Amber Portwood Hit Boyfriend in Neck with Shoe Causing Injuries

Amber Portwood Hit Boyfriend in Neck with Shoe Causing Injuries July 9, 2019

Amber Portwood struck her boyfriend Andrew Glennon in the neck with a shoe while he held their one-year-old son. New details revealed in court documents give more insight into the fight that led to Portwood’s arrest for domestic battery.

According to a report in The Indy Star, the fight started around 2 am on Friday, July 5, 2019. The Indy Star obtained an affidavit that outlined the events of the evening. In the affidavit, the police officer states that a text message was received at 2:14 am from Andrew Glennon.

Glennon wrote,

“I need help. My life and my son’s life is in danger.”

When officers arrived at the scene, they interviewed Andrew Glennon. According to Glennon, the two began arguing around 2 am. Portwood became increasingly angry, and her behavior escalated. Eventually, Portwood grabbed her shoe and hit Glennon across the right side of his neck. According to the affidavit, Glennon was holding their son in his right arm.

Officers noted scratches and marks on Glennon’s neck. A technician at the scene took photos of his injuries. During the interview with police, Glennon said that Portwood had hit him multiple times in the past. Additionally, he told police that his girlfriend had threatened him countless times over the years.

After officers spoke with Glennon, they interviewed Amber Portwood. When questioned by police, Portwood admitted to hitting Glennon. However, she said that she only hit him with her shoe on his shoulder. She told the police, “it was in the shoulder and I barely hit him.'”

Portwood told police that she became triggered by Glennon because he recorded her yelling at him.

Once Portwood admitted to the assault, police arrested her. Her initial charges are felony domestic battery. The police charged her with a felony because the attack involved her one-year-old son.

Following her arrest, Portwood spent nearly 36 hours behind bars. Radar Online reported that Glennon did not bail her out of jail. A clerk at Marion County Detention center told Radar that a woman bailed her out.

Amber Portwood’s initial court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

Following her arrest, Portwood has not spoken publically. Since her release from jail, there are no details about where she is staying.

Portw0od has starred on Teen Mom OG since 2009. The former teen mom has previous arrests for domestic battery against her former fiance Gary Shirley in 2010. In 2010, Portwood hit Shirley while MTV filmed the fight. The fight happened in front of their young daughter.

Following her arrest in 2010, she was given probation. However, Portwood failed multiple drug tests and violated her probation. She served 17-months in prison.

Interesting to note, Portwood has two felonies on her record for the 2010 attack. The state of Indiana is a three-strike state. This law means that offenders that receive three felonies for the same offense are required to serve the maximum sentence for the charge. If the court determines the new charge is her third felony, Amber could spend 2.5 years behind bars for her attack on Glennon.

The current season of Teen Mom OG is airing on MTV. During this season, Portwood had a pregnancy scare. Additionally, she admitted to her castmates that her anxiety and mental health was suffering. Her deteriorating mental health may have played a role in the attack on Glennon.

However, mental illness or not, domestic violence is never ok. Portwood has a pattern of violent outbursts, threats, and attacks against boyfriends. Glennon is the second boyfriend that has accused her of domestic abuse. Clearly, Portwood is still struggling with rage and anger and needs help.

The status of her relationship with Glennon is not known at this time. Thankfully, baby James was not injured and is safe according to police.

This story is developing.

Stay Tuned.

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