Amber Portwood’s Brother Accuses Her Boyfriend of Lying to Police

Amber Portwood’s Brother Accuses Her Boyfriend of Lying to Police July 11, 2019
Amber Portwood with her Brother Shawn Portwood

Amber Portwood’s brother, Shawn Portwood, says the allegations against his sister are not true. Shawn Portwood took to Twitter to air out his frustrations related to the case and accused Andrew Glennon of lying to the police.

Yesterday Amber Portwood arrived at court with her attorney and mother. Her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley, attended the hearing with his wife in support of Amber. Prosecutors charged Portwood with three felonies related to a fight she had with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

According to an affidavit filed in Marion County Court, Andrew Glennon says Amber Portwood hit him with a shoe across the neck. Additionally, he alleged that Amber wielded a machete and attempted to chop down a door that he sat behind with his son.

As a result of the fight, prosecutors charged her with domestic battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic battery involving a child under 16-years of age. All three charges are class six felonies and carry a maximum sentence of 2.5 years in prison. After her appearance in court, a judge placed a no-contact order against Amber. While the case moves through the court, she cannot speak to Andrew or see her son James.

Despite the statements made to police by Glennon, Amber Portwood’s family insists there is far more to the story. On Twitter, Shawn Portwood spoke out in defense of his sister. In a tweet on July 9, Shawn wrote, “Stay tuned for the surprise ending. Everything’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.”

Immediately fans began speculating about what Shawn meant by the Tweet. Many asked him if the fight involved cheating or if the two had planned to break up. However, Shawn Portwood did not address the questions. Instead, he said that Andrew Glennon fabricated the allegations against his sister.

Shawn stated that Andrew Glennon’s statements to police were not truthful. Additionally, he implied that Andrew stood to gain quite a bit by lying to police about the fight.

A fan responded by telling Shawn that Andrew had no reason to lie about what happened that night. Shawn Portwood told a fan that Andrew was compelled to lie because Amber threatened to kick him out of the house.

Additionally, Shawn insisted that his sister never used a machete in her attack against Glennon. Shawn said that he believes the evidence at the scene will not support the statements made by Glennon to police. Additionally, he expects that the prosecutors will eventually drop at least two of the charges against his sister. Shawn Portwood said that he came to his conclusion after speaking to both Andrew and Amber about the evening of the assault.

For hours, Shawn Portwood went back and forth with fans on Twitter. He admitted that his sister was wrong for her actions on that evening. Additionally, Shawn said that the information spreading online is only one version of events from that night. He believes that outlets like TMZ are smearing his sister to build a false narrative against his sister.

After hours of fighting online, Portwood ended by telling people that he believes the charges will not stand against his sister. Additionally, he supported his sister remaining quiet, so she didn’t add fuel to the media fire surrounding the case.

Despite the statements by Shawn Portwood about the media spreading inaccurate information, the outlets are reporting information taken from a probable cause affidavit filed at Marion Superior Court. The affidavit says under the penalty of perjury that Amber used a machete to threaten Andrew Glennon and her son. Additionally, the documents say she slashed at a door with the knife.

For the charge to stick, police would need to match physical evidence with the statements made by Glennon. If the door appears cut by a knife, comments by Glennon would be considered credible.

At this point, Amber Portwood has not said anything publically. Her version of events is not known, but the state believes she committed multiple crimes against her boyfriend and son.

Her next court date is scheduled for July 25, 2019.

Stay Tuned.

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