Amber Portwood’s Job on MTV In Jeopardy after Using Machete in Attack

Amber Portwood’s Job on MTV In Jeopardy after Using Machete in Attack July 15, 2019
Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood could lose her job on MTV following her arrest for domestic violence against her son and boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Indiana prosecutors charged Portwood with three felonies related to the July 5 assault. Prosecutors say that she used a machete during the violent outburst.

According to a report by TMZ, MTV producers are considering firing Portwood because the attack involved a machete. Individuals connected to the production say that the star was already on thin ice following her arrest. When prosecutors charged Portwood with using a deadly weapon in the attack, MTV producers realized the gravity of the situation.

An affidavit of the July 5 incident states that Portwood wielded a machete against her boyfriend and son. According to Andrew Glennon, he went into his office with his son to hide from Portwood. Andrew stated he placed his foot on the door to prevent Amber Portwood from gaining entry into the room.

Unable to get into the room, Glennon says Portwood began slashing the door with a machete. Additionally, he said she kicked off the door handle. During the violent outburst, Andrew called the police for help. He told dispatch he was afraid Portwood may kill him and his son.

Once MTV learned about the machete, the production determined Portwood’s 10-year run on Teen Mom OG may need to end. According to TMZ, production will allow the legal case to play out. If a jury convicts Amber of use of a deadly weapon, MTV will likely terminate her from the show.

MTV has stood behind Portwood for years despite her violent behavior. In 2011, Portwood was arrested for domestic battery against her ex-fiance Gary Shirley. During her incarceration, MTV remained committed to filming her story. The difference with her 2011 conviction was that she did not use a deadly weapon. However, the attack on Gary occurred in front of her daughter, Leah.

Amber’s use of a machete in the attack is more than the production company can handle. The fact that a child was put in danger does not sit well with management. Apparently, MTV realizes that Amber’s behavior has become a massive liability for the network. For instance, if Amber lashes out and harms her child in the future, the network would most certainly take heat for the attack.

While there is a benefit in waiting for the justice system to work, MTV did not use the same tactic with Jenelle Eason. When Jenelle Eason’s husband shot and killed their family dog, the network fired her within weeks. Columbus County Sheriff’s Office found no evidence of an attack on the dog and will not prosecute David Eason for animal cruelty.

MTV seems to value drama over the safety of children. In the case of Portwood, she has demonstrated for years that she is prone to violence. She lost custody of her oldest child due to her violence against Gary Shirley. Last week a court-enforced a no-contact order against Portwood and her one-year-old son. Amber may lose permanent custody of her son.

Why does MTV need a guilty conviction to fire her from the show? Is the drama she creates worth more than the safety of children?

Stay Tuned.

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  • Why does MTV need a guilty conviction to fire her from the show? Is the drama she creates worth more than the safety of children?

    Short answer: Yes
    Long answer: Yesssssssss

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower
  • Baby Buddha Belly

    MTV’s helped create some real charmers, haven’t they? They’re whittling down the cast, rightfully so, to where they’re going to need to rename it “Last Teen Mom Standing” Portwood’s departure from the show wouldn’t be any great loss, as far as I’m concerned. Ten years of couch and bed lounging has been enough fun for me, let’s move on. And seriously, Ambey! You don’t take a ten year old for a massage for her birthday. You do something that she wants, not more lounging while being rubbed up, like you want. I hope my favorite little MTV girl is able to steer clear of her as much as she wants to.