Waiter who Accused James Charles of Manipulating his Sexuality Admits He Lied

Waiter who Accused James Charles of Manipulating his Sexuality Admits He Lied June 18, 2019

The Seattle waiter that formerly accused James Charles of manipulating his sexuality issued a public apology and admitted he maliciously spread a rumor to gain fame and money. Sam Cooke uploaded a video on YouTube on June 16, 2019, and blamed his friends and family for encouraging him to use and exploit the YouTube sensation for “clout.”

In a short video, Sam Cooke recited his version of events that transpired with James Charles. According to Sam, he met James Charles at a restaurant in February. Charles and friends attended a birthday party for another beauty influencer Tati Westbrook.

After meeting Charles at the restaurant, Sam admitted that he reached out to Charles on the advice of undisclosed “friends and family.” Quickly, the two men arranged a date to watch a movie in a hotel room. Cooke stated that he was “bi-curious” at the time and not straight as previously reported by Tati Westbrook in her video “Bye Sister.”

During their date, Sam said he and James kissed and made out for over an hour. According to Sam, he realized within minutes that he wasn’t attracted to James, nor did Sam believe he was gay. Instead of stopping the make-out session, Cooke said he continued because he didn’t want to upset James Charles. He admitted that he never told James Charles he wasn’t interested and kept going.

After the date ended, Sam told viewers that he continued to lead James Charles on for months. Rather than admitting to Charles that he wasn’t interested, Cooked decided to pursue Charles to gain fame, money, and attention.

After months of communicating, Cooke stated that their relationship broke down. James Charles became irritated with Cooke’s wishy-washy behavior and wanted to move on. When James Charles wanted closure, the waiter said the two men spoke over the phone.

In Cooke’s previous video that he uploaded last month, he insisted that James Charles twisted, manipulated, and attempted to persuade him to be gay. However, Cooke confessed that his previous statements were not truthful. Instead, Charles shared that he felt that Cooke might, in fact, be gay, and Cooke admitted he never told Charles one way or another that he wasn’t gay.

During the video, Sam Cooke said that he created and uploaded the video about James Charles after Tati Westbrook dropped her “Bye Sister” video. Cooke stated that he wanted to ride the wave and gain fame because Westbrook mentioned him anonymously multiple times in her video.

He said that he and his friends crafted a plan to trap James and illegally record a phone call with him. After recording the video, Cooke stated they uploaded the video to YouTube. The goal in the video was to paint James in an unflattering light and lie about their relationship.

If Cooke’s statements are true, he would have taped James Charles on May 10 or May 11 after Tati Westbrook uploaded her video. However, James Charles shared screenshots last month that show Sam Cooke reached out to him on May 2, 2019. The illegally recorded conversation took place on May 2 nearly a week before Tati Westbrook uploaded her video.

Either Cooke knew that Westbrook was planning to drop this video ahead of time or someone tipped him off. How would he know a week ahead of time to record James Charles and craft a video in such a short amount of time?

Cooke’s story had another gaping hole that related to his admission that friends and family urged him to use and manipulate James Charles without evidence to prove the claim. However, he failed to disclose the names of these people. Additionally, he seemed to deflect responsibility for his decision on to “peer pressure” from his friends.

Cooke ended the video by apologizing to James Charles for harming him. He admitted his actions were morally and ethically wrong and that he should never have made the video. Additionally, he stated that James Charles never coerced or manipulated him into any relationship.

Quickly after uploading the video, Sam Cooke deleted the video from YouTube. However, multiple “tea channels,” which spread gossip about beauty influencers, uploaded the video. Videos with titles such as “Why James Charles Will be Single Forever,” “The Waiter From Seattle Speaks out about James Charles Again,” and “James Charles more Lies,” pushed a narrative that James Charles paid Sam Cooke to film the apology video.

Interestingly, two of those channels that criticized James Charles recently uploaded photos on Twitter of gifts and PR they received from Jeffree Star. By accepting gifts from Jeffree Star, the channels are showing their bias related to their coverage. Both channels are consistently biased in their coverage associated with James Charles and favor Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook.

With multiple channels spreading a rumor that James Charles paid off Sam Cooke, WOACB reached out to James Charles camp for comment. The source told WOACB that James knew nothing about the video made by Sam Cooke. Additionally, they assured us that no money was given to Cooke. The source said that James Charles had no idea that Sam Cooke intended to upload an apology video.

Despite Sam Cooke’s apology, YouTube drama channels are hard at work trying to spread a false narrative. Their motives to spread the rumor are not clear. However, gifts from Jeffree Star could provide an answer to many inquiring minds.

Tati Westbrook’s claims that Jame Charles coerced and manipulated Sam Cooke continue to be debunked by the two men involved. Despite the denials by both men, dedicated fans of Westbrook and Star continue to believe the lie.

In the face of so much evidence, one must wonder why there is such a drive to destroy and bully a young influencer.

We may never know the answer, but the cracks are starting to show.

Want a deeper dive and want to hear WOACB’s Katie Joy share her opinion on the video? Watch my stream below:

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