Amber Portwood Breaks Her Silence Following Arrest for Domestic Battery

Amber Portwood Breaks Her Silence Following Arrest for Domestic Battery July 7, 2019
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Amber Portwood broke her silence on Instagram and Twitter following her arrest for domestic battery on July 5, 2019. The Teen Mom OG star shaded Jenelle Eason by sharing a link to a 911 call made by Eason in October 2018. Portwood’s choice to deflect her anger toward Eason made many social media users angry.

On July 5, 2019, Indianapolis police responded to a disturbance at the shared home of Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood. A text message sent by Glennon to 911 stated that he feared for the life of his one-year-old son and himself.

When police arrived at the scene, Glennon told authorities that Portwood assaulted him while he held their son James. After police interviewed Portwood, they arrested her for felony domestic battery. Police charged her with the felony because the assault involved a child under 16-years-old. The charge is the same one she received in 2010 after she attacked Gary Shirley on camera.

While Amber was in jail, Jenelle Eason shared several clickbait articles related to Portwood’s arrest. After sharing multiple links, Eason wrote, “All I have to say is at least I learn from my past mistakes.”

Amber Portwood’s Teen Mom OG costars were not impressed with Eason’s tweet. Cheyenne Floyd tweeted, “Jenelle should be the last person “throwing shade”.. hate when people kick a person when their down.”

Floyd’s statements seemed hypocritical because only moments earlier she shared clickbait articles related to Amber Portwood’s arrest. Maci McKinny retweeted Floyd’s comments and also, shared clickbait articles regarding Portwood’s arrest.

By Saturday afternoon, Amber Portwood returned home from jail. Rather than addressing her arrest or the assault. Portwood shared a clickbait article of an old 911 call made by Jenelle Eason in October 2018. She shared the link on both her Twitter and Instagram. Cheyenne Floyd followed suit and shared the link as well.

Quickly fans responded to Portwood’s tweet. Many seemed angered that she would deflect attention toward Eason after her arrest for a violent attack. Fans reminded Portwood that her record was not clean either. Others urged Portwood to focus on her family and her issues.

Despite fans pleading with Amber to focus on herself, Portwood did not remove the link. She followed up with a second tweet earlier today related to Jenelle Eason’s most recent surgery.

Thus far, no one from Portwood’s camp has said anything about her arrest. Andrew Glennon has not issued a statement nor uploaded anything on social media in days. The only person from Portwood’s family to say anything was her brother Shawn in response to Amber’s ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

On the morning of Portwood’s arrest, Gary Shirley tweeted his thoughts and prayers to Portwood, Glennon, and their son James. Shirley clarified that the daughter he shares with Portwood was not with her mother at the time of the assault.

Portwood’s brother Shawn responded by saying, “Insane. I cannot wait to tell her what is on my mind.”

With many people from the Teen Mom franchise speaking out about Portwood’s arrest, her silence on the matter is deafening. Additionally, neither MTV or Viacom have issued a statement related to Portwood. The media company recently cut ties with Jenelle Eason after her husband killed their family dog nugget. Without a response by MTV, many are frustrated that the network is not speaking out against domestic battery.

Portwood will be in court tomorrow for her arraignment on her charges. Her hearing is scheduled for 8:30 am. Perhaps she is waiting to say anything of substance until she knows more about her legal case.

For now, another Teen Mom star is facing legal trouble. With many of the stars having troubled histories and arrests, there is some question if MTV needs to shut down the entire franchise.

This is a developing story.

Stay Tuned.

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