to live a vagabond life without stable employment.

According to the source, the couple was frequently without a place to live or work. In fact, they said there was only about a year of Noah’s life where the couple had a home of their own.

Without a steady place to live or employment by his parents, the source said family members grew concerned that the couple neglected Noah.

Many in the family noticed Noah appeared underweight, developmentally delayed, and lacked structure. They say that Noah spoke so few words that they feared he might have developmental delays that Taylor was not adequately addressing.

According to the source, family members brought up their concerns with doctors during Noah’s hospitalization. Someone within the family told the hospital they believed the couple was neglecting their son.

However, Taylor’s picture she presents on Facebook is a stark contrast. She insists that she’s a loving mother that does not neglect her child. On social media and interviews, Taylor expressed that Noah received everything he needed.

Several family members began speaking out against Taylor online. Her aunt and friends of her grandmother attempted to squash the rumors that Taylor was spreading online. Her aunt accused Taylor of using Noah’s illness to make money.

A friend of Taylor’s grandmother posted on multiple threads that Taylor omitted facts about Noah’s illness.

The source echoed everything said about others connected to the family. Additionally, the source insists that no one in the family supports the couple for refusing treatment for Noah.

As a result of the couple’s neglect, the source told us that people are happy that Noah is not in the care of his parents.

In fact, they said that Noah is doing fantastic and is thriving in the care of Taylor’s mother. Her mother is following the advice of the court, and Noah continues to receive treatment.

According to the source, Noah is happy, gaining weight, and speaking in full sentences. The structure and love provided by his grandmother have been life-changing for him. Additionally, many in the family hope that Noah remains in the care of his grandmother.

Last week Taylor updated that CPS revoked her unsupervised visitation. Also, she stated that the court is attempting to terminate Joshua’s visitation with Noah. According to the source, none of this is surprising.

The source believes Taylor’s continued behavior on social media and the inability to comply with court orders will ultimately lead to the termination of her parental rights.

For the source, Noah’s safety is of the utmost importance. They emphasized over and over that he is a happy, loving, and sweet young boy. Hopefully, in the care of someone capable, Noah will thrive into adulthood.

The couple will be back in court tomorrow to discuss custody of Noah. According to Taylor, they will learn about the motion to terminate Josh’s visitation and discuss their visitation. For now, the source remains hopeful that the state and CPS will keep Noah away from his parents.

WOACB will update on the case as more news develops.

Stay Tuned.

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  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    After learning the diagnosis, the source told us that Taylor and Joshua were defiant and did not want Noah to undergo chemotherapy. The source stated that Joshua insisted that doctors were lying about his diagnosis and using Noah as a “lab rat” to experiment on with drugs.

    Serious whackos

  • MystiqueLady

    I’m glad to hear that Noah is with someone who truly loves him and is determined to see that he gets the proper care. I wonder about the GoFundMe accounts — are they still active or have they been taken down?

  • Delta

    Wait, they had an untrained person remove a PICC?!

    As someone who’s had PICCs (what Bland’s grandmother’s friend called a “pickline”), that’s honestly terrifying.

  • Delta

    I wonder when they switched from “doctors are lying and he dpesn’t really have leukemia” to “doctors are just trying to poison him, I want to cure his leukemia with cyanide instead.”

  • Ziss! May S’rendarr bring justice for this boy!

  • RainbowPhoenix

    I’m inclined to side with the people who don’t think that cyanide poisoning is an effective treatment.

  • persephone

    Yeah, cyanide’s on my not healthy list. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have appropriate uses with appropriate people.

  • persephone

    You’re giving a hard time to a woman trying to earn a living while caring for a child with multiple health issues. Also, the period goes inside the quotation mark, bud. Ever heard of punctuation?

  • B.A.

    I remember in the early 80s,several bottles of Tylenol were laced with cyanide at the factory where it was manufactured. Fortunately,the person who had tampered with the bottles was caught,but not before several people died,including a girl who was around 11 or 12. Whenever I read or hear anything about cyanide,it reminds of the Tylenol deaths.

