Update: Amber Portwood Charged with Three Felonies & Ordered No Contact with Victims

Update: Amber Portwood Charged with Three Felonies & Ordered No Contact with Victims July 10, 2019

Update 12:10 pm CST:

Amber Portwood was in court on Wednesday morning with her mother and attorney. An MTV producer also came along for the ride. Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina attended the hearing in support of Amber. Andrew Glennon arrived alone to the hearing.

The court enforced a no-contact order between Andrew and Amber. According to US Weekly, Andrew requested full custody of his son as a protective measure to ensure James remains with family during the court proceedings. Additionally, the source insists the relationship between the two is not over.

“Andrew is doing it as a protective measure to ensure whatever happens with upcoming court rulings, their son will have the best outcome regardless,” a source tells Us. “Amber and Andrew still really care about each other and this is not the end of their relationship.”

As a result of Andrew’s request, the couple will be back in court later today for a custody hearing. Amber appeared somber outside the courthouse after the proceedings. She did not answer questions from the media.

Amber Portwood’s legal trouble just got a whole lot worse after prosecutors charged her with three felonies related to her attack on boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Prosecutors filed the charges in Marion County Superior Court. Additionally, a probable cause affidavit filed in court outlined the severity of the assault by Portwood. In court this morning, a judge found probable cause for the charges and enforced a no-contact order against Portwood with the victims.

According to records obtained by WOACB, prosecutors charged Amber Portwood with three felonies. Portwood is charged with Felony Domestic Battery, Domestic Battery involving a child under 16 years old, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Initial reports obtained by the Indy Star stated that Amber Portwood hit her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon with a shoe. Officers noted that Glennon called police after a fight escalated between the couple in the early morning of July 5, 2019. Glennon told police that Amber hit him on the neck with a shoe which caused a bruise and scratches.

However, The Ashley Reality Roundup obtained the full probable cause affidavit, and the details are a lot more disturbing. According to the affidavit, Glennon said the problems started on the evening of July 4th. The couple planned to go to the fireworks. However, the streets were crowded, and Glennon said they were unable to drive over a bridge to get to the location.

When Portwood learned they would not be able to see the fireworks, Glennon said she began insulting his character. Additionally, she became enraged and yelled at him. Glennon said he dropped her off at home and let her cool down. While Portwood was at home, Glennon said he drove around with his son for three hours. During that time, Glennon bought Portwood a gift and food to cheer her up.

When he returned home, he found the front door locked. Portwood would not let him into the home. Glennon entered the house, and Portwood began her attack. She then grabbed a shoe with a chunky one-inch heal and hit him across the neck.

“Mr. Glennon stated when he got inside the home, Ms. Portwood grabbed a shoe off the shoe rack and hit him with it. Mr. Glennon stated he was holding [the baby] and he turned to the side to avoid [the baby] getting hit with the shoe,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated he then left [the house] again with [the baby].”

Amber’s rage did not calm down after she struck him. Next, Glennon said that he went upstairs and she threatened to kill herself. He told police that she grabbed a handful of Klonopin from her bedroom nightstand. Portwood allegedly swallowed the pills like it was “nothing.” After she took the pills, Glennon told Portwood he was calling the police for help.

“he went upstairs and Ms. Portwood was coming at him like she was going to hit him,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood told him to put [the baby] down. Mr. Glennon stated [the baby] was crying and upset and he was not going to put him down.

“Mr. Glennon became visibly upset and stated Ms. Portwood then threatened to kill herself,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing.”

At this point, Portwood threw up the pills. Glennon said Portwood screamed at him to put down their son. However, Glennon said that the baby was crying and scared. To protect his son, he took James into his office and locked the door.

While he and James were in the office, Glennon said that Portwood took out a machete. Glennon told police that Portwood owned a machete for protection because she could not have a gun as a felon. According to the affidavit, Portwood

“Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood picked up a machete towards him and [the baby]. Mr. Glennon stated he locked himself and [the baby] into the office,” it states. “Mr. Glennon stated she hit the door with the machete and kicked the door and broke the handle. Mr. Glennon stated that is when he called for help.”

When officers arrived, Portwood screamed at officers. Due to her actions, the police requested a backup to manage the scene. Officers spoke with Glennon, and he provided them his account of the evening. Then the authorities talked to Amber to get her version.

Portwood denied she used a machete and taking the pills. However, she admitted to hitting Andrew with the shoe. Portwood told police that she barely hit him. Based upon her admission to the crime, Amber was arrested.

By Tuesday police interviewed Andrew Glennon a second time. During the interview, Glennon reiterated the traumatic events of the night. After the interview, authorities added two additional felonies to the case.

According to court records, Amber Portwood was in court this morning. A judge found probable cause in the case against her. The judge set her bail at $2,000.00. Portwood posted bond after the hearing. Additionally, the judge order Portwood not to make contact with her son or Glennon.

Yesterday Glennon filed for emergency custody of their son James. With a no-contact order in place, Portwood’s relationship with Glennon is likely over. Additionally, Glennon’s request to obtain full custody of their son James will ensure the baby’s safety. Portwood lost custody of her oldest daughter, Leah, in 2011 from another domestic battery offense.

Portwood has two felonies on her record. In the state of Indiana, anyone with three felonies is required to serve their full sentence. If convicted of all charges, she could spend 2.5 years behind bars.

Life for Portwood went from bad to worse in the span of a week. Teen Mom OG is still airing on MTV. There is no word from MTV or Viacom on their plans to cut ties with Portwood.

This story is developing.

Stay Tuned.

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    Women abusing men is more common than some people think it is. The gender of the assaulter and assaulted is irrelevant, abuse is abuse. This is an unusual case where the woman is physically abusing the man. With women, emotional abuse is more common than physical.

    She might have emotional problems, then again, she might be one of those abusive people who just always have to have control in their relationships.