Amber Portwood Speaks out For First Time Since Arrest

Amber Portwood Speaks out For First Time Since Arrest July 23, 2019

Amber Portwood broke her silence nearly three weeks after her arrest for domestic violence. Portwood shared a photo on Instagram of a broken heart along with a caption outlining her feelings.

In an Instagram post uploaded moments ago, Portwood shared a photo of a heartbreaking apart. She wrote, “I am so heartbroken right now…omg? Wow, I guess the truth always comes out.”

The post followed a report by Radar Online that her boyfriend Andrew Glennon had been communicating with another woman. According to Radar Online, Glennon confided in the woman about the fight that occurred on July 5, 2019. After chatting for some time, Andrew asked the woman to share photos with him.

Radar Online states that the woman messaged a photo that was not inappropriate in nature. After seeing the picture, Glennon told the woman that she was beautiful.

Additionally, Glennon asked the woman to come to Indiana to spend time with him. However, the woman declined his offer. Radar Online did not state that Glennon cheated on Portwood. Instead, the article implied that Glennon moved on within days of the attack by Portwood.

The report by Radar followed a cryptic message by Amber Portwood last week referencing infidelity. The meme said, “Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.” Portwood quickly deleted the photos off her Instagram.

With the story dropped by Radar Online, Portwood’s response seems to imply that there is truth to the rumors. Only yesterday a source connected to Portwood told ENews that their relationship was very much up in the air.

However, Portwood’s latest Instagram message indicates that the relationship is over. Since the July 5 attack, Portwood and Glennon have been unable to communicate due to a no-contact order. Without a means to communicate, the couple has been unable to speak about their relationship. Portwood is barred from communicating with Glennon in person, online, or through third parties.

The case against Portwood continues to move forward. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday. With her relationship over, Glennon may be more than willing to testify against her in court. Prosecutors charged her with three felonies. If she is convicted on all charges, she could spend 2.5 years behind bars.

This story is developing.

Stay Tuned.

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