  • Depends on the locale. I’ve seen periods and commas outside quotes in British English.

  • Erin Costello

    I thought it was one person who died, a man, and it turned out his wife spiked the bottle?

  • Erin Costello

    Florida Freedom Alliance, Erin Marie RN’s group, raised $20,000 on Facebook for the family too.

  • Friend

    The mother is a “birth worker,” so she probably knows people with just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

    It’s not like pulling a straw out of a cup. Removal needs to be done by a doctor or nurse. Scar tissue can grow around these lines (although that might be unlikely if this line was only in the child for a few weeks). The patient needs to be watched for a day or two and taken in for medical care if complications arise. Given these parents’ aversion to proper medical care, it’s hard to imagine them taking their child to the hospital if he spiked a fever or worse.

  • Nim Sudo

    No one was ever caught in the tylenol case. At least not the famous one that killed a dozen people and lead to the end of capsules for OTC medication.

  • John

    I am a friend of the family, and I would love to speak with you Katie Joy anytime to clear up all the facts that were incorrect and/or incorrectly represented in your article. As a journalist I am sure that you would like to give an unbiased account as to what actually happened as compared to the article you have written. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Reply here if you are interested in opening up a dialogue so we can better understand the situation. I would like to remain anonymous.

  • John

    Did you speak with Joshua? did you ever see the actual dog bite injuries that occurred many months prior to the Noah issue? Did you ever see the medical bills from the dog bite? Did you ever see the leg that was so swollen due to infection from the dog biting him after eating spent hops from a brewery that was fermented? and yes when you are unable to walk, it prevents you from working….. I’m legitimately asking. (not an English major, so not concerned with punctuation or proofreading)

  • John

    “Insisting that doctors are lying” and wanting to explore alternative medicines that are recognized my Medical Doctors are two different things..

  • Raging Bee

    If you’re “interested in opening up a dialogue,” you can start by specifying, here and now, which facts this article got wrong.

  • Raging Bee

    How do they know it wasn’t Big Pharma’s Tylenol that killed them?! I smell a coverup!!! /s

  • John

    i would like to speak with katy and verify and or debate the info, as she may have knowledge i’m not aware of. So instead of me typing things misleading or incorrect i would like to make sure we are both speaking on the same topic and have our facts correct. I MAYBE WRONG!!!!! Not impossible….. so i started here for dialogue. not too familiar with this media format so preceding with caution.

  • persephone

    Yes, outside the U.S. But we’re in the U.S., and if they’re going to be drive-by grammarians, they should be aware of where the authors are located.

  • persephone

    I don’t believe they were at the factory. There were a couple different people who did it. There was the original tamperer, then someone else, or someones else, did the same thing to cover up murders they’d committed.

  • John

    Question, when making donations to charities, who decides where the funds go?

  • But they often go together.

  • Refinnej

    I purchase OTC capsules all the time. It did not end capsules, it started the strict tamper-proof packaging.

  • Refinnej

    Go away Joshua. You were almost a murderer.

  • Refinnej

    Joshua is not interested in an open dialogue. He wants only his delusional thoughts to be the main focus. I knew a couple like this. They don’t have their baby, thankfully. They spent two years kicking and screaming online and to fake news sources instead of getting the mental health care they desperately need and the rest of the court requirements to get their child back. That too was a BS story of “medical kidnapping”. It’s like the Holms reincarnated except that the baby formerly known as baby Holms was taken away immediately upon birth. Had they been able to take their baby home, we would be looking at something almost the same or a coffin.

  • John

    How poetically judgmental and incorrect in only 2 short sentences. How does that help this situation in any way?????????

  • Raging Bee

    Making vague insinuations about “all the facts that were incorrect and/or incorrectly represented in your article” is not “proceeding with caution.” If you’re so sure the OP got something wrong, then specify what it is already. Put up or shut up.

  • Raging Bee

    How are YOU helping the situation in any way?????????

  • Truth4All

    The only voice of reason on the page.