Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Files for Emergency Custody of Son

Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Files for Emergency Custody of Son July 9, 2019


Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon with their son James

Amber Portwood’s relationship with Andrew Glennon may be over based upon court documents filed in Marion County, Indiana. Andrew Glennon requested an emergency paternity test and custody hearing for their one-year-old son James. The move by Glennon follows Amber’s arrest for domestic battery on July 5, 2019.

In court documents obtained by WOACB, Andrew Glennon filed for emergency custody of his son James. Because Glennon and Portwood are not married, a paternity test was also requested for one-year-old James. The documents were filed earlier today by an attorney representing Andrew Glennon.

Based upon Glennon’s filing, his relationship with Portwood may be over. Police arrested Portwood  According to an affidavit from Marion County Court, Glennon text messaged 911 to report that he was afraid for his life. When officers arrived at the home, Glennon told police that Amber hit him in the neck with a shoe.

Officers on the scene noted marks and scratches on the right side of his neck. Additionally, Glennon told the officer he was holding his one-year-old son James when Amber hit him with the shoe.

When officers interviewed Amber, she admitted that she hit Glennon with the shoe. However, she said that she hit him on the shoulder and barely touched him. After interviewing Portwood, police arrested her for domestic battery.

Portwood spent around 36 hours in jail before a friend bailed her out on July 6, 2019. Since her release from jail, Portwood has not said anything publically about her arrest.

On this season of Teen Mom OG, Amber has openly discussed her struggle with her mental illness. In an episode, her psychiatrist told Andrew Glennon that she had a dual diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Due to her dual diagnosis, the doctor said Amber’s mood could swing widely, and she could be easily triggered into violence.

Amber admitted multiple times this season that her mental health has been so poor at times that she has contemplated suicide. Throughout the season, her mental health decline has been noticeable.

For now, the pair appear to be on the outs. Glennon is taking steps to ensure that James remains with him. Portwood will be in court tomorrow for her arraignment on the charges. Based on Andrew’s court filing, there is a high likelihood he will not be dropping charges against her.

This story is developing.

Stay Tuned.

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  • phatkhat

    Are we supposed to know who these people are? That said, the dad looks like a nice guy.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Reality TV profits off of mentally-unstable people, and possibly even erodes what little mental health they had in the beginning.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Apparently they’re on some reality TV show. I was wondering myself.

  • Scenario

    She could be emotionally unstable or she could be one of those people who have to have control and use violence to get it.